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When I visit a web site, and they have an adblock blocker, I just leave the web site.

These programs can’t be good for business.

But it’s good for unique content who you read for free with active ads.

I need to see a demo, if your plugin detect all kind of adblocker! and is there a a way to not show anything to user with adblock, just the message to remove the adblock?!

We are using this js script for adblock detecting (https://github.com/sitexw/BlockAdBlock). You can create custom messages for users :)

Do you plan to have this for Drupal as well?

At this time no :)

Thanks :)

Live preview? you’re wanting 25$ for something we can’t even see work before we buy..

Sorry, comment written by accident


FLOWUS Purchased


Implemented your plugin and it was fantastic but It has a little issue.

When you have content with page break in between, plugin does not work very well, it only blocks content on the first page break.

Would have been perfect to have a switch option to apply the adblock at content level or browser level.


I purchased the plugin today. After installing, I see that you can specify the content block for specific posts, but how can I make this plugin run for the whole site? I have thousands of posts. Is there a way to activate the template as soon as the user access to the site and blocks everything or anything the_content() shows?



This plugin works only for specify content.