Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod)

Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod)

Reward New Customers for Registering an Account!

The Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod) provides a very quick and simple way to add the functionality to automatically reward new customers who create an account with extra reward points to spend. Modifying the setting for the module as well as enabling or disabling the module is as simple as editing the store settings in the administration panel of your storefront. You can select how many rewards points the customer will receive, as well as the title for the entry in their Rewards Points account page, and an extra message that appears on the login page from both the Account and Checkout sections of the storefront.

Utilizing vQmod for OpenCart, this module contains only a single file to be uploaded, and does not modify a single core file of the OpenCart system. Instead, using the vQmod system, it dynamically injects the necessary code into cached version of the core files allowing for complete native functionality, while still maintaining the ability to update the OpenCart system without worry of overwriting any changes made by this plugin.

How it Works

With this module installed and configured, your storefront will automatically apply the designated amount of rewards points to a new customer’s account after they have completed their account registration.

You can also decide whether or not to display an incentive message on the login pages of the Account area as well as the Checkout area to entice the customer to register an account rather than ordering through Guest Checkout.

Compatible with OpenCart 1.5+ & OpenCart 2.0+!

This module includes two versions! The first provides support for all sites running OpenCart 1.5+. The second version provides support for all sites running OpenCart 2.0+. Simply install the version specific to your current version of OpenCart and within minutes the module is up and running.

Fully tested and functional with OpenCart 1.5.6 and vQmod 2.4.1

Fully tested and functional with OpenCart and vQmod 2.5.1


vQmod is absolutely required to use this module! Please make sure you have vQmod installed on your installation of OpenCart prior to attempting to use this module. vQmod is a free download.

We also highly recommend vQmod Manager! This is also a free module for OpenCart which makes it remarkably easier to manage modules and clear the vQmod cache on demand, something that needs to be done when modules are updated, added, or removed from the site.

What’s Included

Included with this module are two vQmod XML Module files which are to be uploaded to the XML folder of the vQmod installation. One file is used for any storefronts running OpenCart 1.5+ versions, while the other file is used for storefronts running OpenCart 2.0+ versions. Only one file needs to be installed for the version of OpenCart that is being used.

Change History

Version 2.0.0 (current)

  • Tested & Functional with OpenCart and vQmod 2.5.1

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial software release