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for Code Quality

I'd like to take a moment here and give my deepest gratitude to the Basic-Technology team and especially to Louis Walker. It's one of the best (if not the best) products I've purchased here so far.

#1 Amazing code. Everything is perfectly optimized and written to save space and to make everything work smoothly.

#2 Amazing edit-ability. Now this is a big one. You need little to NO tech knowledge in order to fully customize and edit Acelle to your own, a very big congratulations on making that happen.

#3 Last but not least, Customer Support. Holy moly! It's one of the best support-dedicated team I've met yet and it's been a HUGE pleasure to work with them. They've helped me through all of my problems (problems that were from my side, not theirs) patiently and with very much detail.

Again, thank you very much for the amazing software, amazing code and amazing customer support. I'm sincerely looking forward to more products from you guys and hope you're all safe and well!

for Customer Support

This app is one of the best I've ever used. Code quality is optimized, great functionality and easy to setup. Besides that, their customer support is awesome. Buy this on sight!

for Other

A very nice setup. Had a couple of bugs on my side of things and support was wonderful getting me straight and making sure it was all loaded and working. It is easy to understand and work with. I will enjoy using this program, it is exactly what I was looking for.

for Bugs

I buy this Software with lots of hope, but after setuping everything i see it has hundreds of bugs. No system work properly. I am sorry, but you have do lots of imporvment.

Most importanly, your customer support is the worst :(

for Design Quality

Design Quality, Customer Support and Feature Availability are great. Thank you.

for Customer Support

Good and fast support, fully open source: you can make your own changes.
I am satisfied, I got what I expected.

for Customer Support

i use this plugin since long time and very good support when any issue coming awesome product

for Feature Availability

[Spanish] Puedo crear mis propias campañas de email marketing. Manejar listas de suscriptores, envíos de piezas de correos y seguimiento del comportamiento (aperturas, clics, bajas...)

Poder utilizar un gestor de envíos externo via API, se hace una opción muy económica para estas actividades de marketing.

Totalmente recomendable, a la fecha hace 2 años que utilizo Acelle eMail.

for Customer Support

I'm happy to give my best recommendations for Acelle. The tool works very well. We moved away from MailChimp and Acelle and we are saving lots of money on our automated emails.

I have had contact with support on several occasions and they are very helpful and knowledgable. I have bought a bunch of scripts and tools on Codecanyon and never had as good experience with a product as with Acelle.

for Customer Support

I've been using Acelle for about 2 years, if not more. The product has really grown and is a mix between Mailchimp (in looks and functionality) and Active Campaign (with Automations).

I've had a really good response from the developer when I ran in to an issue.

I'd definitely recommend Acelle and can't wait to see how it continues to evolve!