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Awesome!! Thank you!! I’ll be buying this! If you could create a script that allows users to delete the entire private messages, I’ll buy that one as well.

Thank you for this, Friend!

Hey, thanks, Friend! Looking forward to it. I’ll rate this script now.

Ok! thanks :bigsmile:

You can buy the new version now.

hellow boss your all addon is very nice, i need 1 addon please added this addon. “just like” when a user like share and comment any post, Users will be able to earn money, Users will have a separate account… admin can pay money per separate user.. please add this addon

Yes I did it.

thank you again!!!

You can buy the new version now.

Hi ST2014. I have installed the script and everything looks fine except the account does not get deleted. No errors are returned but nothing is deleted. Any ideas?

Awesome ST2014!, that worked! Keep up the good work :)

Okay thanks also to buy this plug but also can set the order of the plug for a very reasonable price please contact me by email:

You can buy the new version now.

When deleting the account. Is all the information is removed, such as images, content and other profile picture stored on the server and database?

I tried and did not work as it should, only removes the record of the accounts table. Images stored on the server are not removed. This eventually is a problem because there will be a lot of content that is not used.

Photos available on the server can not be canceled because admin is capable of deleting in its server. Even if for example you post pictures in the photo timeline and it was saved in the server then when you delete your post moves the image information in your database and not on your server.

Thanks very much if you have understood me. For if more details you can contact me at and will help more. God be with you. Good day _ddw

You can buy the new version now.

Could delete pages and groups as well? Thank you.

How Come?

All of them are possible in this product. For more information you can contact me by Email: It is a good tell about socialkit and its plug.

You can buy the new version now.

Hi there,

I want to buy this but I have few questions.

Is it easy to install? Can the user deactivate their account rather than deleting it? Or deactivate it for couple of days and if they don’t come back active their account will be delete permanently ? Does this deletes only account or pages, groups and etc?

I’m really intrested in buying all of your scripts but there’s stuff that I have to understand before buying!

I appreciate your work.


Ioannis Antypas.

Hello there,

But on the new update of socialkit theres not page.php file. He removed it. Can you please update it?

Why don’t you update your script on TIME????

Where should I paste the code now????

How can I get it to work now?!

Okay I understand will help with that, try to contact me via my profile.

Hello there I have sended you an email.

Can you please respond to it or send me the new updated files and a propa instructions on how to set them up?


Ioannis Antypas.

Do not worry about it I am I am working and when I have finished I will inform. Thanks to notify me.

Hi there,

Can you please send me the new update because it’s taking time!!


Ioannis Antypas.

Look in your email, I sent an update of account delete for socialkit v1.3..

You didn’t send any update yet.

Sorry ioannis334 I forget I was sending someone else, but for now I have already sent you can see in your email.

Thanks for the new update…

By the way, how much would you charge for a url uploader, description script?

Okay thanks KraZeDStuDioS And for any work or anything please contact me at my profile or at this email:

Is this working for SocialKit v1.2.3? Because i’ve uploaded everything but don’t see a deactivate button.

Thank you. Kevin

No this work for Socialkit V1.3… but if you need for V1.2.3 contact with me via this email:

I’ll give you that works for V1.2.3

Thanks for your purchases

does this work with the latest version of socialkit ?

Yes it work 100%

Hi, is this feature not already available on socialkit? Is this compatible with the latest version of socialkit ? thanks

what you mean.

Hi Bikenge, it’s work with 1.3.7 ?

Yes it work

And it’s fully support language file ?

Yes it support


_ddw Purchased

Deleting a user multimedia content (photos server) is not deleted ??

its not delete photos in server but it delete all user information in database.

Hi Bikenge, it’s work with 1.3.8 ? Also delete account www.**/confirm_deactivatio going to the page can not be anything

Yes please contact via my email:

You do not publish this module? I can not make a special

What does mean? tell me I can not understand your point.

Hi what is in the new update today? Any new features?

Also when you release plugin to edit comment?

Thanks for the update! :)

Thank you too KraZeDStuDioS.

Hello, I accidentally purchase this item twice. Can I exchange one license for another Socialkit add-on: The Group Delete add-on?

Email me: i can help you in other way