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Hello, how chance the subject “WELCOME” (List – Form / Pages – Final “WELCOME” email) ?

We are working on a new version of MailFit and the feature will be included in the new build. Regards

Campaigns: I choose “SEND A TEST MAIL” and recieve mail correctly but when i choose “SEND” (all mail list) the following text appears under the mail in SUSBCRIBERS “NOT SENT” and does not send any mail

Thank you for purchasing our product. Can you give us access to your WP dashboard so that we can troubleshoot the problem for you? Please send it to us through our profile contact form. Regards.

Hi! Pre-Sale Question:

Is possible to set a automation to send a mail when the user open one campaign ?

And also, works well on Multisite?


Hello @assyst. Thank you for your interest in our product. The quick answer to your question is yes: you can automate a follow up email if recipient open/click your campaign. You can also schedule another autoe-mail if recipient does not open/click it.

And it does work for Multisite


Thanks! And you can tell me what will be include in next release?

Hello @assyst. We are going to add some advanced features like: subscribers sync, additional verification service, sending service…

I still can not plug in. There is no document. Why is it so complicated. For the first time I can not build an add-on. Please emergency assistance.

Yes there is.

Hello @Elmas2. Please check your mailbox for our response. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your excellent support.

Hi Louis! Sorry to keeping making questions, but I’m buy MyMail and I’m regret on don’t make any questions hehe..

1- Is possible create a automation to send a mail to a list, everytime a new post (or page) is created ? I’m see one reply that is possible, but in the demo, I’m can’t see how this works (don’t have this option)

2- And I’m can’t see in the demo, how works TheChecker.co integration (in Acelle, have a option in menu)

Thanks and again, congrats for this amazing job!

Hello @assyst. Thank you for your interest in our work. See my answers below

1. This is the feature we are working on, it will be included as part of our update for Automation/Autoresponder functionality. We will have it included soon in our future release

2. The verification feature is available for MailFit (it will work exactly the same way as Acelle does). We will update our demo app soon to reflect this feature in MailFit.

Thank you

Hello, Acelle Mail does not work, and when I try to insert a list in Mailfit I skip “you have exceeded the maximum quota”. I just bought the plugin and I do not have any list. I can not put subscriber.

I also have no permission for campaigns, automations ….

We are trying to move server and export our mailing list, we get the following error?

file_put_contents(): Exclusive locks are not supported for this stream

We have tried contacting you via email, no response so far

Hello @afterglow. Please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.


i have install it on a WP Multisite Installation and i became a error “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

What can i do?


Thank you for purchasing our product. Please check out your mailbox for our response. Thank you.

Campaigns: when I choose “SEND A TEST MAIL” and receiving mail correctly but when i choose “SEND” it does not send any mails. please help.

Hello @Jong, It seems you did not setup the cronjob on your hosting server yet Cronjob is needed for actually sending email campaigns as well as importing/exporting. Please go to Admin View > Setting > All Settings > Background Job to find the recommended cronjob, then install it into your hosting server

Let me know if you are not familiar with setting up cronjob, we can help then

It’s working now. Other matters, 1. Campaign time is UTC not Local time.How can I correct it? 2. I can’t click the Element menu button after Templates create. Is it available upgraded version? Thanks,

Hello @jongseok1. You can change the default timezone in the Account setting page. It is user-specific. Regarding the template issue, can you just take a screenshot? Please send it through our support form. Thank you.

Please help. I can not install it. I’ve been waiting for support for several days. The product description does not include the need for many statements on the server. Why is this plugin so complicated? All requested settings have been made, but they do not work. It says “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” Does anyone have this solution?

Hello @magamzoli. Please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.

is multi-language? Spanish?

Hello @clickfactor. Thank you for your interest in our product. Yes, we have Spanish & Portuguese available besides English. You can also add and translate it to any other languages using our Language/Translation tool. Regards.


magamzoli Purchased

I have a new problem! 1. The test mail works, but the letters do not go away. 2. How to send a mail without smtp??? Is there a built-in function? 3. Why can not I test sending server? So I can not see what the mistake is. 4. Why is there no detailed help file? 5. Why not have a forum? Why do not I see the answers in the comments? Please help I bought a week and I still can not use the program.

