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How to create homepage for particular language

Go to ACMS admin and add a new page just like any other. The only difference is in the URL field. Just put slash in it ”/” and make sure you have the right language selected. When you choose particular language on the front end, this page will be loaded.

How to add menu items to the particular menu and change its order?

Login to acms admin. Click on “Menus”. You’ll get the list of available menus for each language.

Click on the menu identifier where you want to manage the items. Here you can add new items, delete or update the current ones.

There is also available an option called “change order” for updating the order of the menu items of the particular menu.

How “Search engine optimization” section work?

By default, page title is used as the main title. Optimized H1 title will override the default page title but browser title will remain the same.

Meta keywords and Meta description fields are standard SEO fields which can be added for each page or post separately.

I’m getting the Page not found error

Make sure you have setup the homepage.

If you have homepage already created, open the /application/config/config.php file and try to change uri_protocol from AUTO to REQUEST_URI.

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