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Nice concept but I fear that apple will reject such an app since its to less interactive possiblities and simply a blogport.

Hi !

Thanks cu3edesign! It depends of your content, if you have only 5 elements, every app will be rejected, it’s not a matter of concept or app.

You can also include the controller in one of your project and you can also use the code just to load feeds.

Cheers, Théo

It seems very interesting – Do you have any Reference App in Appstore?

We are implementing the system in one of our app which has just received an award : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kris-sorbie-touchpro/id500290405?mt=8 http://www.thefwa.com/mobile/kris-sorbie-touchpro

I will keep you posted :)

Thanks, Kris-Sorbie-TouchPro App is nice but it uses an another script. But I’d like to see an App with this About Me App script.

For my experience, I know that this app will be rejected by the App Store review team…

I was wondering when your next creation would come out – it is another thing of beauty.

For those that are saying this maybe rejected by Apple – don’t buy it or what would be better is to incorporate with other things that will get the App approved.


Thanks Iain!

I was working on a lot of differents projects :) I will no longer discuss the App Review Process because the app is including everything you need to pass the review (network alerts, etc…). It’s a new way to show your news instead of having 4 tabs with Blog, Tweets, Videos, More. So It will allow you to save space in your app. It should be the priority of every mobile developer.

Are you going to support this app? There’s dozens of posts in your last app from unhappy customers, to whom you never responded.

Hi Daniel,

Create Your Own App has been updated and it’s fully documented. I am currently working on the new version of it, much more powerful but it takes time. I can not spend 2 hours per day to support this app. As a reward for some of my customers I will distribute free copies of the new project.

Cheers, TheoB.


Wouldn’t depend on it, hired him for a freelance job november 2011. A week before the deadline he disappeared, tried everything but he never responded. Leaving me with the designing costs of an iphone app and a very unhappy client. Didn’t pay him anything luckily, but it did cost me my good relationship with my client.

So this should be a warning for everyone!

Hi Elquinto,

How are you?

I apologize for not giving you news, I was under NDA and I had to refuse every projects at that time a week after you have been contacting me.

Good entrepreneurs do not complain, they always have a second plan.

I have a lot of references for freelance and you are maybe the only one to complain.

There are plenty of freelancers and it is more than easy to find one, even at the last minute.

I hope you will take my apologies and have a nice day.

Kind Regards, Théo.

is this application catch the data from wordpress automatically ?

Hi Applemaybe!

The App is caching the data in the carousel (or slideshow) but when you touch the article to have more details it will open a new web view, so you will need the internet.

I hope I have been able to help you, TheoB

I mean the app how the catch data ? xml? or RSS ? is it manual ?

The data is cached automatically, if you are a coder you can have a look by opening the data folder and selecting LocalData.h and LocalData.m, so the next the user will reopen the app, there is no need to load the data from Youtube, Twitter, WordPress, Vimeo, Flickr and Foursquare.

TheoB thanks for your fast reply.. i send you mail.. can you please reply it. thanks.

Sure, you are welcome.

Where is it getting the addresses to map from? What exactly is the app doing when it shows a map. Is it showing the location you tell it to show or is it showing the location that is where you are?


The map is linked to your foursquare account. So you can update the app remotely by using Foursquare app/website. The map is just showing all locations you have been.

Can I download a sample app from the iTunes store that uses this exact code?

Hi, i have buy your product but i want to know where is my FoursquareSecretKey ?


Hi, Was wondering if you could help. I brought this product and it works fine for loading my old youtube videos but will not load any new ones i post.

Twitter and Wordpress work fine, App updates perfectly. It just sense to fail on YouTube Videos for me.

Any help appreciated.


Hi, do you know how I can connect the system tumblr or FB?


Anyone approve app from Apple with this example?

Are you going to support iOS6 and iPhone5?

I’m interested in this app any update on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 and will there be a Facebook implement… thanks

no plans for a web-app version

Hello! Was this created using a storyboard or Xib? Thanks!

I honestly think this developer has passed away. He hasn’t replied here or to his other app package for the last year.