Accelerated Mobile Pages For Opencart With Add To Cart (vQmod)

Accelerated Mobile Pages For Opencart With Add To Cart (vQmod)

For the first time AMP for Opencart pages has Add to cart feature. AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast and help your site a better rank in Google search.

This extension will create AMP pages for Opencart
1. Home page
2. Product Pages
3. Category Pages
4. Manufacturer Pages

How AMP Works

AMP pages can’t include any author-written JavaScript. Instead of using JavaScript, interactive page features are handled in custom AMP elements. The custom AMP elements may have JavaScript under the hood, but they’re carefully designed to make sure they don’t cause performance degradation.


  • Add to cart: When user will click add to cart button it will just refreshed the page and item will be in cart floating at right side Cart Sidebar (only activate when there is at least one product in cart)
  • Category Menu
  • Elegant design
  • Product’s image carousel
  • Related product carousel
  • Social Share
  • Search bar
  • Retina Display
  • Validation Status: PASS
  • Rich Snippets