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Hi I can not get the plugin to work. Im using the get_field function as you describe but it does not give the right result as a HTML table. Here is a img, so you can see, how it look like in my theme. It dossen’t look like a table

Apologies this is fixed in v1.2.2 just released

Much better now thanks. But plz test it before, next time

But Thanks :D


This doesn’t seem to work in a repeater inside a flexible content field (nested repeater), can’t edit the tables.

ACF Pro 5.0.9

WordPress 4.0 – no other plugins besides ACF Pro and ACF Table Editor Field are installed

v1.2.3 has just been release with this fixed – thanks for the heads up

Good day,

What are the possibilities of a user being able to dynamically pick how columns are on a edit screen and also to pick what the text is in the table headers?

I have a client that needs to add tables to content but each table will have different column counts almost every time with different headers.


Unfortunately dynamic creation is not possible at the moment. How would you see the column count and headers being given for the table?

Here was a fiddle that I thought might be a way to go: http://jsfiddle.net/geetjacobs/dhwsupy0/17/

Not sure how your code is structured, if you are using a play on repeater fields or not, but I had been messing around with double repeater fields and conditionals to hack this a bit before I found your plugin.

Have a good day!


Is it possible to ad new columns? As in, if my client wanted to add more columns and rows to a specific table, for a specific page. It appears that the column count is set within the ACF Settings.

Also, is the table responsive? Does it change when on smaller screens such as adding horizontal scroll?



Yes the table is responsive and will add scroll bars when needed. Currently the column count and headers are set in the ACF field settings so are fixed for the users.

Do you think there is another way around adding columns for my clients? Perhaps using Repeater field? Or do you think you will be adding this feature in sometime soon? The plugin looks great. Thanks


I’ve also wrote you an email. Since yesterday I’m getting a strange issue. When trying to edit field data, it forces the input field into a vertical format.

Here is a picture: http://cl.ly/image/222F2w3H0s0G/Image%202014-11-07%20at%2012.18.33%20PM.png

Update: Deleted line 5004 (this.textareaStyle.width = 0;) in ‘jquery-handsometable-full.js’ solved it for now…

Looks like the last update was in Oct 2014, does this plugin work with the new ACF v5 Pro?

Yes :)

Just Purchased the Plug-in and i cant get the table to display on the page.

Didn’t realise the plug-in hasn’t been updated for 6 months

I followed these instructions but i cant get the table to display:

1. Copy the ‘acf-table-editor-field’ folder into your plugins folder 2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins admin page

= Include = 1. Copy the ‘acf-table-editor-field’ folder into your theme folder (can use sub folders) * You can place the folder anywhere inside the ‘wp-content’ directory 2. Edit your functions.php file and add the following code to include the field:

` add_action(‘acf/register_fields’, ‘my_register_fields’);

function my_register_fields() { include_once(‘acf-table-editor-field/includes/table-editor-field.php’); } `

3. Make sure the path is correct to include the table-editor-field.php file

Are you trying to bundle with your theme?

Hi, I want to try this plugin, but I want to know if you can copy and paste an excel table to the plugin interface or you have to insert data to individual cells at a time? Thanks in advance, Felipe

hello does this work to take inputs on front-end forms?

Hi, do you still offer support for the plugin? Is it compatible with latest ACF and WordPress?

I just bought this and it’s saying this “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/42/d580246391/htdocs/2016/wp-content/plugins/acf-table-editor-field/includes/table-editor-field.php on line 172” where the backend table editor should be. I hope this wasn’t a waste of $16.

Hello and thanks for the plugin, I find it very useful but I can’t find how to loop through rows ans cells ? I did a $fields = get_field_objects(get_the_ID()); that give me all the fields, but the table seems to have just one field called “value” that include the table … Am I right ? Is there any other possibility for looping through it ? Many thanks. Fred

When editing a post with a table as a custom field, the table does not appear until after I hit publish. Then the table appears an functions as normal.

Don’t you have a demo to let me test the editor?

Hi Can you make a base template for the table? saving the user having to always enter in the same headings?

Hi, is there a way I can populate data of 1 cell using merge tags in GravityForms?