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Update History

version : 2.0.0

- Admin can create advertisement category & subcategory.
- Free and premium advertisement posting according to category & subcategory.
- Advertisers can upload multiple images with making image serial as his/her wish by drag and drop to make it main image and others.
- Advertisers can  figure up their advertisements by Add More Specification.
- Advertisers can  Edit/Delete their advertisements from their own profile.
- Advertisers can give their address direction by google map which will calculate distance from viewer/customer to advertiser.
- Premium advertisements can be set for both product package & user package basis platform. 
- Admin administrative Guest post system for posting advertisements.
- Admin can make any advertisement published/unpublished by single click.
- Admin can make any advertisement Featured/non-featured by single click.
- Viewers can calculate their distance and route from advertiser by google map. 
- Anyone can contact with seller from advertise box by email.
- Seller can replay those message both from his/her profile and email.
- Users can register themselves by filling the Signup/form.
- User also has  option to signup/signin by social media(facebook/google plus).
- Admin can configure the social media login for users by inserting app secret key and others.
- From user profile user will get the total uploaded product log in a list.
- Users can Edit/Delete the advertisements from profile
- Users can change the product package and user package from profile.
- Users can change their personal information (Profile picture, surname, Username, phone no, address and password).
- Users can create Support Tickets from their profile and send messages under it. Also they get ticket reply under Support Ticket thread from admin and vice-versa.
- From user profile user will get their total wished/favoured product log in a list.
- Users have options for Email tracing from their profile.
- Admin can create product package based on time duration for making ads featured 
- Admin can create product package based on time duration for making ads 
- Packages can be set for any number of days, months or, years
- User will get  notification from system at the ending time of the product package.
- Admin can set the number of Products for the user package & time validation(limited/unlimited).
- Once the user chooses an “user package” he/she will be able to set “Product package” also for his/her products.
- The number of ads for that particular “Product package” shall be reduced in his/her “user package”.
- Packages can be purchased by paypal or stripe.
- Admin will get the total package’s list from admin panel.
- Admin Can create/Edit/Delete Blog Category.
- Admin Can create/Edit/Delete Blog according to blog category.
- Viewers can post their facebook/disqus comment from blog description page.
- Blog categories, Most viewed blogs and latest post has been shown in the blog sidebar.
- Total ads, published ads & unpublished ads, package’s statistics and category wise ads statistics shown in Admin Dashboard.
- Category wise ads statistics shown in graph.
- Favoured ads statistics shown in graph.
- Most viewed  ads statistics shown in graph.
- Admin can create new HTML page with title, permalink and tags.
- New HTML page can be designed column wise.
- For each column Admin can set widgets or texts and images
- 5 default front end menu option is set for the system. 
- ?Admin can create/add menu by giving the title of the menu and selecting the type (page/link)
- Admin can serialize menu by drag & drop according to his will and can create up to two subdivision labels.
- Default 5 widgets have been set for the frontend.
- ?Admin can publish or unpublish any of the widget.
- Admin can set and serialize widget of home, categories, latest product, featured product, product view and contact page.
- Page wise admin selected widget will be shown on each page.
- Admin can set front end fonts from 10 different fonts.
- Admin can set website logo and favicon.
- Admin can select homepage (header and footer logo) and admin logo separately.
- You can upload all your social media links (Facebook, Google-plus, twitter, Skype, Pinterest, YouTube), which will be used in the front site.
- Admin can set any of the 30 preloader as front end preloader and also can change its color as well as it's background color
- Admin need to give his/her Facebook App ID and secret ID for manage the user Facebook login/registration system.
- Admin need to give his/her Google Application Name, Client ID, Client Secret, Redirect_uri and API key for manage the user Google login/registration system.
- Admin will provide 'Disqus ID' or 'Facebook App ID' for opening commenting in the product page. The Admin can set Disqus or facebook or google+ comment for product description and blog page
- Admin will provide Public Key and Private Key for Contact form’s Google Captcha.
- ?Terms & conditions with privacy policy can be provided to show them up in the frontend.
-? Admin can set homepage slider/ map or both, widget position (sidebar), Parallax title, parallax image, number of blog for homepage and featured product number.
- Admin can set your contact address, location, phone, email, website and contact about
- Admin can set footer text.
?- Admin can manage all his staffs that will have access to the admin panel.
- Admin can manage Role (set of account permissions) for the staff.
- Admin can send newsletters from the admin panel. 
- Admin can read and reply the messages sent from the home contact page.
- Admin will input Meta tag, Meta content, Meta Description, Revisit After & keywords.
- You can get the sitemap 
- Admin will get to have a look on how your website is shared and interacted in the most popular social media.
- Admin will see your global and country specific Alexa Traffic Rank.
- Admin will see your Daily Traffic Trends, clients' Time on Site and Bounce Rate etc. in Alexa graphs here.
- Admin will have a look over Google Web Search Index, backlink numbers and other graphs here.
- The System has the feature of using multiple languages. From here the Admin can manage this.
- Admin shall provide Currency Name and Currency Symbol for the system. 
- Admin can activate/deactivate the payment gateway(paypal & stripe)
- The Admin can manage his own profile. He can change the details of his own and can change his password.

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