Frontend Submit PRO - WordPress User Frontend Post Plugin

Frontend Submit PRO - WordPress User Frontend Post Plugin

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Frontend Submission Form Builder – Create Multipurpose Frontend Posting Form with flexible form fields. Just drag & drop, no coding required.


Bring the frontend submission feature to your website in 1 click.


With Frontend Submit PRO, you can create and monetize your site with membership and online payment system

The plugin is integrated with PayPal and Stripe one-page check-out


You want to extend the current user profile to more field? More information? No worries! Frontend Submit PRO got your back!


You won’t need to look at the source code or anything like that. All you need to do is switch on/off just like how you switch to Airplane mode on the phone! Let’s switch!!!!!


If you’re looking for a way to extend the feature or make your custom action after user click submit. Just use the hook!!!

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Create Multipurpose Form by ACF

  • Create new post on frontend

    Allow your user create new posts on frontend to a specified post type.

  • 24 field types supported

    We proud that we are the plugin support highest fields on the market.

  • Repeater field supported

    In the case you want to make a table, and foreach row will be a new value, ACF Form Builder supported that.

  • Upload field available

    ACF Form Builder allow user to upload the files and save it to WP-Uploads. You can use WordPress’s uploader or just basic brower’s uploader. It’s up to you

  • Create Subscribe Form

    Create as many subscribe form, to MailChimp, aWeber, Responding, ElasticEmail, ManDrill,...etc.

  • Embed the forms into any page

    For each form you create, you can easily embed to your site easily by shortcode, anywhere guaranteed, from Post, Pages to Widget or even your source code.

  • Multiple Conditional Logic

    Unlimited conditional logic with smart compare system, with AND/OR. See full list of conditional here.

  • No coding required – DRAG & DROP only

    If you can’t code, but still want an flexible form for your business, this is the right one! Everything just drag & drop then enjoy the show!!

  • Ask before quit – low bounce rate

    When user put something on the form then close, we will ask if they want to leave, so your bounce rate will be low!

  • Email notifications

    You will not miss any entry submission because the plugin will send you mail everytime someone make the submission. You can select to email the submitter in to let they know you got his submission.

  • Redirect after submission

    Select the page you want to redirect user to after submit the form

  • Edit Post on Frontend

    After submit, user can edit the posts and save if you allow

  • Select post status after submit

    If you want to review the posts manually after submit, you can select the post status at form settings

Main Features

Frontend Posting Form

After Submit Values – Backend Editor

Custom User Regiseration Form

Mailing Subscribe

One-page Checkout Form – Paypal Powered

Save Contact Entries

Advanced Features

Admin Settings

Compatible to Page Builders

Field Validation

File Upload – Multi-source

Create the frontend posting form in 3 steps

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Change Log

Update version 3.2.5
- Fix show all posts table and add some features
- Improve code
Update version 22/08/2018
- Fix mailing logic
- Fix HTTP & HTTPS enqueue problem
- Change show all posts shortcode to data-tables and more functions
Update version 3.1.5
- Fix code issues on unique cases
Update version 3.1.2
- Use WooCommerce as Payment Gateway, work with pay per post and subscription
- Improve the workflow
- Fix code issues
Update version 2.7
- Easier to add your custom form type and do custom action after submit button
- New: Add-on package available, sell more with VIP, featured posts
- New: Advanced email system after new post, post update, new user, update user
- New: Better translation
- New: Edit current post shortcode
- New: User dashboard
- Improve: clean unused code
- Improve: New hooks/filters for 3rd party customization
Update version 2.3.2
- Fix parent page not showing up on admin
- Add action to run after hit submit button
Update version 2.3
- New feature: Claim Listing
- New feature: Set custom taxonomy on frontend
- New shortcode: Claim Listing shortcode
- Stripe Payment fix
- Payment security improvement
Update version 2.2.7
- New feature: Delete post
- New feature: Edit Current Post on Frontend - wp-admin bar
- New feature: Show all post if current user is admin or editor
- New feature: Allow to select parent page
- New shortcode: User purchase history
- New shortcode: User profile frontend
- New shortcode: User edit profile frontend
- Fix: User registration is back
- Fix: Stripe payment is back
- Improved: Show all post table now have different view
- Improved: Allow user click on post title to see it directly
Update version 2.0.7
- Update: Add new hooks/filters
- Fix bug: CSS Conflict
Update version 2.0.2
- Update: Compatible wih CPT UI and Toolset plugin
- Fix bug: Redirection
Rebuild entire plugin
Payment: Subscription, Pay Per Post now available
4 style package - pricing table style
Totally new checkout page template
PayPal Express Checkout IPN integrated
Transaction log with detailed information now available

How about show the submitted form to frontend?

You might ask if they submitted the form, but how can you show the fields to frontend without coding?

So I made this plugin for you: ACF Frontend Display – Show the custom field on frontend without coding