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Great plugin, however it is not working with my Thrive Themes. I’ve already sent a support ticket. Thansk.

Hi, Thanks for picking up Accordion Tables, I would like to assist with the issue. Please see my response mail – Regards, Kartik

Hello, (sorry if bad translation)

First of all, I want to tell you that I love all your products and I have bought them all.

At first I bought your Accordion Tables plugin before you put it on codecanyon and I redeemed your plugin here on codecanyon due to license issue, even if the first plugin is not used On another site.

I have two problems:

1 / the license of the plugin is not taken into account the plugin, despite the fact that it is a new license. But the plugin works on the site.

2 / The plugin conflicts with the Revolution Slider plugin as soon as it is activated, it blocks the options of the plugin (Revolution Slider). As soon as I disable it, I find the option to use the option of the Revolution Slider plugins.

Could you take a look at the license problem and watch the conflict with the Plugin Revolution Slider?

Best regards,

Ps: my site is under construction, i can give you private access details, let me coordinate mails.

Hi Kader,

Thanks for purchasing my plugins, I am glad they are benefitting you!

I would certainly like to assist, can you please send in a support request at wordpressaholic@hmail.com so we can discuss the matter further?

Also, please answer these questions in your support e-mail:

1. I did not completely understand what you meant by licensing issue. You mean there is an issue with the plugin bought from CodeCanyon or purchased outside it earlier?

2. There are no known issues between AT and Rev Slider, are you sure you are running the latest versions of both plugins?

Regards, Kartik

Problem :This Plugin is not working properly. it’s effecting theme pages

I have created one accordion according to my requirement. when i use that short code to any page, that page is being shrinked to half size. remaining pages are normal without your plugin short code.

I have tried different themes and deactivated all other plugins but problem was not solved.

Please check problem screenshots here : https://1drv.ms/i/s!Aq1xF1o1Vh-vheIDBQoxmDxMaUO3Sw

Please do needful asap or refund my money back

waiting for your reply.

Thank You.

Hi, This is a strange issue indeed and not something that happens normally with the plugin. Perhaps a conflict with another plugin on your site. I shall assist you, please see my response mail. – Regards, Kartik

Hi, As discussed, the issue is being caused by the additional code added by the buttons related to another plugin that are being used inside of the accordion tables. These buttons are not related to accordion tables and they are adding styling code that restricts the page width. If you do not use them and use accordion tables normally the issue will not come up. – Regards, Kartik

Hi! Let me start by saying I think the plugin looks great. I’ve just run into a few bugs along the way and I was wondering if you could assist me. I’ve already submitted a support ticket. The page in question is here: http://plvisuals.com/marketing-videos/ its still under construction but my basic issues are this:

TYPE: LINK Link does not reset to idle parameters. Once you click the link and go back to the page it stays in hover state Link at top is Supposed to turn bold when hovered and does not. Link type named “Test Drive” is supposed to turn green on hover and does not.

TYPE: IMAGE Is there anyway to make the images clickable? I cannot find one

I look forward to hearing from you thanks!


Please see my response to your queries:

1. By link do you mean the ‘Marketing videos’ link with the youtube icon? For me it is reverting to the original state. Which browser and operating system are you using?

2. Sorry, but there is no animation option for the link going bold on hover. If you really need this, you can try using the following CSS code:

.atw_cover:first-child .atw_link_text:hover {
    font-weight: bold!important;

3. I am not sure why this issue would be coming up, perhaps you are targeting the wrong inner element with the editor?

4. The images are not hyperlinked. You can add a link cell underneath the image.

Please send your response to the support mail: wordpressaholic@gmail.com

Regards, Kartik

Hi, I created the table, but the fonts inside the table (first row is o.k.) don’t look properly on 3/4 comps. On mine is fine, but usually it looks different. Second problem is responsiveness. In mobile devices the table does not adapt to its resolution. Only part of the table is visible.

Thanks in advance for the solution.

Regards Radek

Hi, Please drop in a support mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com along with the site details where this issue can be seen. – Regards, Kartik


dhdon Purchased

Hi, I purchased your “Accordion Tables, FAQs, Columns, and More” Plugin and when I activate it two things happen:

1. Any Revolution Slider elements disappear (they are still in the backend but they disappear from the published pages. When I deactivate the plugin they return.

2. The Wordpress Admin bar and Dashboard access disappears as well when it is activated.

Can you please assist me in this matter?


Hi, Please check your email for response. – Regards, Kartik

Hi, i just purchased your plugin, and wondering how can i create this table as on excel below. http://pho.to/AkLH5

so the idea is to get the info description slide open when clicked, but hidden as default. Also to have the columns tick/cross.

please advise.

thank you

Hi, I think you are looking for a very different setup than the capabilities of the plugin. Please check all the presets of the plugin and pick one that most closely meets your requirements and then setup your table with that as the base. The setup you are describing seems to need custom development. – Regards, Kartik

Hi, the plugin is not working in my Enfold Theme…It doesn’t show the table. I can work in the table backend but it doesn’t work when I go to ‘view accordion table’. Please can you help me? It is very urgent. Thank you.


