AccessPress Social Login

AccessPress Social Login

Tested with WordPress 4.9

AccessPress Social Login – is a perfect WordPress plugin to allow your website users to register/login to the website using one of their favorite social website accounts.

As a website owner you can easily configure which social accounts to enable/disable for login, which areas of the website social login should be displayed (login, registration, comments, checkout) and other various configuration including text/strings configuration. Also you can select the social login buttons/icons from 15 beautifully designed templates to fit them with your website’s overall design/theme.

Check full features below:


  • Login with the most popular 9 social media.
  • Configure each social accounts by setting up a few authorization details.
  • Configure which social media account to enable/disable in the login area.
  • Configure which area of the website the social login should be displayed (eg. Registration, login, comments)
  • Option to choose from 17 beautifully designed social login buttons/icons.
  • Option to configure the order of the social login buttons.
  • Use shortcode anywhere in the post/page to display social login.
  • Use widget to display social login.
  • Option to enable / disable social login (completely).
  • One click registration/login.
  • High level of customization/configuration – admin can change the title attributes for social media icons, other texts, strings etc.
  • Ability to send the login details to the user’s email.
  • Integrate with the wordpress users.
  • Works with buddypress.
  • Works with Woocommerce.
  • Nice and easy to use admin interface for site admin to manage, configure the plugin.
  • Translation ready.

Backend configurations

social login

Supported Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Vkonate
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare
  • Wordpress
  • Buffer
Note: PHP version 5.4 required for Facebook Login


Find the plugin documentation here:

Change log:

Version 1.2.9 (31st March 2017)
- Bug fixing for the disappear of the tab when opening the page by clicking from external link source.
- Done the modification of the callBackUrl function to work with custom login url.
- Fixed the issue appearing for the database insert error due to gender input field.
- Fixed the display of the error message when user deny the authorization of the app for login.

Version 1.2.8  (13th March 2017)
- Added Italian language translation files.
- Made the translation of the texts ready for the text “Welcome” and “Logout” that appears when the user logged in.
- Now the plugin can Fetch the VK user email address requesting permission.
- Fixed current page login redirect issue for VK.
- Added the check for the username and if the username is empty user’s email address will be used as the username.
- Added an image size width & height option for the facebook profile image.
- Now a popup module will appear for the social login. Add Forget Password link for the social login with a login form.
- The addition of the info for the Username creation note during registration. Added an option for the login redirect link for the social login shortcode.
- Fixed the issue appearing while the LinkedIn APP not authorized for login using LinkedIn.
- Fixed the issues for making the plugin multisite compatible.
- Now the twitter user’s email address can be fetched for new users.
- Fixed the google login issue when the user doesn’t have google+ account.

View previous change logs here:

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedbacks

Supported Languages

English – United States

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