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Hello Nevide

i need your help!!! How can I show first item expand?


Hi, thanks for question, you found a reason to update that item. For now expand item is available only with javascript and it’s not comfortable. Give a little time to make a fix.

I’m sorry it took so long but I just came home …

1. For expand first item, or any item you want give
ul class="expand"
2. In scripts.js file under:
itemLink = $('.accordion > li > a');
add new var:
expandedItem = $('.accordion > li > ul.expand');
3. Then under:

It’s pretty easy, now every ul with class “expand” will be expanded at start. If you have any problems just download an update and copy&paste js file, add class to ul item and feel free ;)

Quick question, regarding expanding vertical multi menu’s.

Can we expand a list e.g. a todo list using your program to vertically expand and collapse.


Could you clarify your question?

No live preview!

Fixed, i’m sorry.

Does it support more than 2 menu levels? How?

only 2 levels i’m sorry… but actually i can try to expand this menu to more, check for updates

Love this dropdown. Thanks for the great work. Quick question- it seems as if the first click doesn’t always take after the page loads. So a person would have to click the menu item… then click it again. After that, it works fine. Any input? Left column: http://weinerlawnevada.com

Great work though! Thanks

no problem! Can you rate my item?

Got it!( I think) Did it in the download section. 5 stars

wonderful work bro

thanks buddy

is it possible to have second level of submenu ?

Love this menu design. Any chance of making this a WP plugin in the very near future? I would need it for WP.

Hi, Thanks! And sory but actually i don’t know how to do it. Maybe we’ll do something together with my friends.

not working ajax can you help me?

i have problem with wordpress 3.6.1

Hi, any news about multilevel support?

Hi, unfortunelly there is no support for multilevel.

Hello, is possible third submenu, with items ?

No, actually there is no support for third submenu :(

I will be very interested in this product once it can support sub menus. I need to go down three tiers at least. Thanks.

unfortunately this doesnt support third level menus.

a few questions. 1) does it support more than 2 levels? Right now is Main menu -> Sub options. What about a 3rd level? 2) Can I have different color per main category? Not all blue but like first option red, second blue etc.

How can I change this so if you click on the element it expands/collapses but if I click on the element it takes me to that link?

Unfortunately that menu doesn’t support that. It’s created to simply make tabbed menu’s. Sorry

Is it possible to have the .accordion > li > ul li a.current:before icon always on and then toggle when clicked? I’ve tried several different options with no luck.

Thank you!!

I think it’s possible, but it needs some coding skills.

is it support the third level : Main Menu Item > Second Sub Level > Third Sub level

Could not figure out your demo link, have moved on!

This is not a plugin, it is a self coded file, how can I get a refund?

what demo menu?

ncorrectly displayed. How to fix the error ? http://vfl.ru/fotos/9e82f2da8469134.html