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How to locate fb pixel and google analytic sir ?

These aren’t included on this product’s feature.

Hi, I have purchased the same. I have to used cc avenue payment gateway and chat options with it. What is the solution.. ? How can I using it

Hello, If you want to use cc avenue payment gateway and chat options you will need to integrate this two feature by customizing the script.For more you can contact with us from here Thanks


Schabour Purchased

Could you please update the system with the commision feature, a lot of people are waiting this. Thanks

Yes we are also concern with this. We hope after 1 or 2 update we can release the commission system with this item :)


Ug0t0wned Purchased

hello does this have autocomplete search results because when I type in keywords on demo site it is not working

Autocomplete searching isn’t available in this version.


Ug0t0wned Purchased

Will it come with next version also are you planning on building android and/or iOS apps in the future? Linked via API?

Autocomplete searching may not be released on next version. Android and iOS app can be developed by customization.


vuekai Purchased

discount is less potential than improving the system, if you do your best 50$ is not the problem for clients to pay you even higher

Discount isn’t a way to improve the item. This is a part of service. We are improving the item day by day and this is proved because most of the week this item placed on the weekly top php script list. You can check this from here Version 1.4.10 is on the way to release. Being with us :)

Please set a frame to select in add product image what is the main picture. Choose main image by the user with this adding frame for the images. Thank you

Thanks for you suggestion.We will try to implement this on our future update.

Error message when I try to register : Signup failed done_and_sent

Also the user has registered success and showing in admin> customers

Hello, Please send us support ticket from Our support staff will solve your on office day :) Thanks

Im sorry, but Im try install, but I have only a white page… can you explain again the process to install or check you last download package… something is wrong.. help me please, what folders I need upload to run the installation

Here is the installation guideline with video Please update your support pack for continuous support from us.

Hey as I can see in your demo there is no option to manage stock on size level. lets say if i added a t-shirt with sizes as S, M, and L and I have 3 pieces of S, 5 pieces of M and 10 pieces of L which i cannot manage as the system has only one stock management and with this people might checkout products with the size, we don’t have. So do you have any way to solve this issue?

and your discount is available up to which date?

Hello, Yes if you want to add stock or will want to sell the product according to product varient wise you will need to custom the script from source code. You can send us support ticket from here for more conversation Thanks

ahh quick question.. does it do email verification during the sign up process?

Hello, this feature is not currently available. Thanks.

is there affiliate system available?