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Thank you sir!

Please more screen or demo video

ok so this is good but can a person after learning and changing the game to a more original a submission to the app store? This would obviously include new original graphics and a different take on the game its self..I am in the IOS program and I know Apple will not approve a exact copy..Im just wondering what restriction you have/? ..If not maybe this should be in tutorials only? Thanks

Absolutely! After changing the game you can easily submit the app to the app store. I created different versions of the game myself.

Abc Pop 123 Pop Kids Color Pop Kinder Pop (iPad only)

All are very similar games and all are approved for the app store. There are also similar games available on the app store which includes Animal Pop and Bubble Pop.

Let me know if you have further questions. I would be very happy to assist you!

Thank you!

no thanks no more questions for now..I was looking for a starter kit so to speak for a kids based game. I think this could be not a complete noob at IOS development but I am just learning cocos2d..I am grasping it fast because its so well documented..IF I have a question ill send you a email..thanks again. Dan

Why not provide a YouTube Preview, would help your (future) costumers a lot, i think :)

I just added the video demo in the description. Let me know if I can assist you further.

Hello, i would like to buy this. Could you please tell me if it is ready for iOS6 and the larger screen of the iPhone 5, if not, are there simple changes i can make? Thanks.

ABC Pop is currently not really for iPhone 5 device. There are certain adjustments you can make yourself to make it compatible.

- Create appropriate art work for the iPhone 5 screen. - Replaces any instance of 320 * 480 to the iPhone 5 size.

I believe that you will spend around 1-2 hours making these changes which also includes the art work.

Thanks adam. I believe it is now a requirement to supply iphone 5 screen shots when submitting to apple so many scripts on here need updating.

So, if I am targeting iOS 6 SDK I must submit iPhone 5 screenshots. Currently I don’t have iPhone 5.

haii, azamsharp ,i am making a kids eucaional application ,i inclue a catogery for kids games,i really like your kids game template egg templte and this ABC popup,i really nee thiese templetes,but my not using cocos2 for my kisapp,am using UIKIT ,i cant chnage the enitre thing to cocos2 also,so is there any possiblty that you can add this project in a UIKit application,.

Thanks you.

Good to hear that you are working on a kids application. Unfortunately, a UIKit version will be too much work. I highly recommend you to use the Cocos2d framework for any kind of game development. Cocos2d provides many different classes and methods which help to speed up the game development.

but i alredy done so many things in it,i really need this two kids games fom you,but can you integrate this two in a UI kit application,that will be a great help for me.i wi add all the classes from my kis app to this templte later.

The UIKit framework is completely different from Cocos2d framework and it cannot be switched from one to other.

Does not work with iOS 7.

I downloaded the file and there is a critical error that doesn’t allow the game to run.

Sending ‘ccGridSize’ (aka ‘struct _ccGridSize’) to parameter of incompatible type ‘CGSize’ (aka ‘struct CGSize’)



I tested this app on Ios7 but makes no sound. How could I fix it?


Hi, will this work on IOS9? Is it universal app? Thanks

It is iPhone app only!

Please, send me all your apk apps demo:

There are lots of bug’s Can you help me? Because the old app

Did you upgrade the app for xcode 8 and iOS 10 ? Regards

I have purchased your game. Do you have any tutorials or beginners help that I can access to get started?