ActiveITzone does not currently provide support for this item.

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my tikets were not replied yet. i cannot use this script. sometimes the page not loading properly. even with sevaral reminders , no any response at your end.

- My domain is . Lower part of the page sometimes not loding and in progressive mode without a result.

- The loading performance of the site is very poor as per Google.please check this.please verify with this link ,

The page is not optimized and delivering a slow user experience.

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment.

HI, when update this CMS?

Update date isn’t fixed yet.


Looking for update is any update coming soon.

is the product still active since more then 1 year no update ? is the Active IT Zone still Active ?

Thank You/

Hello, Yes recently we also close the support of Active classified.For this script update it’ll need time. Thanks


Can i have my refund of $30 or Shall i fix the bugs for $500 ?

Or ,Otherwise , Do you know how to fix ==> ?


It is your choice.


Your all comments and messaging has been kept on our diary.

I too have a diary.

Envato says that i have 4 months left for support.

what support is this ?

i quote following what Envato says.

‘ActiveITzone will no longer offer support for this item once your support has expired.’

Hey, can you addimage recognition feature, like when someone takes a picture, the title of the product gets auto completed based on the image? Like this guys over here: (check their Classifieds app)

Please send us support ticket from here Thanks


Solid30 Purchased

where i found language php file ?

Hello, Please send us support ticket from here Thanks in advance for updating your support pack :)

Why there are 20+ script has been used and also 15+ CSS ? how can we pass google developer recommendations ? this is not good at all. we request to refund.

You know this product isn’t under support which is shown on product page. We are not available to inform you more example. Thanks

okay refund for this crap.

Refund your review then.

Is this basically finished now? No more updates?

Nope. Updates are upcoming. A big update with wallet system is under development. We hope we can release this very specious update with more improvements on the next half of month. :)


I want to buy

Do you give support for this product ?

Regular license:  ActiveITzone  does not support this item :(

I need a feature

you can look at the picture

I will buy it immediately if you can

Hello, Yes obviously for all kind of license we provide support according to codecanyon support terms and condition. Thanks

you demo script is bugged…

Severity: Core Warning

Message: Module ‘timezonedb’ already loaded

Filename: Unknown

Line Number: 0


We will take care of this.

i can give you hosting on the server and you will have commision for that if you offering that with free installation of the script

Please update your support pack and we do not have any free installation service.


Is it possible to simply have vendors advertise their services without displaying the price? I want to use this as an advertising platform for vendors that offer cleaning services.

Also: I see Browse Front View and Browse Admin View. But I don’t see Browse Vendor View. I need for all vendor to log in before they can post their ads.

Hello, it seems that you have more queries/requirements about our products. It will be better, send us your all queries or ideas together in a support ticket from here Hope we can assist you :) Thanks

Pls help me i have email and password admin panel. Pls

We replied your mail already.

check now i send you file with purchase

I do not see any public profile and avatars between seller and buyer?

You question isn’t clear to us. Please describe.

must have an user information and avatar when see a 1 product, as it is not supported

Ok we will manage this as soon as possible.