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My wordpress theme can’t use shortcodes.(divi builder). The support cant help me right now with a fix. So the display is weird when I use: [APLUS:popup=1] Content[/APLUS:popup]

Is there a way to enter html code instead of shortcode?

Sorry the only way to enter is via shortcode.


“Ad plus List Building” doesn’t seem to work with Avada themes. Please refund ASAP.

Can you please let us know your problems first because we don’t know whats your issue.


I have installed the plug in. Configured Mail Chimp and it just won’t load.

Can you please provide us page link url where you trying to load the popup, sometimes because of JS conflict the popup may not appear. Just provide us the link so that we can check the issue quickly.


Hi I am using Converkit will it work with this

It will work with any if the system provide HTML form code.



I just encountered some problems when i activate this plugin..

Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /home/ivape/public_html/wp-content/plugins/list-building-popup/lib/list-building-popup.cls.php on line 1513

Please allow us time we will check this issue immediately.


Hi, you should probably remove the word NEW from the main image on your product page (here: http://codecanyon.net/item/ad-plus-list-building-popup/4515145 ) because the latest version was released over a year ago…

Also, what are your plans for releasing a new version?

Thank you!

We recommend to use our upgrade version “List Fusion” http://codecanyon.net/item/list-fusion-best-popup-and-lead-generation-plugin/8565621 (it has ad plus and much more),

Also about upgrading its going to happen really soon.


Can I design popup with my own mailing system (custom form action)? If yes then can I design multiple popups with different form actions, eg. 5 different forms for 5 blog posts?

Yes you can design multiple popups using custom popup section. But my suggest for you.. Just go with our new product: https://codecanyon.net/item/list-fusion-best-popup-and-lead-generation-plugin/8565621 that has everything ad plus offer and much more.


But for any of these pop-ups can I use a different code html?

100% you can

my popup stop looking right, what should i do? please see my site see how it looks like: http://www.guillermozuluaga.com/las-25-aplicaciones-que-debes-tener-para-crecer-tu-negocio-multinivel/ thedescription isnt aligned anymore, what should i do? thanks a lot

thanks that worked

when the popup appears, the page background get darker, is it a way to make it look even darker?

Ad Plus use image for the background, to make more dark just change to image it will work.

The image located inside folder location: plugins/list-building-popup/lib/user-panel/6/images/main-bg-trans.png


How to disable pop-up for mobile devices?

And where i can find JS Pop up for Exit JS POPUP?

Thank you

Can you please provide page link URL where you have activate popup, this way we can send you CSS code that will disable popup for mobile devices.


I need to hide it on the whole site. Put some “example url” pls. in your css. i’ll replace it on real.

After update to WP 4.7 the plugin stop work. Does it supported? With WP 4.7 i see a couple error messages on top of the site , like “Parse error…....../plugin-folder/plugin-file

where i can find JS Pop up for Exit JS POPUP?


The EXIT JS POPUP located inside folder page “list-building-popup.cls” line number: 1881 inside function name “__lbpopup_exitPopup”, the file located inside folder “plugins/list-building-popup/lib/”.

The plugin does support new WP version, we will check the issue you have posted and if found any it will be fixed immediately and make it available as the new version.


Hello, the plugin ia making my Wordpress site crash. Is there a new update coming anytime soon??

ad plus is compatible with the latest wp version, we will recheck the issue, if found the upgrade will be available within 5-10 hours.

Is there any error message generated, can we know about it.


Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /home/webzinio/public_html/wp-content/plugins/list-building-popup/lib/list-building-popup.cls.php on line 1513

Thanks for posting the issue, the developers are looking at the issue and will be solved on our new upgrade version.


Can you provide the changelog of recent update? I am shocked to see this getting updated after 2 years.. I am not sure why is it not even taken down by envato

The new version is an issue fixed (coding comp-ability issue) for the PHP version 7 and above.

We have stopped adding new features for the ad plus, that’s the main reason there is no any upgrade. BUT whenever there is an issue its been solved immediately and available as new version.


hi i purchased ad plus pop up feb. 2014. Just discovered if i have the plugin activated it breaks my wp site. i have the latest wp version. and my version of adplusadpopup is 3.3 —Only when the plugin is activated, the site wont load and gives me a “mysql” error. “cant connect to server”. how can i get an upgrade? do i have to pay again?

Please download the latest version 3.9 from the envato. The file you download will always be latest and no need to pay for any upgrade.

To replace, simply delete old installed version “ad plus” from your server and install the new.

NOTE: settings will not be lost during upgrade process.


Outstanding! Thank you for your prompt reply! That totally fixed my issue.