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Hi, the site is not responsive ? As you develop the management comments on the post ?


no, demo site is not responsive at the moment because focus goes more towards the backend. You are free to create or use any design responsive or non responsive and integrate it with the acms script.

Not sure what you mean by the second question. I suppose you are asking if there is a comments module? If that is the case, unfortunately there is no custom comments module. But mainly because you can use facebook or disqus comment systems which are very easy to implement and also more engaging

Hi, thanks for your reply. In the future you will develop a module that handles comments on news inserted? Greetings

Comments module does not have a priority flag at the moment. But it is considered and it might be added in the future.


Is there any user registration function built in ?

Thank you


there is no user registration module built in at the moment.

Hi! Do not show me images slider. Just show me a single image. Is the code right?


Thanks for your reply!


according to provided code, it should work. Just make sure that you have correct category provided in get_posts function. If you do, please contact me via email/support form (and please provide site/admin links) so I can take a closer look.


How to add image uploader to page? I would like to stay as the category section. A single image, nothing more.


How to add image uploader to page? I would like to stay as the category section. A single image, nothing more.


At the moment, there are no image upload fields option for pages. You can use regular custom fields and use ckeditor file manager to upload image though.

Separate page upload fields should be first custom added problematically. You can contact me via email/support form if you need some custom work like that.


this would have been so good if it was responsive

Before I buy this theme I would like to ask few things with you.

I am thinking to use this plugin as eCommerce with further development. So please tell me how does this theme support multilingual. As need multilingual support for product based database. If you can explain little bit I will then think about it.

Thanks & Regards



when you create a new post or page, you can choose the language. Once saved, post has a database column where language abbreviation is saved. Based on that field, posts are listed on the frontend side. This is it, more or less.

Of course, there are better solutions to consider if you need some complex ecommerce solutions


I want to use this cms just for admin the content so I can use my own template.

1 – Reading the documentation I will have to “map” each php snippet code in the my template, right?

2 – My site will have 3 languages.. why do we need to add a post 3 times? Should it not be more easy just to allow title and description to be edit (in 3 languages) as the rest is the same ( images.. ). Not understanding this part very well.



1. Yes, you have to map each php snippet to your template so you can output and style every information as you like

2. You are right. It would be easier and it is something that I have on the todo list. So you can edit all post languages/content on the same post page. For now thought, it has to be separated.

Hi eridan,

Thanks for the reply.

For question 1 – Ok, understood!

For question 2 – I think I can “live” with that in the separated mode; just have to give my final costumer some justification why this works this way as the same question might arrise,

Will read again documentation in order to see if I can build this project under your cms, for now everything seems ok, and questions were clear,

Thanks again!


about your second question. Long story short… at first, cms was not multilingual. There were some deadlines so to save time, it was faster to do it that way at the given moment. Unfortunately, due to other priorities this is still on the todo list.

Hi there…

Can you help me out? Installed it just as you described it and it works when I open the main URL… but /admin and any other like /gallery and stuff is not working. Saying: “No input file specified.”

The problem is that I have it on a subdomain like

Could that be the problem?


already answered your email about that question. Hopefully it helps.

Hello, can I add my own layout easily? Also is encrypted? I want remove some parts. Thanks


yes, you can add your own layout pretty easily. It is very similar to wordpress if you are familiar with it. You can take a glance at the documentation if you like:

Code is not encrypted so you can modify what you need

Hi, the demo page password do not work. Please, verify it to can access the admin area. Thanks

Hello congratulations for this script. this well explained

leave ideas for future updates

new feature, possibility of duplicate post in admin.


I design my website using xaradesignpro 11 software. To install script codes, it must be placed within a placeholder and when the pages are exported, the pages are generated and then uploaded.

What’s about your cms script? Is it that I install the script >> from the Admin create pages and texts and then generate a code for ach page or install the code like the above?

Have a look at

I use this but is it’s editor is too simple but it’s very easy to install and work with.

I really hope yours is very easy to work with especially non non-programmer or developer like me.



not sure how xaradeisnpro works in detail. But acms needs to be manually installed on your server (you have to create a database and upload script files. after that, you are able to configure everything to your needs).

acms is very flexible but this also means that you may need some development experience if you want to integrate your design with the script.


brambio Purchased

How to add search module to ACMS?


search module is not available at the moment. It has to be developed first.

Unable to login panel

Hi There, I have downloaded but there is no .htaccess file in the package. Could you please upload it again ?


I have downloaded the package to make sure, but htaccess is already included. Make sure that you have “show hidden files” enabled within OS. It may resolve the problem. If not, send me the support message and I will mail you the file

Ohh I will check it again. I use MacBook maybe as u said that I have to show hidden files. Thank you for quick reply !

What is the use of the ‘application/views/publish/gallery’ folder? I can’t find anything in the documentation about this. How can you load the the index.php or detail.php file in a regular template page?

Hi. This is explained in the documentation. See Publish > Templates section. Gallery folder is optional. It is used if you need different templates for different publish categories

How can I view a category with a custom template like ‘gallery’ set? I need to enter the slug/URL, but it gives me a 404

With each post it’s possible to enter a URL/slug but there’s no documentation about this at all. How to use the URL? And how to get a post based on the URL/slug? Doesn’t seem possible with the current code. Is this planned for a future update?

With each post it’s possible to enter a URL/slug but there’s no documentation about this at all. How to use the URL? And how to get a post based on the URL/slug? Doesn’t seem possible with the current code. Is this planned for a future update?
I have exactly the same question!


When I enter / admin, or blog, about always comes:

No input file specified.

What should I do?

Greetings Thomas

Hi front end doesn’t work it says 404 error. Is this CMS for me to integrate into my own html front end or does it come with a prebuilt front end?