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Don’t know what else to do. I have emailed support multiple times and have not gotten a reply in weeks. This plugin is causing an error with my themes mobile menu. Very frustrated.

please come to Skype, we will explain how to use the plugin…

if any errors, we will rectify the errors…

You guys still haven’t fixed the issue. I don’t need to get on Skype. I have a full understanding of how this plugin works. I just want you guys to fix the error it is causing.

Hi, I have purchased the plugin and created two tabbed menus. Problem is that each tabbed menu has the url as #undefined2, #undefined3, #undefined3 where i want that to be the name of the tab. For example #undefined2 should be the name of the tab etc etc.

How do i do that please ?

Unbelievable….7 days ago i stated it has taken this developer 24 days to respond to my support and still no solution to my problem.

we will update you soon… working on it this is major work…

check your tab now

Same problem: no answer to email (plugin disables lightbox function of enfold theme) since APRIL !!!

1. we you know we used the Enfold theme has a demo… on our site …

2.disables lightbox function – we will check and tell you. ..

And again almost four weeks without message… :-(

Glad i read the comments before so i won’t my waste time on a plugin from authors with poor support.

we are here to help you …. we will give great support…. please ask your questions… we improved our support team…

How come other people post their problems and concerns but I keep getting ignored. I paid for this plugin and I expect it to work probably. You guys are wrong for not acknowledging my concern. It’s been over a month now and still nothing. I have emailed you guys a demo login to find out what is wrong and I have been patiently waiting on an answer. If you can’t find the problem can I at least get my money back. I’m not trying to be extra on here but no one is helping me.

wait for one more days we are fixing it .. this is strange… this is not plugin error… some other .. we are checking it

Any update on my issue guys?

Any Updates?

we will talk please send your phone number to our mail

Have you gone AWOL ? I have been waiting now for well over a month for a reply to my issue. The support for this plugin is terrible…

check your tab now its done


Jascam Purchased

Thank you again for all your help!! I appreciate you contacting me on Skype, walking through my requirements and then working with me on them. My menu looks awesome now! Thanks for being so responsive and for following up with me!!

Thanks Jascam :) :) :)

Hi I’m looking to buy this plugin but would like to know if there is an option to have 2 prices showing for 1 item. Example a pizza has 2 sizes, I would like to show them on the same description (not duplicated). Is this possible?

can you mail me your pizza menu, we will give some menu options….

Email to which address?

I would like to get a refund. Because it doesn’t work like I want it to!

Hello Plugin get issues with V.Composer plugin; not on work but on css design with margin and padding

please send me the URL we will check and tell you

Hi, Google fonts are being blocked on site with SSL, also, on the latest WordPress version, I’m unable to go to Settings, keeps white screen. Also, from what I can see, your support is not doing great job. Your site is not longer in use, and email address bounce back. The last comment was 17 days ago and you haven’t even reply back. Will ask for refund. Not worth any money with lack of support.

please send mail to this id and please send the WP login details we will do the free setup.

I don’t need your help with setup, I need to know how to fix fonts error on SSL. the URLs are HTTP not HTTPS and as result they are being blocked. If you update this support page, other users might find this useful.

Quick, efficient support, thanks!

thank you very much :) :) :)

Kindly rate us in the download section…

The Accura Foodmenu WP plugin conflicts with the lightbox functionality of my theme (Ultra by When clicking on an image, the screen goes dark but no popup image appears.

Any help would be much appreciated. It seems like others are having the same problem. If not resolved, I will have to switch to a different plugin.

yout light box issue is fixed…please check and tell… please give some good comments and rate us.

Thank you so much!!! It works perfectly now.

kindly rate us in the download section …if any other issues please ask us.


varnana Purchased

Done. I (blassey) had to login as my client to give the rating. Now the only thing you have to fix for me is to eliminate the word count limit for my menu item description. You can see that several descriptions are cut off with ”...”.

its done :) :) :)

I purchased this plugin. but i want to extend my site for multiple language, is this plugin wpml ready?

we made it like that … we didn’t test it .. please check and tell us…

Will think about purchasing, 3 star rating made me slow down. Any purchasers on here want to advise purchasing this plugin?

don’t worry about … we will support 100%.. and also if you not satisfied we will refund the amount immediately.

that rating was very old see the last 6 months rating …

any help you can ask us…. we will help you … :) :) :)

I just purchased your plugin. When I go to settings (see screenshot: and I click on the tabs to get to the other options (pdf, styles, custom css) nothing happens. It is impossible to reach these settings. I am running the current version of wordpress. Please fix this.

The close parenthesis got picked up in the screenshot link. Here is the correct link:

send your login details to our email we will check it

Pre-Sale question: Can I have more than 2 pricing columns? In your wine example you have glass & bottle. I will need 6 different prices for my needs. Is this possible without customization?