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Hi, is this version stable? Please at least take time to make it work like real life. Please just make it work in certain city and certain accommodation in demo just to be able to try it. I really want to buy this. I have a good idea on this in my home city. Thanks

The map is dump right now but will work on actual code.

thank you. so if i purchase it, will you make it work? or is there any other fee to make all features work?

Once you purchase the product, our support team will be helping you in case you have any issue with the product. Regarding any additional feature or installation, it can be done as customization which will be chargeable.

dude, the script is buggy .. landing page loads in 2 minutes, search is not working, clicking cities is not working…

We shall check the reported issues.

i need same and clone of user interface design, if you having means i can buy that

Please send your requirement to and we shall do the needful.

has this got a payment gateway


PayPal payment gateway is available.

if i buy it can you install it for me ?

Yes, but please note that the installation services are not included in support according to Envato terms and conditions. Hence we could do the installation for you but would be chargeable. If you wish to avail the installation service, please contact our support team at after you make the purchase.

Is there any Indian payment gateway available?

As of now, no. But if you need, we could do it as an additional customization. If you are interested in customization, please send your requirements to and our support team will get in touch with you regarding the same.

hi has question

1) is the software comes with any payment gateway?

2) if yes, it charge a commission when there is transaction on the listing? or just a monthly fee for charging?

1) SMS gateway has not been implemented on our product. But if you require this feature, we could do it as an additional customization. If you are interested in customization, please send your requirements to and our support team will get in touch with you regarding the same.

2) Once you book a hotel, you can see the online payment option.

mm….not that I don’t want customization, is the fact 100% of the time is conflict when there is an update or coding quality is another concern as well.


Ok. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

Hi, I am interested in buying this script but it is not properly working. Is there issue in the script or only issue in the demo ? Like when I try to become host, on third page it gives 404 Page Not Found. Please check it out and let me know why it is not properly working.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks!


Thank you! We shall check and revert about the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Apologies for the delay. We checked and found no issues. Please make sure that you are giving all the necessary details properly.

Let us know if you are having any further queries.

Warning !!!!!! Think before you buy !!!!!! Dear Buyers Check this out how they neglect you after you make the payment!!!!

No service provided till 8/7/2017


The delay in response from our side is due to the weekend holidays. Apologies. And your issue is regarding our product Clickkart and we had asked you to the update the PHP version for the same. If you have updated the PHP version and still has issues, we shall check and revert about the same at the earliest.

1) I would like to change language, 2) I cant post houses as customer 3) i cant post houses as admin,


We are glad to help you. Please raise a ticket at, so that our support team shall help you with your issue at the earliest.

Hello, I bought Accomodate, and when I zip down the packaging site, the zip comes corrupted. Can you send me again urgently?

Ticket create your support

Print: Https://


envatosupp Author Team


Please contact our customer support at with your purchase code and our team shall send you the files.

Is this like your other product I purchased and was not happy with it. When a refund was requested you did not refund. Looks like lots of negative feedback here for your software. All your software seems to be a bait for customization fees. $250 usd was quoted to me for just adding PayPal payments

Hi Martin,

It is crystal clear that without even purchasing our product, you cannot underestimate our product, so we never value this comment as it belongs to the dustbin.

We always stands by the side of the buyers for their genuine request for support, and you can measure it by the total sales count which we have, which is near to 3000 sales.

Once again you prove why other here report negative reviews about your buggy coding and lousy support. Yes I have purchased your product and yes it is not as expected. When a refund was requested you did exactly the opposite that a real company would do. YOU denied the refund request. Also you did it for others too.

The tone in which you communicate with buyers after purchase is very disturbing and disrespectful. I guess your dont care attitude from India shows through.

Have a good day enjoying your past sales numbers.

Real solutions don’t come with this type of abuse of customers.

Besides if you are such a successful Seller with over 3000 sales why do you not stand behind your products if buyers want a refund? You would never have received my money if your sales rep had told the full truth on Skype call before purchase.

Why are you using a user name that makes buyers believe you are Envato Staff.

Thank you Envato @TopDog for removing the deceitful support id pretending to be Envato support team by this seller!

All support does is constantly reply with customization and email to take you out of envato so they can confuse the sale and your protection. Stay in Envato at all times to keep a record of how they reply and represent their items. Wish I had done that before buying from them!

Hello first of all this is an amazing script! thanks for creating it! but before i would buy is there a possibility to feed/autosync with prices, etc… trough api or xml beqause i have multiple suppliers? Thanks!


Please send your query to and our support team shall help you with the same.


rapdbs Purchased

I bought this item and when I zip down the packaging site, the zip comes corrupted, its 1 month with this problem! I asked refund and nothing, I asked for the file, nothing. Next, I will write a bad review.


As we have check with this username “rapdbs” and found no ticket regarding the issue at our support.

Please share us your ticket id and we shall look into the issue.

If in case you haven’t raised a ticket at our support, please raise a ticket at And our support team shall look into it at the earliest.


rapdbs Purchased

I’m waiting someone reply about what we are talking about the refund. Can you, please, put the link to download the non-corrupted file, please? Or refund me. Sorry, but I will make a really bad review really soon!


Apologies for the delay in response.

Regarding the file, Please raise a ticket at And our support team shall do the needful, at the earliest.

Presales question: hi, map not showing the search places.


We have checked and it’s working fine. please check.

Friend has nothing registered? how to see the demonstration like this?

friend made a registration of a place and did the search and the same does not appear and in the admin not the option now to delete the place? I also did not find where to change the gateways

Friend, sorry but I do not understand,

1 ° – To make the reservation the host must already have registered in the system, but when he enters the reservation does not have the option of him to register, but only to already put the login and the password, should have the option of him to register also over there

2 – I did not see in the admin where to put the data of the Pay Pal, in the meantime in the reservation it appears the option of credit card and paypal, can put an option for bank deposit? here in Brazil 95% of hotels and inns charge a 30% deposit in the reservation and the rest is paid directly in the ckeck in and non payment in full on the reservation via pay pal and card.

3 ° – As I could not finish the test reservation process I did not see if after the reservation the system sends the email to the guest confirming the same and is sent to the administrator advising of the reservation.

4 ° – If he sends some kind of email, I did not see in the admin where to change the text of them.


Apologies for the delayed response. Please see the below responses regarding your queries.

1. There is an option at the right corner called “Become a host”. It is via this button, the host makes the registration.

2. As of now, the PayPal details are hard coded. If you need the PayPal details to be input via admin panel, we could customize it for you according to your requirements.

3. There is no email functionality. But if you are interested to have such a feature, this too could be implemented as an additional customization.

For customization/further queries, please contact our customer support at

- how do i add booking? i don’t see anything how to add booking - do this have multiple access user type? - is there any documentation? i’m interested but confused at the sametime


Apologies for the delayed response. In the front end, you have the option to search the hotel and make the booking. Through the front end, there are two logins – user login and the host login. The host can log in and add his hotels. The backend only has the admin login. Regarding documentation, we only have the installation document and that is available with the package.

your demo isnt working.. I logged in as test user and tried to go through process of listing a space, it fails with a 404 after you enter address. I dont think this script is working


Regret the inconvenience caused. We shall check and revert.


Apologies for the delayed response. This issue is because, the location was not fetched correctly. Please make sure you have entered the exact location and check.