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Amazing product!. A tons of options, I just saw your live preview (admin and form) and works great. Sure for a next project.

Thank you for showing interest in our plugin

Great, i need very soon.

Thank you for showing interest in our plugin.

Hi, can you add color picker? or easy to install

Hi willniev, Are you willing to get the color picker in the frontend form?

If yes then we currently don’t have color picker field available for the frontend but we have textfield, textarea, file uploader and datepicker fields currently.

Wow I like it! If support is good (I have bad experience with some codecanyon devs) then I will buy it.

We are always ready for the support and we do have multiple support channels.

Here are the list of our support channels.

Support right from here – Contact us using the contact form on our profile page Dedicated support forum on our website: Email support: Online chat at our website:


Exactly what I need for upcoming project! Will buy soon.

Thank you for checking and showing the interest in our plugin.

1. Is there anyway of accessing the post after it is submitted like to edit it.

2. Option where the person can multiple add images within the text box, the button is usually located top left “add images” only being able to see their images not others. I didn’t see one in the demo

I just want to make sure before purchasing also would it work with my site (mobile)

Thank you.

Hi ahsanuk, Please find the reply of all of your queries below:

1.Yes, there is way of getting the edit link of post.Once the post is submitted, the admin of the site and any other email address that has been configured in the plugin’s general settings will recieve the email notification with post title and post edit link and specified message.Please check in the general settings panel where there are options to add the admin notification email address and admin notification message.

2.The button you are describing is the add media button which will only show up if users are logged in or the logged in user has the capability of uploading media.But we have built a feature in our plugin which will provide the ability to the guest users to upload directly to the post content editor even if they are not logged in or they are logged in but they don’t have sufficient permission to upload media files such as subscribers.

So in our plugin , there is the option in the plugin’s general settings named as “Anonymous Image Upload”After enabling that option will add the image upload button right at the left top of the editor which can be used to upload the image directly to the content editor box even by the guest users/not logged in users/users such as subscribers without capability of upload files and any number of images can be uploaded in the content editor.

3.Our plugin is completely compatible with the mobile and file uploader is also compatible with the mobile devices and the design of the front end form is also mobile friendly(i.e responsive).

Hope these answer clarifies your queres well else please feel free to ask any further clarification with the features.


woooow awesome plugin

Hello AccessKeys,

I have the following presales questions before I hit the pay button:

Q1-We are looking for a solution to create forms that collect information then display that collected information in the front end of our website in a highly configurable fashion with capability to display certain fields entries in a table with styler.

Q2-We would like our users able to see their submitted information and possibly even edit and re-submit the information again.

Q3-We have a scenario where certain data input from specific form will be submitted in staging area for comparison and checking before go live, can we do that with APPro.

Q4-We would like to check the data submitted from APPro before committed to the database (in this case we link the form to custom database table) for example can we use any APPro hook to check form data before it is processed if YES what is the code to reflect the scenario mentioned in Q3.

Q5-We need to have a dynamic workflow with built in logic for APPro to process specific form in sections mode for example : – Section A will be filled out from ordinary user after that the form automatically transfer Section B. – Section B will do some comparison and checking and APProrove or disAPProrove the request. – For final APProrove will go to Section C Otherwise, will be brought back to the user with the reason.

Q6-Our site will support RTL so we need the flexibility to change the FORMs labels to Arabic and change ALL FORMs direction from right to left with WPML plugin support .

Thanks, ibnoman

Hello Ibnoman,

Thank you very much for sending in your questions. Answers below:

Most of your answers are available here: Item detail page: Documentation page: Also check out the demo by ourself to figure out what’s possible:

Here are you point wise answers too:

Answer 1: It is possible. You can use the form, receive details in backend and then publish the info in any page on front end. Table data – since we’ve rich text editor your users can submit data in table too.

Answer 2: This is not possible. Once submitted – its done. there is no way to edit and resubmit. However they can re-enter whole data and submit again.

Answer 3: It is possible. All form submissions will be in draft mode in the website. You can approve or reject them.

