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Nice work, good luck! :)

Thanks for your appreciation.

Hey, We added another very important feature. The plugin is now supporting variation products too. Demo available here :: http://envisiontechnologies.in/woocommercemultipleaddtocart/

Good to have another Add Multiple Product extension for WooCommerce.

Need one more important feature – Allow modify QTY by entering number or by +/- buttons.

Cheers, A.

Thanks Andrew

This is already in our next update. We are also working to make this work for Variation product. We will soon update it with a new version.

The feature is now added and plugin’s updated version is posted.

Hey, We added another very important feature. The plugin is now supporting variation products too. Demo available here :: http://envisiontechnologies.in/woocommercemultipleaddtocart/

Can I apply this plugin to a single page where I have add-to-cart shortcodes, but keep it off of all other pages? I just want to apply the multiple products options to a special landing page, but no default Woocommerce pages.

Yes, incase if you face any problem, we will do the changes as per your website to make it work.

The demo doesn’t appear to be working?

Hello Sourvraya

We checked it again, the demo is working absolutely fine. Please see the link here http://envisiontechnologies.in/woocommercemultipleaddtocart/ . You can see the backend of the extension at http://envisiontechnologies.in/woocommercemultipleaddtocart/ . The documentation of the plugin is available at http://www.slideshare.net/EnvisionEcommerce/multiple-products-to-cart-woocommerce-plugin-documentation . Please feel free to reach us for any support at our helpdesk https://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/ if you need any more help.

We need a way for restaurants to order their produce products quickly – like in a list fashion. Is it possible to have a quality and add to cart on the main page with quality option and add to cart button on this main page with the categories showing as you did? http://codecanyon.net/item/add-multiple-products-to-cart-with-custom-variations-and-variation-products-in-woocommerce/full_screen_preview/11853060

I tried to add 10 of an item in your demo, but that did not work. They will not be paying for the items when ordering. They will be invoiced.


This plugin allows user to select quantiy for the product and select multiple products. This plugin will definately works if your homepage products comes from default woo-commerce products loop function. We can help you add that to your store if required.



I tried this on my mobile (android device) and the new window that opens for the variable product is not responsive at all.

Kind Regards,


Hello Bhavin

Sorry for the delay in response. We are checking this. We have used bootstrap for this. But sometimes, it does created issues. We are checking this. We will update you soon with an update on this.

Thanks Team Envision Ecommerce

We got this issue on small screen media screen, We are working on this and updating our Plugin ASAP.

Thanks Team Envision

Hello Bhavin

We have updated our plugin for the same. You can check the demo now.

Multiple add-to-cart only for a group of users?

No it works for all the customers and not based on customer group.

I love this plugin but I think there are too many steps. Is it possible to create step 2 that opens the new window to be the first step with all products on the page. Let them choose which to add and enter values with variations selected?

Thanks for your message. We checked the feasibility and seen that this way there are many chances of it conflicting with any paid theme as most of them use their own structure. We have made it such that it works easily with almost all the themes. We will still consider your suggestion in our next updates.

Good day, I just bought your “multible add to cart” add-on for woo-commerce, and I am having a bit of an issue trying to understand how to activate it, it is probably best if I just explain what it is that I am trying to do: I have created a costum frontpage-shop, (not the standard shop page) that I want to keep just as it is, but what I want use your add-on for is that when you click on a product you go into the product page , and there should the page display multible products where you can select multible items and add them all together on the page. so how do I do that, please?

Hope this makes sense and I hope you can help. KR Gudmundur

Thanks for your purchase. Please share your email or create a ticket on our helpdesk for our team to be able to give you exact solution and help with your request. http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Is there something wrong with the live demo at (http://envisionecom.com/plugins/demo/multipleproductsaddtocart/shop/)? I can’t test out the plugin.

Apologies for the inconvinence. We had a server crash 2 days back. We restored it but there was some issue. The plugin demo is working fine now. Please test and let us know if you need any help here.

Hello. Can we see a live demo, please? At the moment the link is broken. Thanks!

Hello, We regret for the inconvenience caused. Our bluehost server is down due to some issue at the server end.

Meanwhile please go through the extension documentation: http://www.slideshare.net/EnvisionEcommerce/multiple-products-to-cart-woocommerce-plugin-documentation

Hi, will this work with Mix and Match products?

