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Hello ic0de, The update is still not available at the download section. I already sent you a message to provide me with update fixing the 2 issues ( captcha and banning yourself ). Waiting for your reply

Hey there,

Hmm, must have forgotten to post the update :-? or maybe envato denied the update, because I remeber posting it. Well, anyway, Ill send you the update trough email in a second. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great day!

can I use it for my website www.egyptlaptop.com to make some permissions for some admins (not users) ?

Hey there,

Im not sure about implementing it into your existing admin panel, but you can simply install it side by side your admin panel.

Have a great day!

thank’s for ur replay , how can I put the permissions for admin such ?

Hey again,

Well, you can`t really add admins with custom permissions, but it`s like this, let`s say you have your site: www.egyptlaptop.com. You can install the ABS script into the www.egyptlaptop.com/abs , then you can access the ABS interface by going on that adress. You also can, for example, provide an admin account for every admin of your site, or, you can only have one administrator, that can access the banning interface. Hope you understood what I mean, if not, leave your questions here :)

Have a great day!


i installed your script but when i block any country it does block but when i unblock then the website still doesnt open..and when i add exception IP , it doesnt work.can you please look into it..login details are:


Hey there,

Plaase send me an email with your FTP details and I will take a look ASAP.

Have a great day!

i already did via themeforest..what is your other email address where i can send directly

Hey again,

I saw you have send them on the comment area, but it`s not safe at all to post your FTP details on a comment, because everybody can see it and access your files, that`s why I have flagged the comment. Please send me an email at ifkinlovemetro@hotmail.com .

Have a great day!

having a bit of trouble including the <?php require_once(”/abs/php/abs.php”);?> into my code. Running a CRM and any time I paste it I get some fatal errors. basically just want to put this on the admin login page and the normal/client side login page. thanks in advance!

file structure for admin folder is root/admin/ and abs is root/abs/php/abs.php admin page is in its own directory and the regular login is in the root

Contacted via Skype.

is it possible to auto-ban IP that are trying to access some php pages?


Hey there,

And sorry for the delayed answer. Well, yeah, that’s the idea, you can ban certain IPs, or using different profiles, like by countries/classes/browsers.

Have a good one!

Dear sir,

I want to ask you if your script works like I think. If I have two websites and first of them (for example www.newyork.com) uses link to the second website (for example www.losangeles.com) and the second website (www.aaa.losangeles.com) uses your script, so this website can ban link from the first website (www.newyork.com) ?

Thank you for your time and your answer.

With best regards


Hey there,

Well, if I understood correctly, you would like to ban users that came onto a site, from clicking onto a link from another site, right? If so, the Referer Ban Rule should do the trick.

Let me know if I understood and don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

Have a great one!

Thank you, it works.

Hey there,

Glad you like it. Two things I have to mention:

1. I got another update (w/ small fixes and improvements) for this app comming. If you want it, send me an email trough my profile and I can send it to you prior to the codecanyon release.

2. If it helps you, rating our item would be appreciated.

Have a great one!

Hi, Will you provide update for PHP 7? Thank you…

Hey there,

If you really need PHP7 support, yes, will start working on an update.

Please let us know, and have a great one!


After purchase, in the documentaion :


Before we start with the installation, ensure you have the following requirements:

Basic requirements
A hosting account (VPS/Dedidcated/Shared)
A domain
Server requirements
PHP 5 (or newer)
cUrl() function
GD library

i am on a shared hosting.

Please refund me

Hey there,

The requirements are also mentioned in the item details.

Also, the script is able to run on shared hosting, so I do not see the issue.

Let me know if you have any other questions!