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GreyTones Purchased

Nice Script lots of people complaining.

Hello, we’ll provide updates and support for the complains as soon as possible :) Thanks!


suzannek Purchased

Post removed I thought the logout bug fix posted above was provided by the developer.

Hello, the update with bug fixed will be uploaded soon :) Thanks!

i dont have getting support reply on my email i m waiting for your support plzz make fast

Hello, we’ll reply to your ticket very soon :) Thanks!

hello… i have question.. Can there be 3 sub menu levels? example: 1. CAR -> 2. SPORT 2. SUV 2.TRUCK -> 3. TOYOTA 3. SUZUKI 3. MITSUBISHI Three level sub menu.. Thanks

Hello, this can be customized. If you’re interested, we can do the customization for you. Please send us a support ticket regarding this. Thanks!

Hi, we have some issues: 1. we set the facebook login App ID and Secret and we can login successfully but we can not logout, the logout page returns error 500. 2. We have another issue when we try to approved a vendor the dialog box is freezing, we have to reload page to see the approved result. 3. When admin reply a ticket customer does not receive the answer in his profile page.

Hello, Right now which version you are using? We fixed the facebook login issue in the latest version already.Also the vendor registration problem has been solved in the version 1.4.8. So please download the latest version and install. Thanks


Wutip Purchased

Hello, I have purchased your product, but cannot be active because there is an error message as follows “CodeCanyon username Does not match with Purchase Code!”. Please support. Thanks

Hello, please, use “Wutip” as username during activation. :)

Hello congratulations for your marketplace cms. Can you tell me if the Paypal Parallel payment is on your cms If not how much it would cost to add it

cordially Pierre

Hello, Thanks for your interest on our product.For Parallel paypal payment option it will need to custom the script.Please let us send us support request from here Thanks

oknepalinc Purchased

Vendor location map is not displayed ? can you write step by step process fro me please.

Hello Did you add Google Map API key successfully? You can check this link for step by step guideline for this Thanks

hi , ur theme look amazin , do u have it in wordpress?

Hello, WordPress version isn’t available yet.

Do we have the option to take commissions per sale? if we are allowing vendors to register free on website but they have to give some cut of profit to admin per sale.

Hello, Per sell commission isn’t available in this product.But with subscription you can earn money from vendors.For vendor diagram please check the below link Thnaks

its been 2 weeks now and my site still not fixed. Still, can’t add any items. The author emails short response just to say he responded. But doing nothing to fix this broken script.

Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience.Will you please let us know about the ticket number? Thanks