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Hello, Thank you for this plugin that I find very useful. I have a little problem The overlay covers all the player and I would like it to be only the size of the ad I have a look at the tutorial Can I make the overlay ads more like YouTube? I have added the code .aoa_300×250 .aoa_overlay {max-width: 300px; Max-height: 250px; Top: 50%; Left: 50%; Transform: translate (-50%, -50%); } In Additional CSS Class But nothing changes. I use the theme Video World thank you in advance

Yes that Custom CSS should work if you specify ‘aoa_300×250’ as the Additional CSS Class for that ad (without the period). If so, PM me the URL for me to check the source.

Pm sent ;-)

Hi John. Groovy plugin! I have a pre-sale question, please. When showing ads over video iframes is it possible to restrict which ads are shown based on categories?

I’m using the WP PRO Advertising System - - so I do have the option of setting up an adzone for the video iframes and then controlling which banners show based on categories BUT I don’t know if these ad category settings will be recognized and work correctly inside of your overlay?

Thank you, LL

1. No overlay if no ad to display.

2. I am unfamiliar with WP Pro Ad System so I cannot answer definitively. If WP Pro Ad System allows the banner to be the aoa shortcode then it should work.

3. yes

4. yes

Ok, I’ll give it a shot. Lets see if these two plugins play well together. If I can set this up where the overlays are properly tracked, so I can test ads for best conversions and provide advertiser stats, it’s a win.

I appreciate your fast replies. Especially on a Saturday!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thank you, LL

Okay send me a PM if you need further help.

i can control % of transparency only on css? dont have param to ths?

CSS lets you control everything – opacity, color, size, location, etc.

no update/support for latest WP ? last i see here is Wp 4.3.1 ?

Envato sets their own tags instead of using what’s set in the plugin itself. Updated.

Hi, Today I buy your plugin
but i face a problem ON Automatically Overlay these html elements: i use [iframe, video]
but in my post on iframe no ads showing
my code like <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” width=”100%” height=”620px” scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am using DooPlay theme
and plz give me your email for Personal Massage

I tested with the DooPlay theme and ads automatically were shown for the videos as expected.

1. Is an Overlay displayed? Perhaps the ad you’re trying to use is invalid. Or perhaps you’re using an ad blocker? 2. If no overlay, are you using a plugin that forces javaScript to load in the footer? In that case the function to display the overlay/ad would happen after the video was displayed.

If neither, send me a PM with your email/url/details and I can take a closer look for you.

What triggers ad? Having an automatically engaged ad over an image or text will get a user skip everytime. I doubt you’ve tested this. Please tell me you can set a delay for ad or better yet, mouse over or click engages ad. This is way more powerful. Why would someone care about some misc text or image that has an ad in front of it? Also great way to junk a page up. Having it operate as a tool tip for text and image, delay for videos is a whole new ballgame

Yes you can use delays, cookies, etc.

I have tested plugin a dozen different ways and can not get it to work at all. Not displaying Overlay on anything.

Have you read the troubleshooting guide in the documentation? If the overlay does not work the usual culprit is a premium theme using custom code to display the content instead of WordPress. Send me a PM with the theme you’re using and I’ll help you out.

Got this to work with his SocialMe theme with its custom code.

Hi, is this working well without any trouble on normal website posting, not in WP? And easy to use for a code novice?

Not sure I follow. This is a WordPress plugin, so yes it requires WP.

I am tried and try to use this plugin like youtube ads in my video website but I am failed. I think you help me.

Sure. Did you follow the steps in the FAQ? PM me your site and theme and we’ll get you set up.

hello I would like it to be only the size of the ad i add “aoa_300×250” in the Additional CSS Class but it’s display on bottom right i want to let display on center i pm the url thanks


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I have installed your plugin But I am curious whether this plugin can placed ads on featured image in wordpress, so it is shown on the main page of the website.


Yes. Although themes won’t support it directly we can hook into WordPress with a few lines of code to show an ad on a featured image. Send me a PM and I can send you an example.


Malik23 Purchased

PM sent. I am waiting for your positive reply

Is it safe with Adsense?

looks like a great plugin but the demo doesn’t work. can you fix it? I’d like to see and purchase it

excellent! My WP Site allows members to register and log in. How can I enable the ad to show only for visitors who are not logged in?

AoA supports hooks, so you can add any checks that you wish, including if the user is logged in. In your example it would be just a few lines of code. No problem.

thanks! i just purchased it. i’ll need your help setting it up and will put a help ticket in to use it with VBP

instead of the ad showing up, it’s only showing the html from google? please advise

It sounds like you entered the ad code in the WordPress visual editor and not the text editor. I’ll send a screenshot to you via PM.

Hi, i am interested in your plugin, i am using a plugin to embed relevant youtube videos on my blog, i want to know will this plugin detects automatically the video embeds and ovelay ads in them? secondly – i want to know will i need to place code for overlay ads in each video? i mean how does it work?

Yes you can automatically overlay ads on html elements like iframe in all posts. You can also optionally specify specific overlay ads with a shortcode in individual posts.

Doesn’t this violate adsense policy?