Accordion Slider - Responsive and Touch Accordion

Accordion Slider - Responsive and Touch Accordion

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Accordion Slider is probably the best jQuery accordion slider on the market. You can test it here and decide for yourself.

For Designers

  • Fully responsive – provides 2 responsive modes: auto and custom
  • Touch-enabled – supports touch swipe and tap gestures on mobile devices and mouse drag on desktop devices
  • Dynamic layout – automatically change the orientation from horizontal to vertical or vice versa
  • Layers – animated and static layers
  • Image Swap – automatically change the background image when the panel opens
  • HTML content – supports any HTML content. Using images is not necessary
  • Retina-ready – you can specify a higher resolution version of the image, that will automatically be used on high PPI screens
  • Lazy-loading – will load only images that are in the visible area
  • Pagination – allows multiple pages of panels
  • Keyboard navigation – it’s possible to navigate through the accordion (panel by panel or page by page) using the keyboard’s arrow keys
  • Deep-linking – link directly to a panel, from another page of from the same page
  • Automatic video control – automatic integration with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 video, Sublime Video and Video.js
  • SEO-friendly
  • XML and JSON support

For Developers

  • Modular architecture – the plugin consist of a core and 12 optional modules. You can remove modules to reduce the file size
  • CSS3 transitions and RequestAnimationFrame – modern animation techniques are used in order to ensure smooth animations
  • Powerful API – the accordion provides multiple public method and callback functions, and also the possibility to change the properties on runtime

You can read more about the above features and see them in action here.

If you have any questions or need assistance integrating the accordion, please feel free to ask; I will gladly help you. Also, if you like this script, please take a moment to rate it  :) Most of the buyers give this script 5 stars but if you plan to rate it lower than 5 stars I would really appreciate if you contact me first with your suggestions/complaints; maybe I can resolve those issues  :) Thank you!

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v. 2.8 ( 24 October 18 )
* update Vimeo API
* fix issue with preventDefault being called inside passive listener
* add as-vertical style
* fix the aspect ratio when the height has a relative value
* improve mouse/touch event handling

v. 2.7 ( 22 March 18 )
* improve click/tap event handling when touch-swipe is enabled
* other minor fixes

v. 2.6 ( 28 February 15 )
* fix hidden background when fadeOutBackground is enabled
* fix non-responsive bug
* improve touch swipe support on touch-enabled desktop browsers

v 2.5.1 ( 12 December 14 )
* some bug fixes

v 2.5 ( 5 November 14 )
* add shuffle option
* various fixes and improvements

v 2.4 (1 May 14)
* fixed background image swap when startPanel is used
* added the 'as-closed' class by default when the accordion is initially closed
* fixed the 'as-opened' class removal from the last opened panel
* added 0 margin and padding to background images to prevent unwanted styling

v 2.3 (6 April 14)
* fixed non-responsive mode
* fixed link support when 'openPanelOn' is set to 'click'
* fixed touch-swipe support when 'openPanelOn' is set to 'click'
* added 'never' option for 'openPanelOn'
* added bottom margin to accordion when buttons are present
* simplified selectors in the CSS code
* improved support for inner HTML content
* added support for no-js class
* added preset font sizes for layers
* added CSS code that prevents unwanted CSS inheritance

v 2.2 (10 November 13)
* added keyboardTarget property for opting between page by page or panel by panel navigation
* added multiple code improvements and fixes 

v 2.1 (25 October 13)
* added keyboard navigation support
* fixed a bug in the SwapBackground module
* optimized video integration

v 2.0 (18 October 13)
* changed the plugin name from 'Classic Accordion' to 'Accordion Slider'
* rewritten the entire code and implemented a modular architecture
* added many new features, like responsiveness, touch swipe, animated layers, retina support, lazy-loading, pagination, automatic video control, etc.

v 1.3 (10 January 12)
* updated the jQuery library to the latest version

v 1.2 (26 November 10)
* added preloader for each panel
* added the option to specify the images' alignment type
* done some code optimization

v 1.1 (24 November 10)
* fixed sizing bug in IE6-IE7
* added option to specify the window location for links
* added a few more callback functions

v 1.0 (22 November 10)
* first release