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muja39 Purchased

How can I get the pre-made templates. How can I add pictures to template and what size?

hello @muja. You can create a campaign and choose an existing (pre-made) layout template. You can also upload your own templates to use it later on. Once your template is uploaded, you can customize it the way you desire. See my screenshot at: http://prntscr.com/e3gvcz

Let me know if it helps. Louis

I’m 90% sure to buy your plugin, I’m surprised and delighted. It fascinates me more than other plugin they offer, but I have a doubt. I have a “reseller hosting” of 40 GB disk space, 4000 GB bandwidth and Softaculous-Wordpress installed. I am Amazon user of 100,000 emails daily. Is it enough or do I need to have a VPS?

hello @David, thank you for your interest in our product. It also depends on some other factors like CPU, memory, network… So, I would suggest that you and try-and-fail with small lists first; then go with larger ones.

Sorry, my friend, I do not understand. I use the Amazon SMTP account to send from my hosting. Why do I need a “Reseller hosting” CPU, memory and network? I will not send the emails from my PC or laptop ..

I mean it also depends on your hosting server’s capability. Anyway, I think it is not a problem because you can easily upgrade your hosting account to get more processing capability.


uddhab9 Purchased

i install this plugin with Shared web hosting , and i added cron on my cpanel but email not sending , this plugin not working on Shared web hosting.

hello @uddhab9, it could be a cronjob configuration issue on your server, we are looking into it now, see our message on Skype. Thanks

Very cool!

Thank you, hope you will like it!

hi, i cant install after setup database, i become the message Whoops, looks like something went wrong., what is wrong here?

thank you for purchasing our product. It was a known issue of our legacy version. Please download the current version from codecanyon.net which includes the fix for your issue. Thank you.

dosnt work, i have the latest version, i become the message “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” whats wrong?

hello @crackerjohn, please send us an email through our profile contact form. We can provide you with the latest build. Please send it using the account you purchased our product. Thank you.


ornet40 Purchased

I want to know how I can remove the captcha after the form is submitted.

hello ornet40, could you please take a screenshot of the problem you get? please send it through our profile contact form. Thank you.


ornet40 Purchased

I really have no problems with the application. The only thing I want is to know how to remove the captcha, thanks for informing me how I can disable it.

thank you for reaching out to us, please check out your inbox for the update on this. Thanks

Hi, This plugin looks very promising. A pre-purchase question. Can I create a segment from those people who clicked/not-clicked on a certain campaign?

hello @nezam05. This is the feature we are working on right now, will have it included in our next release. Once purchased, you are free to upgrade to that latest version. Thank you.

Good job guys, best newsletter plugin for WP so far. One question though: can I use it as SaaS to re-sell the newsletter service to our WP users?

Thank you for your interest in our product. Yes, because every WP will have his own separate view of campaign / list / subscribers.

So, this is a alternative to MyMail plugin?

Hello @dibbyo465. Thank you for your interest in our product. I’m not sure if the two products share the same features/goals. Our focus is on email marketing and integration with various SMTP/email services.

Can I configure it to automatically send a follow up email if the recipient opens the email or clicks on any link?

Hello @minhnghi. Yes, you can add a follow-up event in the Automation setting page and setup the delay time as desire. For example: “2 days after open”, “immediately after click”, etc.

Hello Guys, I really love the plugin. I am currently using the demo version now to test, I have created my list and edited a template but I have two questions: The templates only show 5 despite the fact that I selected 50 templates to be displayed. does it mean your plugin only have 5 templates? my second question is that I have sent my campaign and it showed sent but I haven’t gotten received it yet. its more than 30 minutes and i havent gotten it. why is it slow? please help me because I’m very much interested in your plugin

so how i’m I sure that it will be fast if I purchase the plugin. I want to make sure that my newsletter is delivered instantly without any delay. Also can I use the pre-built template? I want to adopt you pre-built templates. I hope the plugin comes with pre-built templates…Kindly respond, its urgent please

hello @derock. how fast the emails go out may also depends on your server’s capability like CPU or memory. We support multi-process sending so that you emails can be sent in parallel, taking full advantage of your CPU. You can schedule email campaigns to send immediately or on a specific date/time. Regards, Louis

the prebuilt templates on our demo site were uploaded by the visitors. For very good email templates, you can check out the Envato GraphicRiver site, they offer lots of professional templates that can fit your needs

I need your help, I present this error: ERROR: PHP 5.5.9 or higher is required.

hello @ID-Corporativo, thank you for purchasing our product. The PHP version on your server is too old, is it possible that you upgrade your PHP server to 5.5.9 or higher (PHP 7.0 is recommended)? If you are not sure about this, you can file a support ticket to your hosting provider so that they can do the upgrade for you. Regards. Louis

Thanks so much, but now present this error in Mailfit Dashboard section: IMAP Extension PHP IMAP Extension is required :(

yes, this is another software package that is required by MailFit. Normally such advanced features are disabled in a shared hosting environment. Please ask your hosting provider to enable it for you.