Hello @magamzoli See my answers below to your questions 1. Did you setup the cronjob onto your hosting server yet? Let me know if you are not sure how to do it, we can help setup it for you.

2. You can send your emails through + An SMTP service + Your hosting server program (Sendmail for example) + A 3rd service like SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost…

3. Please upgrade to the latest version of Acelle Mail (3.0.9), you can test a sending server in the Edit page

4. We include installation & getting started guideline in the guideline/ folder, please check it out

5. Thanks for the suggestion, we will launch a landing page, a support ticket system and a forum soon



magamzoli Purchased

Hello louis! 1. I’ve sent the codes private 2. Why there is no built sendmail or phpmail 3. I do not use Acelle Mail, but Mailfit latest version. And I can not test the server. 4. A getting started guideline is not a help. There is nothing special about it. Big pictures, little info. 5. Yes, I look forward to user-friendly information. Thanks, Zoli


magamzoli Purchased

Unfortunately I still do not go the program.

1. I bought SMTP access, but it is not even going now. SMTP works in a simple email address, but not here.

2.I can not insert the specified background job code into my cron settings because there is only time and exact URL (with: http://...) to enter. * * * * * /usr/local/php5.6/bin/php -q /web/borkagyumolcsok/borkagyumolcsok.hu/wp-content/plugins/mailfit/artisan schedule:run 2>&1

Hello @magamzoli. Please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.


magamzoli Purchased

Hello Louis

Thanks for the quick response. I can not change a hosting provider. This is a client work for me. My service provider writes that a php code can be called. But I do not understand this. Can this not be included in the Mailfit program?


Hello Zoli, please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.

Hi, Please let me know if you have any segmentation features yet. Thanks

Hello @miketica. Thank you for your interest in our product. We support Segmentation features, please check it out in our demo (click on a Mail List, see the Segment tab).

Hi, have 2 question. Please answer me as soon as possible. Because I need to know before purchase. 1) Will go mail 100% inbox using this plugin? 2) can I send php mail this plugin? I’m waiting for your answer to purchase.

Hello @creative_io, thank you for your interest in our product. There are many factors that impact INBOX delivery, including
  • The reputation of your domain which you send email on behalf of
  • The reputation of your sending server’s IP address
  • Email’s compliance to internet standard (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc.)
  • Email content

For example, if you are sending through Amazon SES, you have to register your sending domain with Amazon, then setup the domain’s DKIM which will be used to sign every message you send. It would make it more likely that your email reach recipients’ inbox (rather than the SPAM box)

In conclusion, it is not the email client (Acelle Mail) that takes care of inbox delivery, it depends mostly on the factors above.


Brezani Purchased

I installed the plugin on a WP Multisite and got the error: ”Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

How can I fix this?

Hello @Brezani. Can you just provide us with access to your WP dashboard so that we can troubleshoot it?

Hi @ louispham. Now I purchased but didn’t get anything how to install and configure this MailFit plugin. Would you say me how to install and configure?

Hello @creative_io. We have the installation guideline included in the guideline/ folder. Please check it out. If you still cannot get it to work, then please provide us with access to your WP dashboard so that we can help install it for you?

hi @louispham, While importing subscribers into the list using csv , it does not work, i am keeping the format of list the same as sample csv. it gets stuck on starting

Hello @rishilaughs. What is the version of Acelle Mail you are using? You can find it in the VERSION file included in the source.

i was trying on the demo version http://demo.acellemail.com/login and realised that many people had similar problems! For some it was solved by setting cronjob, But why it shows in your demo version Regards

Hello @rishilaughs, as a security measure, we’ve disabled some features of the demo webapp so that our server will not be flushed by sample data. It should be working normally after you have setup the cronjob as instructed by Acelle Mail. Thanks


magamzoli Purchased

Hi Louis The verification procedure is required? It does not work either. I was registered in Kick Box.io. I typed everything correctly (not sandbox). But it does not verify. When will you help me? I have sent all the access to the server two days ago. Zoli

Hello @Zoli, please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.