Discussion on Accordionza - jQuery Plugin

Discussion on Accordionza - jQuery Plugin

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Hello, My plugin does not work like yours. I changed all the code to correct paths, and still not functioning. Can you please have a look?

You can view source and see that all the scripts have correct paths.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, the demo on the page you sent me looks fine. I guess you fixed the problem yourself already? Good job! :)

It only works in Firefox. Does not work in Edge, IE, Chrome. What am I doing wrong? I need to be seen on all platforms. Please help.


Comment allez-vous? We are interested in purchasing this script for our marketing and Wordpress website development agency.

Question please if I may. I would like to know if I am able install this script via Wordpress plugin called Header and Footer Scripts found here: Or even the Head and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin here:

I also found this one: CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin solution:

I think it should work with any of these plugins but I want to know, which one you would suggest to me before purchasing. I plan to only use one plugin to add scripts to client websites, as I know lots of plugins can slow down websites.

Merci, Kym

Is this project abandoned? Looks like it hasn’t been updated in six years, so I’m a little concerned about using it.

It’s true that the script hasn’t been updated in a long time. It is stable though and still works fine. Let me know if you run into a specific problem. Thanks!

hello i got a problem maybe u can help me “div class=”slide_caption” style=”top: 85px;”” this is my html line in my file but when I check the consol on my website the line is “div class=”slide_caption” style=”top: 220px;”” and i dont know why, i don’t know where the 220px is come from,

hope u can help me, Thanks.

Resolved via email.

Hello. Is there any responsive version for this plugin?


No, sorry.

Hi, Could you tell me what the diffrent options are for ‘captioneasing’ in Accorionza? Also i want all the slides to open as normal but then I want the animation to stop so that the first slide is in view – is that possible? Thanks Q

Default is “swing” for “captionEasing”. You can also use “linear”. If you load the jQuery Easing plugin (third party) then you get a load of other easing options. Link can be found in the documentation. As for your other question, the “autoPlay” option may be what you are looking for.

DO you have a responsive version?

I don’t.

An example should be included that does NOT use an image for the slide handles. I purchased with the intent of using C# code behind to dynamically create the

    markup required.

    Currently I am messing with the .CSS to try to figure out how to replace the image (which is a complete hack) and rotate some text as a label but its being a pain.

    Purchased to save me time, but looking like its not going to do that at all.


I have a pre-purchased question: does this plugin have a short code so I can drop it in anywhere I want in my Wordpress site (different pages, posts, or sidebars)?


Never mind. This is not a WP plugin. Thanks.


Hi Geert,

I’m a complete beginner following the installation steps. Have a simple question – where do I store the CSS and Javascript demo scripts?

Thank you in advance for your help!

You are free to store those assets where you want as long as you make sure the URL you use in the script links in the head of your document are correct. Feel free to send me a quick mail with a link to your page if you’re really stuck.

Hallo Geert,

Ik heb het standard voorbeeld (accordion3) geplaatst op:

Je scripts worden niet correct geladen. Hun pad is niet correct opgegeven. Je zal dat even moeten aanpassen, vb. niet ”../script” maar ”./script”. Hangt af van je persoonlijke setup.

Hallo Geert,

Ik heb de Accordionza plugin gekocht en gedownload. Ik krijg ‘m niet aan de praat. Zelfs de demo (accordion3) doet standaard niet wat ie zou moeten doen.

Kun je me op weg helpen?

Groet, Albert

Dag Albert,

Moeilijk om zo te zeggen wat er precies fout loopt. Je mag me mailen met een link naar je pagina zodat ik het beter kan bekijken. Ben je zeker dat je jQuery correct laadt vóór het Accordionza script?

Hi. I do not know what I may be doing wrong. But the accordion is not working. I’ve tried a clean copy with only enough for accordion and still can not get it to work.

Well, hard to tell what is going wrong based on this information only. Check whether all the files are loaded correctly: CSS, jQuery and the Accordionza script (in that order). Feel free to mail me a link to your page so I can have a better look. Thanks.

This is such a great accordion! I love it and have enjoyed working with it but one problem that I keep having is that when the slide caption is more an just one line the spacing gets really strange. I have tried to adjust the css but it doesn’t seem to help. Ideally I would like the caption area to grow with a larger caption. Is this possible? If it is helpful i can send you a link to the test page that we are using.

Thanks in advance for the help!

The caption height is fixed (height in px in the CSS). You can change it, though, by adjusting the styling and the captionHeight option.

Greetings! Excellent accordion however I have a question. I’d like to utilize this in a responsive design and want to destroy and re-initialize the accordion when the window resizes. If you have a recommend way of reloading the accordion to handle responsive design I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

I didn’t build Accordionza with responsive designs in mind, but that’s a good question. I’m afraid though, you’ll have to have a look around in the code to pull this off yourself…

Hi! How can I change the color of the slides?

By tweaking the styles (CSS files) and the background images used by those styles.

Dear Geert,

first of all I love this Accordion! However I got problems while setting up. Got the same issue in function like other people commented. It just shows a scrollbar with the slides under another but not the accordion function.

I triple-checked the code. CSS works fine. It seems like the JS is the problem. Firebug says that ”$ is not defined” (beginning of the script for Accordion 1) and “Error calling method on NPObject!”.

What’s wrong? Please help me! Already keeps me busy for hours… Thank you!

Did you load jQuery before including the accordionza JavaScript?

Thanks for your reply, Geert. Finally made it work! Needed to exchange $ by jQuery within the script…

I’ve been able to get the script to work in an HTML doc—but when I load it into Wordpress the functionality does not work. Here is my test:

The JS files are properly linked but the JS doesn’t seem to be activated? It shows the overflow scrollbars. Any thoughts about how to get this to work in WP are greatly appreciated. Love the smoothness of this app. Thanks!

You’re including jQuery twice (and two different versions). That’s something to avoid definitely. Just include the most recent version and load it before you load the Accordionza plugin script. Also, I can’t see where you are loading the accordionza styles (CSS files), which is necessary for a the accordion to work properly. Please, double-check that. Thanks.

Hello could you help me please? How can i make for the accordion1, start with all tabs close? Thanks

That’s not possible, unless you make quite some modifications to the script. The accordion is designed to always have one slide opened.

Hello could you help me please? How can i make for the accordion1, start with all tabs close?


Well, there’s one tab that’s always going to be open. Another setup will require some customizations to the code (which is well commented, of course).


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