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1) Where can I find the setting for this extension?

You can Find extension under System –> Configuration –> Tatvic

2) I’ve install the extension but I do not see any data in my GA?

Following are one or more reasons:

  • Please make sure that you have Enabled Enhanced Ecommerce setting in your GA Account. Check out the Step 1 of this blogpost.
  • If you have just installed our extension, then please wait for at-least 24 hours before you start seeing any data in your GA. If you still face this issue after 24 hours, please reach out to us here.

3) How to verify if you have implemented the extension well?

To verify if you have implemented the extension well, just log in to your Google Analytics account & check if the data is coming well in your Enhanced Ecommerce Reports.

4) How much time will it take to see the data in Google Analytics?

It generally depends upon the traffic of the store. Butin general it may take max up to 24 hours & min 4 hours to see the data in Google Analytics.

5) Why the extension does not sent data when I am logged in as Super Admin?

To avoid sending your own transaction data or sessions data in Google Analytics, our extension doesn’t sent the data to GA when you are logged in as super admin. Having said, if you are logged in as Shop Manager, extension will send the data to GA.

6) I found more than One UA Tracking code in my store. Does it affect the GA data?
I’m getting double pageviews on store/analytics account?

While using the Chrome extension Google Tag Assistant, you’ll find your UA ID twice; this is how you’ll conclude that there are 2 UA code in your store.

If there are one or multiple UA tracking script on the store(other than the UA script added by our extension), it will result in firing double pageviews to be populated in your analytics account. Since our extension is already adding the UA script on your store; Kindly remove the other script you have added (manually or via any other extension) to avoid the discrepancy in your analytics account.

7) Products with Custom Options not getting recorded in GA.

Currently our extension does not support custom options (for your Products), hence you may not see their transaction data in GA. Additionally, we are planning to add the same feature in our upcoming release.

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