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hello, how do I connect social media left fixed my theme panel?

Hi, I am not sure what exactly is your problem, could you please be more specific ? :) Thank you and sorry for your inconvenience.

Hi Is there anyway to add an option to select the categories of posts? Cheers

Hi, you can use similar system to the one that generates page IDs in theme starter package (at the top ;))

Hi xCricrdx, I could display the list of categories. Now I beg you to help me about getting the ID of the page options. The option displays the name of the page in the admin, and this is great, but I want it to display the ID of the selected page in the front end.

You used this to call the page options:

$all_pages = get_pages(); $page_options = array(); $page_list = array(); $page_list_footer = array(); $checked_options = array(); foreach ($all_pages as $page){ $page_list[] = "acera_nav_header_".$page->ID; $page_list_footer[] = "acera_nav_footer_".$page->ID; $page_title = get_page($page->ID); $page_options[] = $page_title->post_title; $checked_options[] = "not"; }

The only thing I need is to be able to select a page name in admin, and display its ID in the front end. Please help. I tried this for days before I gave up. and came to you. sorry

Thanks for all

Hi, first of all I am really sorry for late reply, I really had no time to work last 2 months and I am really sorry for that and thank you for buying my product, I’ll try to be as communicative as I was 4 months ago.

Well I used a little hack in this :)... I am generating and array of IDs and title to use in a options panel (checkbox or select), you can see it in the preview. Because every option has to have it’s own ID i used prefix like “acera_nav_header_ID” to know that these IDs belongs to this option. Then you simply create select or checkbox option (like in the preview package) and when you get the option that is checked through the get_options(); you’re going to get string in format “acera_nav_header_ID” where the ID is the number you are looking for, then you can use simple php function to strip down all chars not including numbers and you got your page ID ;)

hey, how i can get taxonomy list array to input in select type ?

thanks ;D

Hi, I’m really sorry for late reply, I unfortunately marked this post as “resolved” without responding to it.

You can use default <?php get_terms( $taxonomies, $args ) ?> wordpress function ;).

Hi Author, I am interesting in this framework.Please explain me ,Have you videos training for this framework how to proper integrate it in WP theme? also can I sale theme after customization this framework into new theme?

Thanks WCB

Hi xRicrdx: How can I call the option checkbox if selected or not . what I want is : if option_id is selected do something I spent 3 days so far without any solution :( Thanks for your help, I appreciate it alot.

Hi xRicrdx In the plugin example, there is an option to display list of pages as checkbox. Is there anyway to display them as selectbox ? I tried to edit this one:

       "under_section" => "general-visual",
   "type" => "checkbox",
   "name" => "Custom header navigation",
   "id" => $page_list,            
   "options" => $page_options,
       "desc" => "Choose which pages you don't want to show in the top navigation.",
   "default" => $checked_options),

to : “type” => “select”, But I am getting errors in the code!

Could you please elight me?I’d be very very grateful, this took the day long. :( please help.

hello is it work with the latest version of wordpress?

can this work with other cms then wordpress???

Hi, i will insert a Q&A Video on the Optionspage, how i can make it?

Thanks Oliver