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How to install the script?

Please follow the following procedure to install this script in local or, online server:
  • Upload the zip file downloaded from CodeCanyon to your server in the public_html or, any other directory you intend the script to run.
  • Extract the zip file in that directory.
  • Create a new database from your server MySQL with PhpMyAdmin.
  • Create db user to the database and link that database to the db user.
  • Go to the URL of the unzipped folder.
  • Make sure the required files are permitted writeable in the folder you put them and all the requirements are fulfilled by the server environment.
  • Fill up these Installation form with your database hostname, database username, database password and database name respectively which you have created in the previous step.
  • Provide your default admin credentials in the form.
  • Click on “Install Supershop” and wait for the installation to complete.
You can also visit the video tutorial for installation

How to activate the script ?

  • Open the link in the browser.
  • In the respective fields, put your Name, E-mail, CodeCanyon Username, Purchase Key and your intended domain name for the script and verify the captcha.
  • The form will be submitted to check the purchase key and then activate the licence for that domain.
  • You can change the activation later from this same form. Activating a Regular License again with another domain name will remove the activation of the previous domain.

How to configure SMTP email system ?

From the navigation, go to Frontend Setting → Site Settings → General Settings. Click on the Smtp Settings tab
    Fill up the form as below:
  • Smtp host: ssl://
  • Smtp port: 465
  • Smtp user: YOUR GMAIL ID
  • Click on the save button to save the changes.

How to configure facebook login api?

From the Navigation, go to Frontend Settings → Site Settings → Third party Settings → Social Login Configuration.
  • Turn the facebook login setting status on.
  • For the App ID & App Secret, go to and log in your facebook account.
  • After log in, from the menu go to My Apps → Add a new App.
  • Give your app a display name, your contact email and choose a category for your app.
  • Then create your App ID.
  • After creating the App ID you will be redirect to your App ID settings.
  • Go to Settings → Basic, fill up the form and in the bottom of the from you will see a button Add Platform. Click the button and choose website. Then set your website url in this section. [N.B: in the app domain section use “http://”, then ]
  • Go to App Review and make your app public just turning on the switch.
  • From the Dashboard, click on the show button to see the App Secret.
  • Now copy the App ID and App Secret and paste it into your system and click save button.

How to configure google plus login api?

From the Navigation, go to Frontend Settings → Site Settings → Third party Settings → Social Login Configuration.
  • Turn the google login setting status on.
  • For the client id, client secret and API key, go to and login to google account.
  • From the sidebar click on the credentials and create a project.
  • Then create a credentials by choosing the OAuth Client ID.
  • Configure consent screen by giving the proper information and then save.
  • Choose the application type, name and set the restrictions and create the credentials.
  • After that, you will get the Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Then click on the create credentials and choose API key and you will get API key.
  • From the Library find out the google+ api. Click on it and enable the api.
  • Copy the Client ID, Client Secret and API key and paste these to your system and set the redirect url. Then click on the save button.

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