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vcpawate Purchased

Dear Louis, I have problem with the installation of the mail application and I have send the support ticket via codecanyon. Can you please help me to resolve it? Thanks

hello @vcpawate. Can you just provide us with more details about your issue? please send it through our profile contact form. We will be back to you shortly. Regards.


serch10 Purchased

hi i have issue with templates … folder permission.??... also i can send only test email and no campaign… can you help please

hello @search10. Can you provide us with some details of the template issue, what is the error you got? Regarding the campaign issue, it appears that you have not setup the cronjob on your system as suggested during the installation wizard. If you are not sure about it, please provide us with cPanel or SSH access to your server so that we can help do it for you (please send it through our profile contact form). Thank you.

Actually i have 10 million customers,i have to send notification daily to those emails.is this possible and i want to know the hosting requirement like processer,ram and hard disk ..etc to send 10 million emails in one day.and in that emails some are verified and some are not verified.is there any way to verify those bulk emails.can we install any comodo email certificate for encryption purpose.

hello @ramesusashu. Thank you for your interest in our product. I think the bottle neck could be at the sending server/service you are using, not the application itself. It could also be a bottle neck at your database system. Regarding the bulk verification feature, we are working on it and it will be included in our near future release. Regards.

does it sent mail/newsletter from rss feeds

hello @viantea, RSS campaign is not yet supported. We are working on the feature and will have it included in our near future release. Regards.

Small bugs:

a, resources/lang/default/messages.php must replace to resources/lang/default/en and add this:

‘purchasing_intro_paypal’ => ‘Please click the button below so we can setup your account for puchasing the :plan plan with the pay by PayPal option . Your plan price is: :price’,

b, resources/views/account/subscription.blade.php line 47-49 replace to be:

{!! trans('messages.current_plan_notactive_intro', [
    'plan' => $subscription->plan_name
]) !!}

hello Denis, thank you for pointing this out, we will include the patch in our future release. Thank you.

thanks, i hope in future will add mode payment gateway, i have play this few hour felt not easy, in fact we need just simple setting , like paypal gateway, we only input paypal account , then finish settings.

also maybe can enable customize function for paid by bank etc (but those information admin must settings by hand).

thanks again