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Glad you like it!

I am a little confused, its all well and good resizing elements to fit with a screen size, but surely you will still have to style with in a media query.

I can see where you script may help with certain elements, but usually with responsive design you will have to adjust element styles to fit within the screen size, not just the parent div

Anyway good luck with the slaes

The main purpose of the plugin is to avoid messy media queries. I suggest calling it on the html or body element. Then as your screen size changes, you get classes like “width_gt 768 width_eq_1024 width_lt_1280”. You can use these classes in your CSS to adjust your layout as necessary, e.g. ”.width_gt_768 .small_menu {display:none;}”. You can target any element on the page this way, not just a specific element. Basically, anything you can do with media queries like “media: screen and (max-width:1024) blah blah blah” you can do with this plugin using a cleaner, more intuitive syntax that you are already using throughout your CSS. Hope that makes it clear.

Hi, So using this code can make ANY site responsive?

Using this plugin, you can make any site you control responsive. This plugin adds classes representing the current page width and orientation to any element you choose (html or body are recommended). You can use these classes to tailor the content on the page to the current page width.

so will it help make responsive? if i install this plugin?

Yes. For example, to make the menu smaller on tablets, you could add a CSS rule like #width_eq_768 #topbar .box-wrapper {width:700px;}. #width_lt_768 #topbar .box-wrapper {width:100%;} would handle anything smaller. Contact me through my profile after purchasing, and I can give you a quote if you want me to do it for you or walk you through it.

Can it work for PrestaShop and will it be easy to implement?

I’m not familiar with PrestaShop, but anything that you can style with CSS classes will work with this plugin.

hmmm.. looks very good but I am still confused… okay here goes…

can this make prestige theme by digitalchivalry responsive? if so, can you give me a quote / instructions on how if i buy your script?

Sorry I meant a quote for freelance work. That is a good idea about the before and after…I’ll give it a go and add a link to it. It could be made into a WP plugin, but I wouldn’t be using much WP functionality…

I think it people see the potential, sales will rise.. if it can really do what is said…

This looks interesting but like some others I am a bit confused. Can you give a bit more detail or instruction as to how this can be implemented on a standard html web site?

Once you include the plugin on the page, you’ll get classes added to the element you choose (e.g. body). You can use these classes to target your styles to different screen widths (e.g. .width_lt_768 nav li {clear:both;} .width_gt_640 nav li {float:left;} might stack your menu on small screens, and float it horizontally on larger screens.

oh – and php site

On PHP, it would be the same as on an HTML site

How is your system different than adapt.js?

One big difference is that adapt.js changes the whole stylesheet based on width, so you have to split out your CSS into multiple files. Adaptivate lets you put all of your styles into a single CSS file. Additionally, Adaptivate fires custom jQuery events on resize with the current width and orientation so you can trigger Javascript functions on resize (e.g. restart a slideshow, or change a video URL).

Great. Thank you.

Hi, i have a joomla site, i just want the images on the site to show according to the screen size of the viewer. For instance, i have an rss reader that shows my site´s news, but if the article has an image and the image is to large, i want it to be resized properly so it looks fine on blackberry or iphone o ipad.

Can this app help?? Thanks in advance

Hi, does this plugin work on wordpress?

Hi there, looking for an easy fix that will work for a parallax scrolling site I’m using for my CV:

Will Adaptivate work for this?

I have fixed width body div and also fixed width left menu, center content and right menu. Some page have fixed width table. How to use your code?

this hard to install? if yes are you can install it for me sir?

can you item make: responsive ?

Any site that uses CSS and JavaScript can be made responsive, but you still have to write the CSS rules for it.

if I need to write some CSS for that , what does it cost ?

You would have to find a freelancer, like at, but it would likely be under a few hundred dollars for a whole site.

Support for jQuery 1.7.2?

it supports any version of jQuery. I’d stick with a recent one, for best results, but 1.7.2 will work.

Dears, I have just purchase adaptivate and i would like to make my existing site responsive. I have checked the example file but i couldn’t figure out on where i should place the code. ( $(‘html’).adaptivate();

This initializes Adaptive with the default options. Here is another way of writing the same thing: ) thanks.

Will the above code go into my CSS . And than what changes i need to do. pls explain.

You should place that line in either your HTML inside script tags, or in an external js file that is inlcuded in your HTML. After that, you will need to add CSS rules for the different window widths.

Can i get a real working example for me to work on pls.

Question. I bought a non-responsive site template here in theme forest, is this thing can solve my problem? if not can you recommend or suggest something that i should do? sorry for this question, I’m totally zero knowledge about this. Thank you in advance.

Hi there, is there anyway of getting the height of the browser window as well as the width?

Currently that feature isn’t available, but I’ll add it to the list to add to the next update.

Thanks, when will the next update be released? As I need this feature urgently. Im wiling to pay for your time?