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Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks a lot.

Nice plugin, congrats! GLWS

Wondering if this has been tested within a frontend form? It works perfectly fine backend but I cannot get this to work on the frontend. If so, is there any specific script that needs to be included?

Not to worry it does work. Conflict with ajax on select boxes.

Could I use this to auto-fill multiple fields with Google Places infos, eg.

|Street| |ZIP| |City| |E-Mail| |URL| |Opening times|
? Thanks!

Currently, It returns address. I can customise it to suit your requirements.

HI, Cant seem to get this to work on the front end. API key is in but the field does not suggest any addresses.

Any ideas what the issue might be?



Please send me site details via support message.

HI, submitted a support message not sure if you got it? thanks AJ

Hi, I replied the email 7 days ago asking for some additional info. Please check!

A question in custom field, can I customize with some html or css class? The existing field in my theme, only offers search by registered locations in the system, I would like it to have an autocomplete to facilitate the life of the user. Thanks!

Yes you can assign class or ID and customise. Let me know if you face any issues.

Hi, I’m interested in your plugin. Is it fully working with WP 5.0? or have you plan an update? thanks

Yes it works with 5.0. In case you face any issue. Just drop a support email.

Which kind of API service do I need to activate? I tried with Maps JavaScript API, but doesn’t work…

thank you

You have to enable Maps JavaScript API and Maps Places API

Thank you, it works. Once I get the full address, can I show for example only the City or split the address from the string. Is possible to do that?

Would this work for auto-finding a Place, ie a venue/business and its address, in Google Maps?

Yes , It has an option where you can switch between type of results returned by Google.

Hi bhagwantbanger, Is there somewhere I can find some documentation? I have a text area, and I want to turn it into an autocomplete.

Hi, autocomplete can be added to only text fields.

Please send me a support ticket if you are facing any issues. I am here to assist.

Hi, does that plugin work with the default woocommerce adress fields?

Kind regards


The plugin is made for Advanced custom fields and work with custom fields anywhere in the system (even if used on woocommerce).

If you face any issue with that then please raise a support tickets and I can look into it.

Regards Bhagwant

Hello, are you going to provide updates for this plugin? I don’t know if it is compatible with the latest versions?? Please let me know.


The. plugin is updated and works with all latest versions. Just send a support ticket in case you face any issues!!

Hello, I bought the plugin, but I have a lot of problem with another plugin Elementor. Indeed I can not change the Elementor settings and I can not create the templates. They probably conflict with each other. Could you help me? Thank you