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What’s new in this plugin?!

I think Visual Composer already have it’s accordion where we can put everything with better backend and frontent interface!

Hello ERROPiX,

The default VC accordion does not work the same way as this one. I see you are a VC developer as well and it kind of saddens me to see you asking this question.

There are so many differences between the 2 accordions from the admin layout, to the way the front end works…

If you would like me to give you a more detailed list of differences please give me a PM and I would be happy to.

Cheers, Eduard


Yes,I am a VC developer and I see how your accordion works, but I asked is what content we can add to your accordion that VC builtin accordion can’t support.

If you have answered this question in your item description you will get even more sales from people having the same question as I do :)

Good luck anyway

Hey, thank you for clearing this for me. I am understanding that the description is not as explicit as I thought. Thank you for this input.

Cheers and good luck with your sales.

Best regards,

Hi, your support links do not work. i have tried but cannot get this accordion working. It manages to display half an image at most. Could you please get in touch to offer support setting things up please?


Please open a ticket at http://support.wp-roots.com/