Adaptive Client Manager: Management & Invoicing

Adaptive Client Manager: Management & Invoicing

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We’ve had some great feedback and feature requests – so a big thank you to those who have contributed – and particularly to those who have purchased.

Following that feedback, I am pleased to announce that Version 1.2 is now live and it adds some great new features to Adaptive Client Manager including:

3 Different User Roles (Admin, Manager & Client) Each With Their Own Level Of Access & Permissions

Clients can have login details and can sign in to their own Client Area – everything else is hidden from them

UTF-8 Character support for PDF’s – support for many special characters (e.g. Ä,ä,Ö,ö,Ü,ü,ß,Ø, and many more…)

Ability To Edit Invoice and Quote Items (Previously Only Add/Delete)

Custom Fields For Both Your Company & Clients (For Data Such As Tax Codes etc)

Item Quantities Can Now Be Decimals Instead of Only Whole Numbers – Perfect For Those Half Hours Etc

Adaptive Client Manager (ACM) is a fully featured and responsive Client Management & Invoicing System that was designed from the ground up to be compatible with almost any business type – whether it’s a web design company or a construction company.

ACM enables you to track client accounts, create invoices and quotes, automatically generate PDF documents from those invoices and quotes and email them quickly to the client.

Using the latest in web design techniques, the system is designed to look and work perfectly across all operating systems and devices. ACM utilises a modern, clean and responsive design, which responds and is optimised for the device that it is being accessed from – whether it be an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or any other smartphone or tablet.


If you want to view the ACM demo on an iPhone, iPad, or any other smartphone or tablet, then the best way to do so is to either follow this link to the Adaptive Client Manager Online Demo, or press or scan the following QR Code:

This is due to the fact that Code Canyon’s own link above opens ACM up in an iFrame with a Code Canyon banner, which unfortunately breaks the responsive functionality.


Responsive, Fluid Design
Works perfect from ANY device
Clean, Modern Interface
Very Easy To Setup With Auto Installation
Comprehensive & Detailed Documtation
Unlimited & Predefined Theme Colours
Upload Your Own Logo For App & PDFs
Secured Against Unauthorised Access
Advanced Security Against SQL & XSS Attacks
Advanced Form & Data Entry Validation
Store Searchable, Sortable Client Information
Store Searchable, Sortable Invoices
Store Searchable, Sortable Quotes
Helpful & Informative Dashboard
Create Unlimited Admin Users
Chart Client Invoice Values Vs Previous Year
Quick Snapshot Of Clients’ Current Balance
Quick Snapshot Of Clients’ Historical Stats
Add Multiple Items & Payments To Invoices
Individual Expirey Durations For Quotes
Quick Snapshot Of Clients Current Balance
Auto Calculation Of Invoice Status (Paid, Unapid etc)
Create Unlimited Tax Rates
Auto Generation Of PDF Invoices & Quotes
Editable Email Templates Utilising Shortcodes
Email PDF Invoices & Quotes Directly To Clients
Advanced & Robust Report Generator
Much More…


A Website On Which You Can Create A Subfolder (e.g.
URL Re-Writing (Mod_Rewrite) On Domain (usually included as part of your web site hosting by default)
PHP 5.3 (usually included as part of your web site hosting by default)
A MySQL Database (usually included as part of your web site hosting by default)


Version 1.2 (Released: 28 Feb 2013)


Version 1.2 (Released: 28 Feb 2013)

- Added 3 Different Access/Permission Levels – Admin, Manager & Client

- Clients Can Log Into Their Own Client Area

- Added UTF-8 Character Support For PDFs

- Added Ability To Edit Invoice and Quote Items (Previously Only Add/Delete)

- Added Custom Fields For Both Your Company & Clients (For Data Such As Tax Codes etc)

- Item Quantities Can Now Be Decimals Instead of Only Whole Numbers

Version 1.01 (Released: 19 Feb 2013)

- Changed Length Validations to 64 Characters For Certain Fields

- Added ability to edit own user account

- Corrected Issue With Payment Information Not Displaying Correctly On PDF Invoices

- Corrected Issue With Buttons Appearing On Reports


We’ve made the installation of ACM of simple as possible and all you really need is 4 basic pieces of information (hostname, database name, username and password) that you will probably already know. If you’re not sure of these, just login into your web host account and you’ll easily find them.

Depending on your host/settings etc, installations can vary a little and that’s why we’ve produced some comprehensive Online Documentation For Adaptive Client Manager. Feel free to take a look and see what’s involved.


We run a cron script on this demo every few hours that resets the database back to the original demo data. That means if you change theme colours, add clients, invoices and/or quotes within the demo, it may be deleted or reset when the cron script is next run. This is so that the demo is kept ‘clean’ for other people to try out. Thanks