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can anyone here that got this script link me a download of the latest version, Its only letting me download version1.4 only, even with a new clean installation.

No problem. Basically admin version shows the basic version 1.4. If you download after the last version release date, your copy is the latest version 1.4.6


8088Y Purchased

okay so if you buy it when the update is 1.4 then the latest version 1.4 and you can only download 1.4. good to know. guest you have to update it manually. It would be nice if you could just download the latest version no matter when you got it in a fresh copy. thank you for your reply

Sorry we don’t understand you.

Hi, Is the software open source? Can we add sms integration and credit card integration? Because paypal is closed in Turkey.

Thank you for the answer.

Yes after purchasing you can add any feature as your need. There is no restriction for customization. Thanks


JDgruppe Purchased

what don´t understand is, so many people asking you for commision and you allways answer: commision system you’ll need to custom!! When you can do it, why dont you sell this as plugin? oder give us? 1,119 Sales

Hello, Yes we understand the feature’s demand and also we are working on this.It will be added but also I want to mention this for adding commission system it needs to bring a change on every section of product uploading to product selling and also need to develop portable way for the vendors.So it will need time. Thanks

Hello, the product is amazing… can we change currency sign i.e from $ to PKR as it is my country currency sign. I just send to shopping cart for buy this but came to know there is no vendor commission based. Basically i just need the commission based vendor. can you give it to me with this option without any extra charges.

Hello, You can change the currency icon from currency set up easily.You can visit our knowledge base from here Commission system isn’t integrated in our system right now.So if you need this it will need to provide you the custom which isn’t possible to serve without additional cost. Thanks

is still my support working? i sent you a ticket 4 days ago still didn’t received any response. i need answers ASAP.

hello, i comment here because you not reply my mail. thanks.

We replied your email already.

Please i need important information i buy from you this script and i don’t find localisation in advanced research please can you help me for this, and another problème why i can’t add sub-catégorie for sub-catégorie ? i mean you have a catégorie and you have 3 sub catégorie and in each one you have 2nd sub catégorie please help

Hello, Advance search has been added according to category,brand subcategory, most recent and etc. Actually our system works with category and subcategory. If you need one step more subcategory then it will need to custom the script.If you will more information you can send us support ticket from here Thanks

consider these In your next update,

1. the place for add product picture upload may not only be picture only , it may be video from youtube or audio from soundcloud.

2. just like fiverr , extra feature selection may attract extra price to be added to the product price

More flexibility! greater usability!

in addition to no.1 above, the picture may not be uploaded, upload product picture may also have ‘post picture url’ , meaning i might host the picture in a separate server and post the picture url on my product page (s). this will make the system lighter and free from repetitive upload of same pictures. product requiring the same picture may just be pointing to the same product url. SMART!

Consider having a mini file hosing system for active super shop, where pictures, audio, and video can be hosted, managed and watermarked, and providing url of picture, audio and video. This could be an addon service which can be sold by you seperately. Smart!

Thanks for your suggestion.


biginc Purchased

Google plus and facebook login both are not working?


biginc Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Please send us support ticker from here


biginc Purchased

In addition search by keyword in products in not working

Please send us support ticker from here

HI In demo your script seems good. I really interested to buy this.. I saw two licenses there. i didn’t understand from codecanyon description. If i but your script for 50$ will i get all the functions as in demp and will i get all your support from you, If yes how long? and i need to add paytm payment option..can you include that also?

Looking for your reply

in addition to that it will be better if there is an option to add adsense

Hello,We replied you the support ticket.Please hang on in support ticket or in here. 2 different way for same answer is the cause of our support time killing. Thanks

when will the next version be released

We replied you the support ticket.


How can we change the base currency? I see in demo that we have USD configured but can not change I want to change to Rupee. Is it possible? Is our script 100% Secure ?

Hello, Yes you can change the currency from admin panel easily.You can check the knowledge base from here Thanks

I have problems with the map again, I have not made any changes, just let all the maps in the script work.


uxinui Purchased

I try to register and click register button after that system show Signup failed done_but_not_sent.