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I’ve uploaded the Adaptive Client Manager files to my subfolder, but when I go to /setup, it just shows a ‘404’ or ‘Not Found’ Error.

Do you have Wordpress or similar installation on your domain?

This is an issue with the way Wordpress handles and rewrites URLs and ‘permalinks’ as it may be currently configured to try to rewrite the /yourSubFolder/ part as a Wordpress post/page – just as it does with say a /portfolio/ section for example.

This is easily rectified by following our Online Documentation here:


If you require any assistance, then please email us on the email address supplied in your docs, or by visiting here:

Online Contact Form

Can I Change The Date Format?

Currently, you can’t select a specific format. Adaptive Client Manager doesn’t use a format specific to a country (or continent), it uses a standardised format known as International Date Format, which is defined by ISO (ISO 8601).

ISO date format is regarded as the best choice for a date representation that is universally (and accurately) understandable. It also has benefits when sorting tables and data by date. If you want to read more about this then W3C has more info here.

Can I change the text and or layouts of PDFs for invoices and quotes?

You sure can, but you’ll need to edit the code directly as the PDFs are generated using the opensource FPDF library, so the documentation on the FPDF website should be your first read. Read through that for an overview of what goes on under the hood.

Basically, there are 2 files which control the output of the PDF for invoices and 2 files which control the output of the PDF for quotes. There are two files for each as one controls the output for your own ‘View In PDF’ option and one is for the PDF that is generated when you email it to a customer.

So for the invoices, the first file you should edit is found at:


In here. if you scroll down you’ll a section comment like this:

// Create PDF

In there you will find the strings/text, images etc that you will want to edit.

If you want to know a little more about what each of these line of code is doing, and what other options you have, maybe check out the FPDF Manual.

The second file is:


Scroll to the email function (line 221) and in there you’ll see a similar layout (under the // Create PDF comment) as before. Make the changes you need there too.

That’s it for invoices and the quotes can be manually changed in the same way. The files for this are:



Remember though, you are manually changing these files and that may be an issue when we release updates in future as if these files are changed by our update then these files may be overwritten. For that reason, it would make sense to keep backup copies of these files (and any others that you edit) for backup and reuse later.

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