Answer 4: Not possible. APPro – works directly with the DB insert.

Answer 5: Not possible.

Answer 6: Yes it is RTL supported.

And last but not least, all the points above which are by default not possible by the plugin but we can extend/customize the plugin to do so. For customization and quotes you should send an email to:

Our customization turn around time is very quick – so try sending and email and requesting the needful customization.

Any further questions – please let us know.

Good luck with your project! Cheers!

Hi there,

Now we our plugin supports unlimited number of forms so if you are still interested , please go through the demo once again.


Hi I have 3 presell questions How many forms I can make with your plugin?? Is it for guests only or any author can post with it? After posting can the author edit or delete his post?

Hi nardin223, The replies for your queries are replied below according to the order of your query.

1.Currently only one form is supported

2.Both guest and any other author can post as per the plugin setting.

3.Our plugin is moreover related with guest post so ,author can’t edit or delete his post after posting.


Hi there, Now we have added the unlimited forms adding feature.So if you are still interested in our plugin then please go through the demo once again.


It will be very useful to save more than 1 form in every site. Please add it in your future release. Is very important.

Hello there,

Sure – we’ll add this feature in the future release.

Thank you!

Hi there, We have added the unlimited forms feature today.So please download your latest copy.


Hi, a presale question:

I’ve checked the backend demo, but is it possible to add a field which requires the guest user to upload a featured image? And if yes, which label would that be?

Thanks! Matt

Hi mattieman,

We have understood your requirement and we haven’t added the preview feature yet for the plugin but we are planning to add that feature in the near future.


Great stuff. I’ve purchased the plugin, and did some word of mouth to some fellow bloggers, who btw also agreed on the importance of the preview feature, since an absence of it will limit the success of the plugin dramatically, since users are used to preview their publication (like on their Facebook timelines etc).

Hope to see the update soon, cheers!

Hi mattieman,

Thank you for the purchase and for some feedback too.We surely will include that feature in our major updates releases.

If you liked our plugin then we will be really glad if you will rate our plugin.


hi there, instead of uploading a video file, can the user post a link to a youtube video and will it appear as a video or link? same with an image.

thank you.

Hi healthymike, You can receive the youtube url from a custom field and manipulate as you want while displaying the post in the frontend.

But plugin won’t automatically convert the url into embed url.Else you can directly receive the youtube embed code from that same custom field.



is Conditional Logic supported.?

Is dropdown and related taxonomies supported?

The idea is to configure the form to show or hide fields based on user selections. This add a great value to customise the form. As example, fill custom fields for each category.

Is possible

The conditional login is yet not supported by the plugin.

Taxonomies are supported as per the custom post type selected. Please go through the demo to get more clairified on the available features.


There is no way to know who published the posts since there’s no name of sender on the notifications. Or there is?

“Of course there is” is an interesting support reply :) Well, unfortunately – for me there is not. Here’s a copy of the default msg I have in the settings with just the post title and a link to it. Than k you.

Hello There,

A new post has been submitted via AccessPress Anonymous post plugin in your Update or Die! website. Please find details below:

Post Title: #post_title

To take action (approve/reject) – please go here: #post_admin_link

Thank you

Hi wbrenner,

We had already replied regarding this in the support query you had placed previously in the But here it is again.

Currently the plugin is only capable of sending the Post Title as #post_title and Post admin link as #post_admin_link.

But the name and email will be recieved as the custom fields of the post if you have enabled those in the forms as author name and author email.

So to check the custom fields of the posts, please enable the custom fields from the screen options from the top right of the post editor section.

But we will surely include this feature in the very next future release of the plugin.


Hi there,

Now you can recieve the post author name, email and url in the admin notification email through these codes.




And also we have added a new feature with which now you can add as many forms as you want in the site.Please download the latest copy from here.


Only ‘one’ form permitted?? Yikes! You said it ‘currently’ only supports one. Do you plan to implement more? perhaps unlimited? Whats your plans here? and when do you believe you are going to try and bring more forms to the market in an update?