Thanks, we will respond you there

Does this plugin work with Woothemes’ Product Bundles plugin? Thanks

We have not tested it with that pluing. If you want, we can do a test. Please raise a support ticket at http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/ and send us the plugin. We are sure we will be able to make it compatible with the same.


ekzace Purchased

Hi, I am trying to use this plugin for variations and won’t let me show the variations options not even in the product page, for what I read it was supposed to let me add different variations from wherever I show a category list. I would also want it to show on a separate page where I would like to show a category list. Please advise if this is something the plugin does.

Hello, thanks for your purchase. Please raise a support ticket on our helpdesk at www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk

Hey I have two pre-purchase questions. 1) When changing quantity in the demo, I get redirected to the product page. Is it possible to turn this off? 2) is it possible to “check” the product when one changes the quantity of a product?

Hi jonathanw12,

Q1). When changing quantity in the demo, I get redirected to the product page. Is it possible to turn this off?

—Thanks for letting us know about this issue, yes we are aware of it. We are fixing this issue in our latest version (3.2), the new version is launching today :)

Q2). Is it possible to “check” the product when one changes the quantity of a product?

—Yes, customers can easily “check” the products after changing the quantity.

Thanks Team Envision

Okay sounds great. Regarding question 2, what i ment was, is it possible so that when the customer changes quantity, the product automaticly checks – so that the customer dosent have to do it manually?

Our plugin do not have this feature, but we can do it for you. It will be a paid custom solution.

You say there is variation support. Here’s my question – if I’m using multiple variations and displaying each as an image, swatch, or text, can the buyer select several variations of the product on that product page, add to cart, and have all selected ones add at once.

Thanks Susan Davis

Hi Susan

The variation plugin works for category page/Shop Page. And not for Product details page.


I want to buy this product but before purchase i have one question.

I am using WC paid listing plugin for jobseek theme.It works with woocommece product type.But it allow only one package selection for job package so if i will install your plugin is it allow to add more jobs package at one time.


Hello, Thanks for your query. We will need you to share the plugin, to be sure it works with the same.

Please raise a support ticket on our helpdesk for our team to rest and share the outcome http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Hi, I have a membership site using woocommerce subscriptions and wc memberships plugins. The site has memberships A,B and C each can be purchased for 1 month, 6 months and a year. Also the customer can subscribe to any combination of the memberships (For example A and C or all 4 together). Now to make all this easy for the customer I want to build a form that has a radio box for the period and then checkboxes for each subscription but in the end this will need to be tried to the correct product variation so that the correct content is available after purchase. So the question is can I do all of this using your plugin? Thanks

We see that you are trying to customize woocommerce for your requirements. In that case this plugin will not work for you. Sorry for that, It will only works with the default woocommerce features. But in case you want any custom solution form our end, our experts can help you in that. Please raise a support ticket at http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Thank you for the upsell :) but to make my questio simpler, I just need the drop down to be changed to a checkbox, is this possible?

Hello Hameed_Farah,

Currently we do not have this feature in our plugin, but we need to do customization in the plugin to make it as per your requirements.

Kindly raise a ticket on our helpdesk with your detailed requirements: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Thanks Team Envision

On the demo, when click quantity box, it links to product detail page.


Thanks for updating us, it was an anchor tag HTML issue. It was due to the theme we are using on our demo.

It is fixed now you can check and proceed.

URL: http://envisiontechnologies.in/plugins/demo/multipleproductsaddtocart/shop/

Thanks Team Envision Support

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. My website is heavily customised on category page, not sure if this plugin is compatible with my site. If the plugin doesn’t work with my site, do I get refund?

Hi, we would request you to share your website details on our help desk. So that we can check the compatibility of our plugin with your customized website.

URL to Helpdesk: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/


Can we use this functionality anywhere like on any post or page where we show some of the products? What happen if proudct muilti have option inside like color and size?


This plugin doesn’t work on wishlist page. It provide multiple add to cart functionality for shop page and category page. Yes, checkbox will be show just after “Add to Cart” button. Yes, we will upgrade plugin in next version.

Thanks Envision Ecommerce

sorry my bad english. I mean: Your plugin added multi product to cart. Done

Next in cart page won’t have checkbox anymore. Can you add this check box to cart page?

Checkbox have function like your plugin in homepage, but difference meaning:

1) For delete: Check to delete all or check for delete which is checked 2) For check out: Check to check out all or check for checkout which is checked

Defaul cart have each item in middle colum have (x), you can remove it and put check box here or on top collum look more beauty.

If you can upgarde, i will buy it, please let me know. i’m looking to hear it soon.

Hi, In our current version we don’t have this feature. We are checking for the feasibility to add this feature in our upcoming version. We will update you once it will be finalize. You can co-ordinate with us on helpdesk: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/ for more details.