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I need an accordion which could allow me to use the rich text editor. In particularly, I would like to use the TinyMCE to input table for my product price list. I found this plugin but I was hesitated to purchase it after reading all the bad comments.

I spent almost 10 hours searching and trying out more then 5 others plugin but non of them work as what I need. Finally, I decided to take the risk to purchase this plugin. It work just fine as what I needed. I have not find any shortcoming yet. Hopefully not.

I am using wordpress 3.8 and Headway theme version 3.5.12. So far so good.

I have purchased this slider. How would I remove the tab #’s?

Just purchased this plugin and have it working fine but I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I embed one accordion into another? For example, I have a horizontal accordion and a vertical accordion. Can I display the vertical accordion within one of the table of the horizontal accordion? I’ve tried this but end up with a spinning cursor and the parent accordion doesn’t actually display at all.

2. Can I display a post inside one of the tabs of a horizontal and have the user be able to scroll up and down through the post?

3. When I add text to one of my horizontal tabs, the tab does not appear to scroll, so I end up only seeing the first 20 or so lines of the text and can’t see anything else below that.

Thanks :-)

- Chris


Just purchased the Accordions Plus plugin for Wordpress and am trying to upload the zip file to my Wordpress site through the designated upload plugins page – it keeps on loading before eventually saying ‘no valid plugins were found’, any help, I need this working soon. Thanks

PS. I’m using a Pinboard child theme.

Is this compatible with the newest wordpress versions?

And it looks like support for this has stopped?

Any update form WP 3.9 ?

Hi there, Is there any particular settings to configure apart from the check “Hash change support” to enable url hash links? My links aren’t changing :(

Thank you.

Interested in buying but I see no response to any comments in the last few months. Anybody out there?

need update for wp 3.9.1 cannot add more slide on wp 3.9.1

Is there a way to set all accordions to closed upon opening the page?

Hi. It doesn’t seem to adjust to mobile phones. In iOS it works as you can slide through the various parts of the accordian. But in Android phones appear stuck on the first image/video. Any solutions?



I use accordion plus on just one page, but the plugin also affect the speed of my other pages. I do I prevent the following files to load, except, for the page on which it is used:

accordions-plus.css accplus-addons.js accplus-core.js accplus-includes.js

Many thanks


I am so happy to have found this plugin but it isn’t working for me. It seems perfect by description since I need to nest a slider inside of a vertical accordion.

It installed fine and I can get to the Accordion plus button on the left. But then once I am on the Edit Accordion page I can't click on the Add Slide button. Are there suppose to be form fields above this button? I don't see any fields to populate. Please help. I've tried in Chrome and IE and neither browser fixes the issue.

your demo is offline