Hi There,

We plan to come up with a major update soon, which includes multiple (unlimited) forms, conditional logic, payment system integration etc.

However this will take us a month of more.

If you need any extra features added (like Unlimited forms) you can contact us for customization service. We’d be happy to add any feature for you under our paid customization service.

Any further questions – let us know.


Hi there,

With the latest update, now our plugin supports unlimited multiple forms so if you are still interested in our plugin then please go through the demo once again.


How do I allow people without a user account guest post because its not allowing me to do so. Also I can’t find all the other features that come with this plugin like “upload your photo” which is on the demo.

Please tell me step by step. thanks

Never mind I fixed it

Great! – thanks

Is there anyway I can add terms of service before submitting a post. If not, is there any plugin that can help with that.

Is there anyway I can place a required amount of words needed before the user submits it i.e min. 600 words for publishing, if not any plugin or website that can help.

How do I add Google reCaptcha (Newbie) or is the math more effective.

P.S Love The Plugin

Thank You

Hi there, Adding terms of service is not available with our plugin and may be there isn’t any specific plugin that can help exactly but you can use some javascript to append some elements in the form.

For checking min words too, we don’t have the feature but for that too you can use some javascript to check the words before submitting the form.

Regarding Captcha, Obvisously Google reCaptcha is more better than Math captcha.To get google reCaptcha , you need to register the domain in google reCaptcha and place the private and public key in the plugin’s Captcha settings panel.You can register the domain and get private and public key from this link.

And if you love our plugin , then please don’t forget to rate. :)


Hi there,

Now the plugin supports the terms and codition text.So please download your latest copy from codecanyon.


Hey guys,

Any news on when the next update will be?

Cheers, Matt

Hi mattieman, we are planning for updating soon but we are not sure for the exact date.

We will inform you as soon as the update is done.


Hi mattieman, We have released our version 2.0.0 with a new feature with which now plugin supports the multiple forms.So please download the latest copy from codecanyon and update in your site.

We are trying to include the feautes requested one by one in our updates so we will also add the preview functionality requested by you in our future updates.


Is there any Table for the Published Post page. so the user can modify or Update their post later on. the page contain something like you have published 12 no of Post including User Profile Photo Publish Date, Title, Post Status, Category, Tag

HI there,

Currently the plugin don’t have this feature but we are planning to include this feature in our future updates soon.


Hello AccessKeys,

I looked at your demo interface and it looks very clean, great job! Unfortunately the project I am working on is very specific so before I buy your plugin I have a few presale questions.

1. Is there a way to show registered “contributors” a list of the previous post they submitted for review or to edit?

Or is it that once they publish a post it is sent to the administrators and only they have the option to edit it?

2. Also can you disable the guest posting feature and only allow registered users with a wp-level of contributor or higher to submit a post (ie not a subscriber)?

Thank you for your time!

Hi Truth8,

Thank you for checking out and getting some compliments for us.Here are the answers to your queries.

1.Currently, only admin only have the option to edit it.

2.You can disable the guest posting feature for each form but you can’t set the member level.i.e only to specific memeber types.

We are adding the requested features one by one in our every update so we will include these features too in our future updates but that will take some time.

But if you want these customization quick then we you can contact us for customization service. We’d be happy to add any feature for you under our paid customization service.

Any further questions, please feel free to ask .



The free version makes the Title a required form in the field, which is a deal breaker for me. Does the paid version let you remove that requirement. In other words, can they post with just the body text?

Hi there,

Actually we had made that required to go with the standard wordpress post structure since the basic requirements to add a post is post title and post content.So currently in pro version too, post title is mandatory.

If you really want to make post title not required then you can contact us for customization service.We’d be happy to add any feature for you under our paid customization service.

Here is the link to our contact us page.

We can assure you that for customizing that feature, it won’t take much charge.


Does it work with Woocommerce?

Featured image will perfectly work for the products.


It’s great! Do you have any form I can test submit? So we can also set to allow login users only, pending, etc?