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Hi Can you provide us the module access. To check it. Also we need this in English language

Send me your Mail id to share the details

First of all, did you installed the new version of the plugin? maybe it works now, if you did it and it didn’t work, send the details to


Hello Why this module have so many errors. Its not working. And now new update is not installing. Kindly look in the issue.


How do i setup a new discount rule ?


Create price rule

Total minimum Cart

Discount amount

Percentage discount

Please explain about these option ?

also it is not a multistore module ? can you please update to a multistore module ?


Hi, thanks for your purchase, here you have an explanation of the options:

1. Days: The number of days to send an email after a cart is considered abandoned. This means, if in the main configure page you set 3 days, and in the rule 2 days, the email will be send it 5 days after the customer left the shop.

2. Create price rule: If yes, then the email will send the voucheur you generate below.

3. Total minimum cart: The total price of the shopping cart for sending the discount. If you set 50 and the cart price was 40 then the email is sended but not the discount link.

Select only one of the below options.

4. Discount amount: Amount to be discounted. If you put 2 in a shopping cart with price 50, the final price will be 48

5. Percentage discount: Discount based in percentage, if you set it to 10 and the cart price is 50, the final price is 45

In the next realease we will add multistore compatibility.

Thanks for your interest.

Best regards, Trackglobe

Thank you very much :)


I think there is a bug i cannot change the days from main configure page, when i try to change from 2 days to 1 it does not change it remains 2 days and i also cannot delete the price rule.

i am using prestashop

I just saw that you have the same issue on your demo site



Pass: abandonedcarts

You are right, we are going to check what it is happening. It will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the advice.

Hi again, to fix this open abandonedcarts.php located in root directory and in line 150 change ‘submitUpdate’ to ‘submitUpdateConfiguration’

For delete, almost the same, in line 175 change ‘deleteabandonedcart’ to ‘deleteabandonedcarts’

We are going to include this changes in the new version.

Thanks for all!

very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)


Is this a new update ? with new features ?


New update is just to fix the errors with edit and delete.

Hi, is it possible to have the email sent out in a specific language? For example if customer choosed english or french version of my site?

Hi soccer,

this feature will be available in the next week, probably on Monday / Tuesday.

Thanks for your interest.

Now the email is sent in the language of the user who leave the shop.

You just need to create the proper folder in /mails/ (en, es, fr, de…) and edit the default email, don’t change it name, just edit the content.


Hello, Your plugin work on prestashop cloud ?

Hello again:

As I say, the plugin does not modify the core of prestashop so should be allowed to install correctly on Prestashop Cloud. If it seems no need to install it leaves contact with prestashop cloud and giving grounds for because you can not install it and if they request a change we can do about it we will.

A greeting.

Did you try your plugin in the validator ? because i see several error.

Hello again:

Although warnings on Prestashop Validators are not very important, we have solved the majority in the new version 1.2.5 will be corrected (in a few hours is usually approved the new version).

A greeting.

Hi, We purchased your plugin today after uploading not showing on module section page

Think not compatible with

Your response would be appreciated

there is definitely a compatibility problem.

What we see in your demo site the module version is 1.3.0 and what we got in download is version 1.2.7. My perception was correct the module version is not compatible. You need to provide a valid file or make a refund.

There is no problem with 1.2.7, the only change in 1.3.0 is the icon.

We just installed 1.2.7 in our server so you can see that all is working properly.

If you want help, send us a private message with your back office and FTP access, we are not going to make any changes (except neccesaries for this module to work), or take any personal information about you or your customers.

Best regards

works in prestashop

Hi a2,

Yes, the module works in but you need to edit this file before installing

/classes/Configuration.php in line 54 change 32 to 254
254 is the value in the newest versions of prestashop.

This number is the maxium characters for a string.

Best regards


I am very much happy with this module only there are 2 things which i would like to see in this module.

1. Partial use (cart rules), I don’t want to allow customer to use it as partial.

2. Enabling / disabling compatibility with other rules cart


Hi unicomoda,

We are going to include both features in the close future.

Thanks and best regards

nice module!

I just bought this module and I can’t change the language to english…by default it’s in spanish….this is a deal breaker for us!

Hi, sorry for the late reply, we were on vacation.

Where you can’t change it to English? If in emails, it should be an ‘en’ folder into mails one.

Any other text you want you can translate it into back office panel.


Prestashop Trackglobe

Hi, I’ve used your module on a website but when I take a look at “Carts” section of the module, I’ve got names but no details of the cart. So no mails are sent when I use the cron task. How can I do to have get informations of abandoned carts? Thanks


The module creates “abandoned carts” with the frequency that have been set. In these abandoned carts indicates the cart ID to the corresponding (Customers> Shopping carts) although in this case the information we are not interested and that clicking on “see” see all emails that have been sent to the user of the abandoned cart.

Once created the rules of sending emails we want for abandoned carts and defining the CRON with the corresponding frequency will get an email to 30min, 3 hours and 2 days (example to be sent, the latter if we want a 15% discount if you like) as corresponding to that abandoned cart (user, products ….) data.

In the abandoned section Abandoned cart> Carts did not indicate the “Id cart” to the corresponding (please send an email to support and you attach the file to be modified to indicate this field “id_cart”) and this will be added in a new version that will be available in the coming days but you already have.

A greeting.

Hi Friend, I need to know if this module allows me to empty the shopping cart after 1 hour of inactivity.


No, this module does not remove the last carts time you want, creates the concept of “abandoned carts” (for identified products in the cart without completing the purchase users) that allow sending mails often as desired and / or generate discount vouchers for them automatically to try to finalize the purchase.

A greeting.

Hi, does this module can be adapted with one-page-checkout order process?

Hi buraktasci,

Yes it accepts it.



I wanted to see where you can edit the newsletter that would be sent to the customers, but from the demo I wasn’t able to find it.

Can it be done from the backoffice or the .tpl files, or do you have a demo ?

Also the newsletter is responsive ?



The module sends an email to your customers, you can edit the email template as much as you want. It can be done from Localization->translations->emails templates translations or editing the HTML for the email.

It will take the styles you put to it, so it will be as responsive as you make it.


the price was 15 $ no 39$ , normal?


Codecanyon lets you set the price of the modules and have changed some since the functionality of some are more complex than others.

A greeting.

I bought this module but did not send an email. He writes that he sent and sent nothing. I have also set the options for 30 minutes, 5 hours and 1 days cron set every 5 minutes and nothing happens


We just reply to your email.


Please enter the e-mail address for the contact

I’m sending you emails, our email is

Hello Install on a 1.5 version. I do not know how to configure the module. No buttons configured …


For customer support please, send us an email using the form.

You can also send us a message to this email address


Prestashop Trackglobe

mail send :)