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Hi, Great Plugin. 2 questions please: 1- Does it comply with Facebook policies? 2-I am using Cloudflare CDN, which has SSL in it, but I don’t have a separate SSL, can this work? cheers

Also, i have more than 5000 posts, will this plugin load my server trying to load them all to facebook or there is a way to control this? thanks a lot

Hi atef_wagih, regarding your questions.. 1. Yes, this is only a facebook app 2. You don’t need to buy separate SSL. You can host it on any domain which has SSL. You only need to connect this script with your DB info which is in wp-config.php. DB host may be different in this case if both are on different hosting.

There isn’t any problem with 5000 or more posts… as it does not fetch all at once. You get admin settings to decide how much post you want to fetch at a time. if you choose 3 posts in a row and total 10 rows then at a time it will only fetch 30 posts.. next 30 will be load by AJAX when “Load More Posts” button clicked


this looks brilliant!! #firstsale

Hi Ahenry, thanks for #firstsale . please also give feedback based on your experience of using it. It will help us to improve.

Hi. I’m working on getting your plugin running and running into the following error message..

Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

Please let me know what you need from me to help. Thanks..

hi please communicate via PM. and provide me login info.. so that i can check

I installed it but can not find options in my wp during plugins

hi actually this is customised script. it is not wordpress plugin. So please do not upload it on wp-content/plugins/ folder create a separate directory to upload files using any ftp client like filezilla. all instruction are given in docs/index.html under sections 3. Installation 4. Admin settings


Hi, this plugin can be applied only to posts? and also to page. Thank you..

yeah, new version will be uploaded with many other features too very soon.

It is perfectly! because such need plugin

about buying it now and wait for the update :)

If this isn’t a WordPress plugin and is simply a script, does that mean every time there is an update… you have to FTP the file … instead of simply clicking update … kind of makes it hard work, especially on client sites.

I guess by this line “every time there is an update” you mean wordpress version update. This will not be affected with wordpress version

No… I mean every time your script is updated… wouldn’t that mean you have to ftp the script in again, and again every time it is updated… When a WP Plugin needs an update, you generally click update and it’s done … with your script … I assume it means downloading, uploading… etc… so the time investment adds up over a long period of time … especially if you manage multiple websites… because then you cannot use single source website update services.

Will this work on a post that contains shortcodes?

Yes it will, actually it doesn’t show post content inside facebook so whether post has shortcodes or not… it doesn’t matter . it lists post titles and featured images which are link to your webpage directly. you may check its preview to see how it works

can the image be resized?. i have 100w*300h.. so want same ratio on facebook.

This version doesn’t autoresize the image… but if you have any fixed aspect ratio of image you can easily set it in script

You can edit the name and image of the tab from the panel?

This option is already in facebook app developer panel. You can change that both the things from there

Hello i have a very important question for you, if i not use the wp post but i use another plugin to generate content for my website, it is possible to integrate it in your plugin?

If you are generating content using any plugin then it may not work in this case. For this we can develop custom solution for you.

I just bought it and The zip file can not be installed

hi please communicate via PM. I will explain you how to install it thanks

Hi, This is Peru travel ou ask me to contact you by this channel to teach me how to install your Plugin

hi sorry your message is on item comment board again. Message you send here are public. So send message here at this page There i will provide you assistance in installing thanks

Hello, does this script allow to select a post category to get content from?

Hi, for now category option isn’t in this script.. it fetches among all posts

it’ll function properly onto woocommerce ?

no.. it will not work with woocommerce as it is yet not compatible with woocommerce ... for now it only works with wordpress posts..

so, I should post an article with product to get content on FB?

yes.. the posts you make on wordpress will come on FB and featured image become the thumb of that post on FB

Hello, I’m configuring this for the first time and I’m having trouble accessing the Admin Settings. Your instructions say to enter this default info as suggested in the documentation. The user/pass does not work for me. This is the first time I have configured the settings and tried to login. What do you suggest?

Never mind… I figured it out :)

I did not see an option for 1 column grid. How can I add this option in the settings?

1 column option is not available in settings right now.. only 2,3 and 4 column options are there.. because displaying one post in a row makes page too lengthy. If you want to display only one column in a row i can provide you custom version for that. or if you wants bigger images to display you can go with 2 column option.