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This looks very useful. Would love to see a live demo please.

Very nice… Is there a demo link available?

Not ready yet, sorry/

Looks very interesting, but what of I have 100+ surveys I want to make?

You can place 100+ surveys or questions. That was an old description/

The demo link I see isn’t working correctly yet. When it works I’ll buy.

its working now (: /

I see how there is a SEND button at the end. But i dont see anywhere in the code were it says to edit an email or anything. Please Help!!!!

You should use “a” tag’s href attribute. I lefted that way, because its more suitable.

How do i set it up to go to an email upon pressing the “SEND button”, and what with <- that is for doing it to another link

This is about your programming language. Send Button is just an input. You can set it to do everything with .net, php or asp.

This is about your programming language. Send Button is just an input. You can set it to do everything with .net, php or asp.

I need something like this for a webpage. But can the question be replaced with a picture? I mean, for sure it can … but is it easy or heavy coding?


actually its easy. put your image between the “a” tags before span. (the ones inside surveyList div) and then in css file change height of the “div.surveyList a” /

hope its helpful/

Hello, Good job! I have one simple question and hopefully you can help with it, is it possible to add validation to this? or maybe make the submit button not click-able if one of the questions is not answered?

if you are coding in .net, try giving send button’s class to your submit button. and inside form tags, use required field validator for inputs.

or in javascript read every question. if there are some blank groups, make click function of send button empty/

Yes, I would have to agree with ksarabey. Code to make sure the questions are marked as required would be needed. Also, sample code for integration into a mysql db, or email upon pressing send would be useful to include.

Otherwise, great little code…

i answered ksarabey’s question. I hope it’ll help you to.

About your other question: I didn’t want to add server side code in first place. But may be later, thanks for your advice/

Hi there,

Does this work as a Wordpress plugin? I would be interested in using it on one of my websites.

actually no. but you can make one out of this one/


you can’t find a results page. because there isn’t one. this is just a functional layout tool for your survey.

Can other elements like text boxes or checkboxes be used instead of just radio boxes?

yes, but you must change “survey.js” & css file for that. actions triggered by “is.checked” control.

Great tool you have created! I do have one issue I am hoping to get your help with.

I have created a 50 question form. When a user goes through each question in order everything works well.

If they go out of order and select a question later in the form (for example…they skip ahead from question 3 to question 35) the question area opens correctly but the page focus jumps back to the top of the page.


Any suggestions you can make concerning this issue would be greatly appreciated.


I have emailed and posted here. Any thoughts on my previous issue?

Any help would be appreciated.

I e-mailed the answer to you, but it didn’t reach i think (: . You should chance – - a href=”#” – to – a href=”javascript:void(0);” – it solves your problem i hope/

Dear Author,

Can you give me an quick example of using text boxes instead of radio buttons. I have checked survey.js and css, but i have no idea. Please give me an simple example for this only.

Regards, John.A

Dear Author,

Any reply is much appreciated regarding above comment.

Regards, John.A

Hello I need wordpress plugin that I can reate question form so users can choose a answer. The choosen answer I can set to direct to a page or link. Example here:

Question 1: Where are you from? Answer: Germany Answer: Italy

Question 2: What do you want to do? Answer: Holiday

So and if user choose that so he will direct to website or page

I need unlimited unique Question and Answer that I can create. And evry time direct to a diferent website or page that choosen by myself.

can part of the survey accept text answers can i do multiple selecting items

Can this survey handle logic like True False radio buttons. If no, then display text box to explain why…