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Hello, I’m considering buying this, as it looks really good in the examples, but I have a question:

Can I have multiple levels? One accordion inside one of the elements.

Thanks in advance

Can this be used and loaded under a Facebook app? Will the JS execute?

Hi, does it have the option to make the accordion go right and left instead going up and down?

I recently tried to implement Accordion A into my app. I’m trying to nest it under zozotabs. The first zozotab works with all the accordian features. Then the other tabs have the same issue. The console says… and only the header shows up with a little bit of the bottom cut off. Do you know what the issue could be here?

Hi, how can I integrate this accordion in ProPhoto Blog theme? Are those all codes must be implemented in to WP that in documentation? Thanks

Hey I’ve bought it, I’d like to use this in a wordpress theme, how do I do this? Thanks!

I would like to use this on (its the effect I have been looking for) above the sheryl crow video on the left column – where zozo tabs is not working.. I will remove ZoZo Tab stuff – there is a lot of code on this page. I would like your opinion please?

hi i bought this accordion to use as a panel to hold content. my site has accordion menu from this link

now your accordion is conflicting and not working. I used jquery noconflict() too but no use any help pls


Hi, the demo is down. Can you fix?