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Hi! Could you please make a short video tutorial for your plugin or a more detailed step by step tutorial… or more screenshots :-).

There is some steps that is easy if you used ACF before but for a newbe it’s a bit harder. Example from tutorial: 4. Make sure you have a text field created that will store the website URL you want to snapshot. Need more than that though… There is a lot of choices to make before a simple textfield is made, which combination will work as you planned it? You can create a textfield in two ways as I understand it. Which way do you prefer?

I tried all kind of ways to be able to make screenshot, no luck so far. Look forward to be able to use this plugin, need this feature. Love to see more screenshots in the tutorial, you got the tool for it :-) Thanks / ola


Thanks for the purchase, I will try to get a video up soon. This is my ACF field group set up – http://cl.ly/image/0E0j2x0c3117 with the link field as a Text type.


this looks good – any shortcodes on the ability to use in php pages? e.g function we could call?


The screenshot gets generated in the admin area and saved to the WP media library. It can then be used like standard ACF image fields – http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/field-types/image/#template-usage


This looks like it will be incredibly useful for a project we are working on. I have a few presale questions.

When is the screenshot created? Is it when the post is published?

Where is the image file stored? Is it like standard image uploads (wp-content/uploads/date/)?

How does it deal with websites that have an unusual aspect ratio (very wide, or very tall etc.)?

Can we see some example screenshots created with this plugin?



The screenshot is created in the WordPress admin area. For example, you have created an ACF field group called ‘portfolio data’ with a text field for the URL and a website screenshot field. This field group is to show on a custom post type of ‘portfolio’ in the admin.

You add a new portfolio item in the WP admin area. You will see the ACF ‘portfolio data’ field group. Then you fill out the URL, and press Generate.

The screenshot is generated and saved to the WordPress media library as normal (wp-content/uploads/[year]/[month].

You then serve that image up using get_field() as you would a normal ACF image field – http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/field-types/image/#template-usage

The screenshot generator leverages WordPress.com’s service – you can have a play using this example, changing the URL, width and height parameters where appropriate.


Cheers Iain

Thanks for the explanation. Is it possible to automate the ‘generate’ process somehow when a post is published?

I’m asking because we are making posts in a way that will fill the ACF custom field data but we won’t be in wp-admin manually creating the posts, instead we’re using Gravity Forms to make the posts and fill custom field data. Hope this is clear.



Unfortunately there is no automatic functionality with this plugin at the moment.


Hi there, I bought this plugin and it works great. I think one nifty feature to have would be to have the ability to choose whether or not the image should be attached to the posted where it’s generated or not. Make it optional.

Case in point, I’m using a slider that auto creates slides based on attached images to that post. It picks up the ACF image screenshot as well. So I had to filter those images out.

Just a thought. +)

Hello, I’ve just tried to install ACF on my wordpress, I followed the support instruction but after actived the plug-in the menu “custom field” doesn’t appear. How can I install this plug-in properly?



Have you installed Advanced Custom Fields (https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/)

Yes! I installed the new version 4.3.8. In menu no item Custom Fields. http://reallifeonline.ru/no-menu.png


That looks like a menu clash with another plugin stopping ACF (the core plugin) not showing. Start deactivating other plugins one by one until it reappears – then you can contact the other plugin developer about the menu clash

Hello! Not save select Link in Source Website URL Field How to correct?? Tnx

In the admin panel, select the Link (Source Website URL Field). Save. Reopen. Select ACF Text Field.

Select Link not saved!

This has been fixed in v1.1.1 just released

does this rely on an external service to generate the screenshots like thumbalizr or bluga?

It uses the free WordPress.com screenshot generator

Is it possible to generate the image as a feature image of wordpress post?
Is it possible to use front-end (eg another plugin as LiveEdit) ?

HI,Can you at least take the link acf field instead of a text field? Have you given up this project?

The plugin works as is, but development of your requested features are not a priority at the moment I’m afraid.

Hi, +1 !?

Any chance that this plugin will close popups that appear on the site you’re taking a screenshot of? I need to take a number of screenshots of online stores and they all seem to be very fond of making javascript modals appear to capture emails in exchange for discounts.

Unfortunately the plugin has no control over the sites you want to screenshot

Compatible with ACF Pro?

Yes :)

Hello, the plugin works as intended, but it has problems to show content made with javascript, e.g. sliders. In this case, the space occupied by those contents remains blank in the screenshot. Is there any workaround possible?


How can I use ACF Website Screenshot to generate lots of screenshots for my site www.wesparen.nl. I want to generate thumbnails for all webshops shown there of 120×80px.

Hope you can explain me how to do this. I have seen your video tutorial so I have set-up ACF Website Screenshot but don’t know how to generate all images and implement them on the page.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers, Marc

Please let me know. I’m in a rush to get my site live …

Thanks on beforehand for a swift answer.

Cheers, Marc

Pre-sales questions: I have a theme that already has a link field on a custom post type. How easily could I use this plugin to draw the URL from an existing field rather than one using ACF?

We get this error message on the Pro version:

Notice: Undefined index: acf-website-screenshot/acf-website-screenshot.php in /var/www/html/1/wp-content/plugins/acf-website-screenshot/includes/wp-updates-plugin.php on line 45

Didn’t work. When i click on generate, i become not a website screenhot from the link that i put in the other custom field. Can you help?