If you are seeing a 404 Page Not Found message then simply visit WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks page once. You do not have to click on anything there.

If the page still does not appear, just use the shortcode on some page of your site and see if the shortcode works fine.

If that also does not work fine please send your details to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for support.

Regards, Kartik

Hi – thank you for the excellent Accordion Tables plugin! I’ve been building a reasonably large table on the homepage of: http://2u365.com but am now unable to save changes to the table (I was simply adding table items when this issue suddenly arose). Please let me know if you require temporary admin access Many thanks

I’ve found there might be a limit to the table entries. I duplicated the table and deleted a cell which allowed me to save the table once again. However, adding anything to the table again resulted in the same problem of not being able to save.

Is there a way to increase this limit?

Hi, Replied to your email. – Regards, Kartik


Teatone Purchased

Hi was using your plugin but it just stop working. When I apply any short code it dose not show on the page just blank. It was working as i manage to set up a couple of tables before it stop working. But if I try to change the already saved tables to a different layout again no show could you please advice. Best Regards

Hi, please check my reply to your email. This must be a conflict with another plugin or script on your site that has been recently modified or updated. – Regards, Kartik

Hi Kartik I have just upgraded WooCommerce to Version 3.2.2 and am no longer able see any Accordion Tables expanding (or perform front-end edits) when I am logged into my site http://2u365.com – can you please advise. Regards

Hi, please send a support mail with the issue to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for resolution. Thanks, Kartik

Hi Kartik, email sent, thanks.

Hi dear, I can’t access and open the page when I’ve already inserted the shortcode and when I remove the shortcode then everything is fine. From other hand when I’m signed in on my wp admin then everything is fine when I browse the page, but as a guest the page can’t be opened and its shows an error of 500, 504 and 505 . Also I contacted my hosting which is siteground they tried to solve it but at the end they couldn’t do anything. Please help me.

Hi, Please check the reply to your mail. – Regards, Kartik

Hi, you asked me to give you my logins details and I’m not allowed to give you dear, and I replied you via email but still I’ve not got any response after your first email. So please do something to get it fixed.

Hallo, I really missing a good documentation of the plugin. I’m trying to add a button and other stuff, but I can’t find any options for this. So I used a button shortcode from my theme (Enfold), but the shortcode doesn’t work inside of the accordion tables… Is there a way to add a button below each table: http://take.ms/4IQOz And how can I set the hight of the rows: http://take.ms/V2e9c

Thanks, Enrico

Hi, Please drop in a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for technical queries. – Regards, Kartik

HI, I´ve already bought for first time this plugin but when I tried to activite the license, I got a message that it said said that there is an issue. I´ve used the purchase code an I generated an API key, but still not working. Can I have any support please? Thanks

Hi, Please try activation again. If your license is less than a year old the activation should work. If there is still an issue please drop a support mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com for resolution on this. – Regards. Kartik

Can I link to a different open cell? for example http://mydomain.com/page/#cell1 would link to the page with the first cell open, http://mydomain.com/page.htm#cell2 goes to the page with the second cell open

Hi, I am sorry but this is outside the functionality of the plugin at the moment and only possible with a custom script being written for the purpose. – Regards, Kartik

Hello, Can I use it with wordpress Ver4.9 without any problem?

Hi, yes, MTS is compatible. In case of any issues please feel free to reach support at wordpressaholic@gmail.com – Regards, Kartik

Hi, can you make a vertical timeline with this? If so do you have a sample?

Hi, I am sorry but that is not a feature of this plugin. Perhaps you should go with a timeline plugin for that. – Regards, Kartik

Purchased this Jan 2018 and it was working fine. Client told me it needs a password now. On the page, using the shortcode, it shows “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:” and a pass field. When I look at the Accordion permalink I can see the content. What’s happened? http://www.staceroofing.co.uk/careers/ http://www.staceroofing.co.uk/accordiontables/careers-accordion/

Thank you for the quick reply. We do not have CPT password protection tool on the site.We just turned off every other plugin on the site and it’s still happening. It wasn’t happening in Jan when we purchased the plugin. Why is it happening now?

Hi, the post has to be password protected for this using the native WordPress facilities. Perhaps this was done around Jan. If you can contact me via email wordpressaholic@gmail.com I will be able to look into it further and advice. – Regards, Kartik

I think it’s on the server, I still get the password field when I deactivate your plugin. Thanks for your help

I just buy and activate the plugin for accordion tables, and is not working on my website. I add the shortcode just after of the header title of one page and nothing appears, totally blank space. Can you give assistance with this problem?

Hi, First you need to create a new accordion table in the WP Admin > Accordion Tables. You must use the save button to save the accordion table. Then you can use its shortcode on your website in the places where your theme allows shortcodes. – Thanks.

Fix it, thank you.