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Oops! That page can’t be found. i have same problem too

Hello @lenka2014. How did you get to the error? Please also provide us with admin access to your webapp so that we can troubleshoot it. Thanks

maybe im using nginx and it happend ?

it seems more likely a configuration problem as the script can work with both Apache and Nginx. Are you sure you setup the Document Root correctly (to point to the public/ folder of the script). You can find the details in our installation guideline included in the guideline/ folder. Let me know if you still cannot get it to work on your hosting. Regards

Hi, A Pre Sale Question

Is it possible to programatically add subscribers to a list. I have form prepare in Wp-toolset and I would like to use the data in the form to add subscribers


Hello @vj2k. Thank you for your interest in our product. We do support the mail list API which allow you to add subscribers programmatically to your list. See my screenshot below




Awesome Can I get a sneak peak at the documentation

You can check out the API documentation on our demo app, please go to the API dashboard and click on the documentation link as in my screenshot. Regards.

Is it possible to have a button to directly import WP articles in the template builder plz ?

Hello @atomicjo. Thank you for your interest in our product. Unfortunately we do not support such import button yet. Hopefully we can include it soon.


app_bu Purchased

I have problem plugin not use all menu not work

Hello @app_bu. What is the problem you got? Can you provide us with more details? A screenshot will be helpful. Thank you


app_bu Purchased

i click all menu and not anything dai click all menu and not anything data in right handta in right hand

https://www.uppic.org/share-F532_59BF8260.html https://www.uppic.org/share-4EDF_59BF8260.html

It could be a security setting of the site which had been blocking MailFit. Can you just provide us with your WP admin credentials so that we can login to troubleshoot the problem for you? Please shoot us a private message through our profile/support contact form. Thank you.

Hi, I’d like to know few things to see if MailFit it’s the right choice for me. For example after 10 newsletters sent it’s possible to keep only the people who opened the newsletters? Basicly i can export the list with all subscribers who opened newsletters? Can same thing be done with people who clicked on newsletters? Thanks.

Hello @AcvilaSoft. Thank you for your interest in our product. We do not support the “export subscribers who clicked” yet, but we can allow you to follow up with those subscribers. You can check it out in our Automation feature: MailFit allows you to automatically schedule a follow-up email if any subscriber clicks/opens your previous email. Regards.