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http://localhost:8000/subscriptions/register/58bd48f91fcab tengo problemas a la hora de crear una cuenta de acell mail

Hello @leokmilo. We cannot access your localhost. Can you just shoot us a message, providing us with the error screenshot?

Hi, I’m unable to import contact into a list. I’m also unable to choose list when I want to create a campaign.

I’ve included the cronjob in /etc/crontab,

In the cronjob, i’ve tried /usr/bin/php, usr/bin/php7.0, /usr/lib/php, /etc/php, /usr/share/php but none of them work.

I installed it on Ubuntu VPS (Nginx).

Thank you.

Okay, I’ve sent a message through the contact form on the Support tab here. Thank you.

I’ve sent a message through the contact form on the Support tab here a day ago. I hope you’re able to reply as soon as possible. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Thank you for reaching out to us, please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.

NGINX fails to find these files: /var/www/mywebsite.de/web/saas/service/public/login /var/www/mywebsite.de/web/saas/service/public/install

How to fix this issue?

Hello @pikachu12. Please check your mailbox for our response. Thank you.

Hello, looks like a very nice email marketing system , just one important question , i see there is an option to create a custom sending server , but i am only able to choose a bounce and fbl handler , is there a chance that each costumer will be able to set their own handlers ? like custom bounce and fbl?


Hello @z3d3m0n. Thank you for your interest in our product. Bounce/feedback handlers can be created by either the admin (application wide) or specific user (for the corresponding user only). It can be set up in the admin dashboard.


yogesh12 Purchased

Hello. In your Sales Letter i saw that there is option to automate emails when a subscribers open the mail or when subscriber doesnt opens the mail. How can we configure them?

I want to send to all those who didnt open..

Also how can i add subscribers to a list via API?

Hello @yogesh12. You can set up a follow up email in response to user activities (open/click/not open/not click). See my screenshot below:


Regarding the API question: you can check out the supported functionality at:


I want to know when will be your new offer going on i want to buy this application @ 25$ please let me know.

Hello @Mandarpatil. Thank you for your interest in our product. I’m afraid we do not have any sale off plan in the next 2 months. Please just shoot us a message, we will keep you updated when we run another saleoff

Hi @Louispham, I really want to buy your Extended version, there is just one concern, I want one Indian Payment gateway to be integrated. I can help you with the API Docs & Credentials for the same. After you integrate an Indian Payment Gateway, you will just double your sales. You can email me at sahil.kohli@kohli.tel or Skype me at call.kohli

Hello KohliStudio. Thank you for your interest in our product. Our team will be back to your when we are back to work on Monday. What is the Payment gateway you need to integrate with?

Do you have plan to add Gmail SMTP or email delivery through Gmail API? Any reply on email tracking?

Hello @ankitpr89. Using Gmail for marketing email is NOT recommended as Gmail will block your email account. You will need to go with other ESP for marketing emails like SendGrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun, SparkPost, ElasticEmail… They are all supported by Acelle Mail.

Never mind – I got it ;-)

I’m using eVerifyer.org and get this error: "Unexpected result from verification service: {"xxx@yyy.com":{"email":"xxx@yyy.com","status":-1,"description":"unknown","smtp_code":null,"catch_all":null,"disposable":null,"role":null}}

And then the verify process stop.

Hello @duynguyen2105. Thank you for the update. It could be the case that everifier.org has changed their API. We will update it accordingly in our next release. Regarding the question
By the way, can I add email via API (Subscribers—> Post) and require user to confirm just like they subscribe via embed form?
We are working on it, will have it included in our future release.
How can I create a segment which can exclude all “Unconfirmed” status?
It is also another feature we are working on. Will be included done soon

Thanks, @louispham! I’m looking forward to the new update.

By the way, how can I config the script send email faster? I send about 10K email per day and config Amazon SES limit 800 emails/min but it sending less than 100/minus.


Hello @dr_habito. It seems to be a server configuration problem. Can you provide us with access to your hosting server so that we can help troubleshoot it for you? Please shoot us an email through our profile/support contact form. Thank you.


I get the error message when I use SES.

Error executing “SetIdentityFeedbackForwardingEnabled” on “https://email.us-east-1.amazonaws.com”; AWS HTTP error: Client error: `POST https://email.us-east-1.amazonaws.com` resulted in a `400 Bad Request` response: <ErrorResponse xmlns=”http://ses.amazon

The domain from address is verified, but still the same? Please help.


I tried again with 6 contacts in the list, but only 2 delivered, and rest 4 shown same error message.

please reply

should i expect any reply from you ?

is it possible to add chat balloon with script?

Our web app is open source (PHP 7), so you are free to embed and script or plugin you desire. Regards.

Hi, I’m very much interested in it. But VPS settings looks complicated for me…Which functions could be restricted if I use a shared hosting?

Hello @kjcheon. Thank you for your interest in our product. Acelle Mail can still work on most hosting environments. Acelle Mail will perform a check before it install. If you are problem working with VPS, we are willing to help. Regards.

i am having problem kindly give the solutions please

problem :- when new user creating account verification mail not receiving

i have properly try PHP Mail & SMTP Mail also but not working kindly help me please

Hello @thinkbigcreations. Can you explain a little bit more? What is the error you got? Or can you just take a screenshot? Please shoot us an email through our contact/support form. Thank you.

thank you so much for your reply. i have fixed the problem


exepteu Purchased


You promise to fix the follow, so what happend?

https://imgur.com/a/AjiSw , https://imgur.com/a/sRw9o ,

And the must importent is: When I add the “Embedded form” to my website, and when a visitor click at “Subscribe”. Then newsletter site is open and my website is gone. You promise to fix so it works as a popup for the “Sign-up “Thank you” page”. This email I hade send you at 23 januari 2018.



I’m interested about your script, but firstly I would like to ask if I can edit the footer to replace My domain name instead off acellemail.com

for example to be © 2017. Acelle Email Marketing Application by xxxxxxxx.com

Regards, Hazem

hi team kindly tell me when next update ?

Awesome application…

New feature suggestion: When a new customer is added, and he is using junk database to send emails, there must be a check, that if bounces are greater then or equal to 3% then customer account should go to Suspended state, and he should not be able to send new emails until reactivated by the admin.