Discussion on Accounting App - Business, Customers, Sales, Purchase, Payroll, GST, Flutter, Android, iOS

Discussion on Accounting App - Business, Customers, Sales, Purchase, Payroll, GST, Flutter, Android, iOS

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What is the backend used, does his has anyadmin panel

Backend: SQLite It does not have an admin panel.

Currently it is only single app.

Hi! I want to know that if you put esignature in invoice and purchase order and quotation can you do that ? and what will be the charges

Yes we can do that. Do you want us to put signature image into those?

pls there is no admob space…why

I am not getting your point. Will you please elaborate sir?

What has been changed in the new update that you put out today? I only want to update the files that I need to

We have upgraded Flutter version and due to that we have to done change few widgets. Following the file lists if you want to change only files.

1. App\lib\screens\accountScreen.dart 2. App\lib\screens\backupAndRestoreScreen.dart 3. App\lib\screens\settingsScreen.dart

i was able to sign in the app but issue is that app works fine while debug but apk release shows blank white screen. If you are nt able to help clear that so ill go for alternatives.

It is still in the review.

i dwonloaded new source code without any editing i make apk to check but daces error againb im using mac flutter 3.3

Please create ticket again and give us time.

app only working on debug mode also appearing debug tag creating released apk app show blank screen.

i followed flutter guide to signin the app but its showing error while building the apk can you guide if something needs to uncomment ?

Please give me proper guide to sign app cause when i make flutter build apk app does not work white blank interface.

Hello, for further support, please create ticket here.

How to change currency also which flutter version supported to your latest app?

You can remove that from Menu

how to remove from menu please?

Hello, for further support, please create ticket here.

I have enabled Employee and Payroll.. where to enter employee details and attendance, salaries etc…related to employee

Where to run payroll?

From the menu select Employees -> Employees, Attendances, etc.

What are the employee’s permissions in the application?

No permission. Turn on flag from setting to turn on Employee and payroll module.

do you support null safety ?

Currently not. But in future version.

Hello, Would like to know if there is any earning module like subscription / admob for app owners ?

Yes admob is there. And you can enhance as per your need

how my staff can login

This is local app can run in single device at a time.

is it multiple users can work and different users with different credential and super users can monitor the workflow of purchasing and cashflow

The app can run locally in single device at a time.

Do you have backend?

This app is having local storage

Nice App. Loved it.. Good luck with more sales..

Thank You

Hello, i have some questions (the documentation is not clear). i cant open the database, so i cant run the application localy. May you give me your email or skype to contact you directly . thank you

thank you, i sent you a skype invitation, i’m waiting for you answer

I have accepted

Nice app. I have a few questions. 1. How can Super Admin know those that have registered to use app. 2. I can’t see where to change currency. 3. Can it be saas enable with payment subscription?

1. Currently it is local db So super admin cannot know. 2. There is no option to set currency. For that you need to buy extended licence 3. No currently it is not SAAS model. It is local db model.

Admin Panel is Available or Not ?

No admin panel. App with local db.

You can test this app.

Hi, Can I get demo for testing

You can provide your feedback at

Okay thank You. Please check your mail box


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