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Has anybody been able to get this plugin to work with WooCommerce? I have tried adding the shortcode to my faq page and have added faq’s but no accordion shows. The author is not replying either. Can anyone help me please?

I tried adding the shortcode to a different page, but then it overwrites the FAQ. I thought it was possible to add the shortcode for the accordion to different pages? But how can I then add new FAQs which belong to a different page? Basically, how can I use the accordion shortcode on other pages, for example have a FAQ page and a separate ‘How to’ page? Is that possible?

Thank you for your purchase, it is much appreciated.
Support for all our products is provided through external support system. Please open a new ticket over there and either myself or another member of the team can take a look at your issue.

Hi PressApps, purchaser of this plugin. You mentioned having an update come out mid February to fix the issue for when the FAQ goes to 2 lines, it indents over to where the first line starts, not under the icon how it is now. Any idea when this fix will be released? Looking forward to it! great plug in. thanks

Hi, currently looking mid March, thank you.

Great thank you!

can i have a demo account to test this plugin in the back end..

can i insert image, youtube or vimeo video as the answer..?

last question ) can i add multiple faq page using different shortcode..? example: vendor faq, user faq, affiliate faq,

Hi, we currently dont have backend demo. Yes you can add any content to answer including videos using embed code and you can have multiple pages.

I see this can be Network Activated on a multisite install, but could it be possible to have globally managed FAQ and categories that are available to publish across different sites on the network? Currently you can create separate FAQ on each site but can’t display them on others.

Hi, this is not currently possible, mainly there is no native support for this in WP. Regards, Ivan

Hi, will you plugin work with Wordpress 4.5 ? thank you

Hello, yes it will. Ivan

Hi there, is all content within the FAQ’s SEO searchable? thanks

Hello, yes it is. Ivan

Hello I have installed this plugin on my website – everything works fine apart from Categories – I cannot select specific category to display and as a result all categories being displayed on the page? please advise?

Hi. Nice plugin. But I noticed that the Accordion does not seem to work in both Explorer as well as Safari (for Ipads). Any advice?

Its possible to create FAQs associated with products and then displaythem in a product tab?

hey, i just bought a few minutes ago this plugin. but i cant find the option to add a row via visual composer… please help me. thanks

Hello, this in not VC extension but you can generate the shortcode on other page and then copy it to VC.

Hi. Presale Question. Is this plugin responsive?



johs01 Purchased

Hello. I bought this accordion 2 days ago. It does not work on my site. I now see you have no support for this plugin. Can I request a Refund?

Hi there, are you able to put an FAQ inside an FAQ so there are sub accordions? When i try, it opens up parent and sub accordions at once, and when you close one they all close. thanks!

Did you have any feedback on this issue? thanks

Hello, no this is not an option.

category section not showing up. please refund us. thanks.

Please contact us through the profile form for help with setup, thank you.

Hi there, I have a white button in a gold block FAQ. The button font colour should be gold because the button contained is white. However the class .pafa-block-a a seems to be changing it to white. Please can you help?

Is this plugin compatible with PHP 7.x?


Plinbo Purchased

This does not work on my site. How can I get my money back?

Is this plugin dead? As far as I can see it is not updated for over a year and also it seems you do not support it?

I really like the design – so I like to know if it’s safe to buy?

Hello, the plugin works fine with the latest WP version. Should there be any future bugs, they will be fixed.