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the automatic option isn’t working on my site.. i want the ad to be on every video iframe video in my site, what should i do?

You can overwrite the CSS for the close text/button to change the location if you wish.

where is it? can you tell me where is it?


.aoa_wrap { position: relative; z-index:999; max-width: 60%; max-height: 60%; overflow: hidden; } and what line i need to change?

No you want the CSS for the close text/button, which is ’.aoa_close’ and ’.aoa_close_btn’. Then you can modify the top and left position.

John, I have a website created on the SocialGo platform. Will this work with that platform?

No, this is a WordPress plugin. Sorry.

Ok…thanks…awesome work by the way.

Just a followup. The latest version can be installed as a PHP script, so if SocialGo allows PHP you can include AOA on your pages.

hope i wont get blocked by Adsense ?

You would have to check their ToS as with any network.

adsese is not allow the over popup ads and overlay ads the adsense is baned can you give the granty of this not baned pelase explain

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Have you read the Adsense Terms of Service?

Hey john!


I”m using trumag theme, with your Video Blogster Pro!

(1) Does Video Blogster Pro work with Ad Overlay Anything when it comes to bulk importing can i auto import videos with ad overlay short code together?

(2) I’m using a plugin which create custom post pages (video) and a custom fields on those pages will short-code work inside those fields

(3) Any fast way to add short-code on posts already created!

Just bought Video Blogster Pro awesome product! should of got it months ago. Some more video sources will be cool or addon to more source!

thankz davidamg

Hey there, thanks for the comments! (1) Yes you can put the AOA shortcode in your post content template. (2) Unknown. It depends on how that plugin uses the custom fields and if they render the shortcode before use. (3) Yes you can tell AOA to automatically overlay certain elements on your site, such as iframes. I tend to use this on my video sites. No editing needed.


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got a… silly yet logically sound question…

lets just say i HAD embed many iframes, in the past, installing this and adding the element “iframe” in automatic mode, will the magic happen?

i mean, will it magically overlay iframes? or do i need to edit every iframe by enclosing it with the “AOA” tag?

i hope, its automatic ..

Yes you can have AoA automatically overlay any element, including iframes. :) You can optionally use the aoa shortcode for more direct control on anything.


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yo, I’ve got yet another question, is it possible to use overlay on a specific element? [or id]

let’s say, i only want to put overlay on ‘parent’ div …

i know this is possible, although i have to ad “aoa” tag every time i make a new post, isn’t there anyway to automate this?

i tried putting my div id wrapper on auto, and yeah, it didn’t work as expected .. i wonder if adding a custom element will work (too much hassle though) and i’m not very keen on coding …

a help would be greatly appreciated … thanks

The automatic overlays are for html elements like iframe,img,div and not for any specific class or ids.

Otherwise, when you make a new post, you can insert the aoa shortcode yourself or highlight what you want to overlay and use the aoa button in the editor.

Or maybe it doesn’t work on pages?

From what I see your site uses Cloudflare Rocketscript to defer Javascript, which can sometimes break things. Try leaving the AoA javascript in the header. See

Strange, I’ve had problems with Rocket in the past and thought I’d switched it off on this site, plus the fact that it’s toggled on for another site that your plugin is on. Anyway, it was on but rather than mess with the code I just switched it off. After a bit it seems to be working okay.

Can you please have it say “This ad will close in x- number of seconds” (and have it countdown) depending on your settings. Thanks

AND OR can you make the ads appear AFTER x – number of seconds. I’m will to pay =)

I’ll take a look at it and see if it is doable.


I have a video player that I would like to put an overlay over. Is it possible to make the ad less intrusive and just be a little clickable ad at the bottom of the video like youtube?

Ideally, I would like the ad to popup periodically over a video as it’s being played, with the option to click, close or just watch the video through with the ad at the bottom … like youtube.


Yes I’m looking at that now … it does seem I can shape and position the ad, but the entire overlay will always be there blocking? can I make the entire clickable overlay smaller at the bottom, so that the close button is at the bottom with the ad too, and that people can still click ‘through’ the overlay to still be able to play the video?

I’m looking at the plugin code in the editor, maybe I can shorten the height there? So that the entire clickable part is just a small part of the bottom of the video?

OK, found I can do the work here: Editing ad-overlay-anything/css/style.css

I think I can manage now :)

No if you follow the example it is the overlay you position and change the size of to match the ad that covers it. That way you don’t even see the overlay the ad is on.

You can use custom CSS to move/resize the close button where you want as well.

Not a good idea to edit the source files as they’ll be overwritten during updates. Instead use the ‘Custom CSS’ field in the main settings.

Send me a PM if you need more help.

Hi may i know it violate adsense plugin ?

You should read the Terms of Service for any advertising network you wish to use.

can you recommended this plugin for ad sense ?


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Hello John, please give me your email. I have problem with my theme, ads don’t display in my video. Thank you

Some themes use custom video display – please PM me with details including the theme name.

Hi! Does it work on a YouTube video WHILE the video is playing? I’d like to put the overlay, say 10secs into the video for about 5 secs.

The overlay typically covers the video so it cannot be played until the ad is removed. You can resize the overlay if you want to cover just part of the video.

What I want is for the video to be playable just like it would other wise and then at a specific time I add an overlay with a CTA but that doesn’t interrupt the video that is being played.


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How to setup ad for jwplayer ?

Just wrap the jwplayer embedcode with the AoA shortcode.

Does this plugin work for ad overlay on site load? e.g. the ad shows once the site is initially loaded and it does not show when the user is going from page to page on the site.

You can use the cookie to only show an ad to a user once per hour,day, etc.

Does this plugin work with wordpress elite video player plugin

Will it work together?

I’ve never used that plugin, sorry.

Hmm, i mean does it work on all video embeds? Vimeo, youtube, dailymotion, pornhub, etc, etc? If it does It will probably work with the plugin, if it only works with youtube than probably not.

I have used AoA on all those sources – they all embed with iframe and the AoA shortcode just wraps around it. The only hiccup is when a plugin/theme is coded to not allow WordPress shortcodes… then we have to use custom methods.

plz update plugins

Can an autoplay video ad overlay vimeo video?

Yes you can place any code in the overlay, including video.

I want to show overlay ads which cover only 1/3rd from the bottom of images (Not an overlay which completely covers the entire image). Is this possible using this?

Yes if you know the size of the ad you can use CSS to change the overlay size and position to match what you want.

Hi, will it work with popup/popunder ads? When a user click on any part of the video, pops will open. And also I’m using this plugin, my question is will your ad code be included when someone embed my video to their sites? Hope you understand and sorry for my English.

No this is an overlay. It will not insert ads into a video player.