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Item exerpt on not showing on menu even though i have it check marked on short code generator (table menu- table without border) it doesn’t show on many of the menus

check you email

oh great thanks!

Login address: Username: hannispizza Password: Westjet4life1!

You will notice that most of the menu items have exerpts. all of which do not show even though they are checked to show on the short code.

When you do it please let me know what you did so i know for next time! thanks.

PS. I really appreciate your quick reply and your help! thank you soooooo much!

for Table menu : we don’t show the excerpts..This is mainly ruined the table menu… Since you asked the excerpts to show in the Table menu,

We just customized the table menu… please check it ….for mobile version excerpts it will not show…

We are working on the next version which will have lot of designs and lot of features….

once again thanks for purchasing….

For the Viewers this is not an issue….

kindly rate us in the download section…

note: please change the wp ogin pwd….

I need to eliminate the word count limit for my menu item description. You can see that several descriptions are cut off with ”...”. Please tell me how to fix this in the code.

No answers?

please mail me your wp login we will fix this…

I have fixed this already. So no need to do anything more. Please see the support request below and fix that.

When I go into the plugin settings, the tabs for PDF, Styles, and Custom CSS do not go to those pages when they are clicked. A click just leaves the user on the same page. This needs to be fixed asap.

I sent you the credentials. Please fix this so that I can access the whole settings interface for the plugin. Login details sent…

I need to eliminate the word count limit for my menu item description. Just tell me what file to edit, I tried emailing and got nothing back for over a week. I don’t want this back and forth, just let me know how to change this.

can you mail me the wplogin details we will check and solve your issue in a minute

I had the same issue, nustreammarketing. It’s line 90 of accura-fmwp-functions-shortcodes.php

can you mail me the wplogin details we will check and solve your issue in a minute

does this work directly with woo commerce? can u make it set up for online ordering?

hi, is there an option for timed posted menus? i.e. weekly menu that changes daily. tnx

right now we don’t have option, but its a good feature we will add it in next version..

PRESALES QUESTION I am looking for a menu plugin that I can use on directory website where I have multiple restaurants represented. So I will need something that be used for a variety of restaurants on the same site with the same plugin.

Also looking for a plugin that will allow the end-user to search for a particular food item and find all the different menus (restaurants) where they can find it.

Will this plugin do this?

1.multiple restaurants is you can use it….

2. search option is not possible…

Hi. I have the same menu on 3 private websites. I’m looking to find a plugin that I can update on one but show up on the other 2 automatically to save time. Is this something your plugin can do, with or without some programming or altering of the files (which I don’t mind paying for)? Thanks!


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Is anyone else seeing that activating this plugin changes the styling of the rest of the site. In particulary typography. The body text gets heavier and H3 suddently has a line under it. All the carefully coded font weights and line heights are affected. Or is it just me?


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Having re-applied the plugin I am now having the same double ajax load issue which has stop my home page slider working. You kindly fixed this for me before but can you tell me how I can again rectify the issue caused by this plugin?


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I contacted you via support – this plugin has screwed up my site again and I really need to know how it can be fixed urgently. Please resond.


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Now had to restore from a backup due to lack of response from support. Would still like a fix for the ajax issue howeer. Is it not possible to have atick box in the settings to turn off the double loadfing of ajax so this can be more easily handled?

To all customers that are suffering from the ovewriting font issue, the way to fix it is to go to this file:


and delete this section of text:

body { margin:0; padding:0; font-family: ‘Raleway’, sans-serif!important; color:#333333; }

That will stop the plugin overwriting your website’s font. I hope this helps.

dont worry kindly send me your login details we will check and fix it

Hello, does the plugin work with the latest version of wordpress? thank you.

yes it is compatible with latest version

I sent a support email several days ago regarding how to show the tabs on the side instead of on top and I have never heard back.

and… 5 days since I posted this and no reply. You guys are terrible and I wont be buying your products ever again.

.. please just use any wp tabs plugin and use our Short code.

Nice plugin, Does it support RTL language ? Thanks.

NO Sir