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Hi, I got this with your Revelance theme and I’m hitting an issue. When you assign a featured image for a testimonial it doesn’t set the correct image for the correct testimonial on the site. For example, you create two testimonials – John and Jane. Upload an image of John to john testimonial and a featured image for jane. On the site they will display incorrectly. Can you advise on this issue please. Thanks.

please start a topic on our support forum, and provide us with link where we can see it.
Cheers :)

Can you provide a link to this forum please.

I’m running freelancer website, where people can register for their own public profile. The public profile includes description off what services they can offer. Companies can also register for their own profile, and describe what type of services they need.

I would like companies to be able to post a comment on each individual freelancer profile, as a reference when projects are completed. I would like this to look like a testimonial. Therefore, they should be able to post it from the front end.

Each new freelancer profile is generated automatically through a plugin, and it has a single-profile.php file with the content. I therefore need to be able to add the testimonial via the single-profile.php file with some kind of code.

Are these features available with your plugin?

this is a bit too much for this plugin out of box, but if you can do some customization it could serve you. Plugin has simple submit form and shortcode that displays content. You would need to integrate it in your current system.


Any options coming where users can leave rating stars in their reviews?

We don’t have plans for such feature yet..

Hi, is this plugin WPML compatible? Thanks.

Hi, it is not officially supported but plugin is translation ready and as far as i know WPML can be used to translate strings in plugin. Cheers

Dear, your plug-in hasn’t been updated for a long time ago. The options are very very minimal and probably also bugging.

I really need some new features in this plug-in otherwise I need to request my money back. It is very buggy in the new wordpress.

Also I request the following features: - change colors in admin - change font style in admin - receive notification per mail once new testimonial has been written - testimonial form fields must be generated on a very simple way.

Hi, did the Ab testimonials available with carousels for the display of testimonials. And also did it propose an admin page where the later can approve or not before displaying it on the website. Because i’m going to use it on an e-commerce website. And i need that the user or client could leave feedback and also the feedback when approved must be published on the carousel just like on this page http://ebenzaevents.com/User/delivery.aspx

Hi, it is possible to show only one by one testimonial. You would need to customize the code to show it that way..

when will this be updated? Been almost a year

We will update it if there are some problems or need to keep it work with latest WordPress. For now everything works great :)

Hi. I have purchase your AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin. I installed it in my blog (www.blogdellamusica.eu – theme: agazine) and added two testimonies, but the result is not as your live preview http://codecanyon.net/item/testimonials-wordpress-plugin/full_screen_preview/5710957 Help me, please

It’s not clear from your link. I want to know if I can be refunded? I do not need this plugin. Sorry, Thanks

If you have downloaded an item it is not possible to get refund..

Ok, I’m not a satisfied customer and I will not buy more from you.

Hi there, I’m just curious if there is an easy way to create a list of testimonials from your plugin (instead of rotating testimonials) to populate a scrollable page. I’m creating a workaround by categorizing each testimonial uniquely and adding a category-specific shortcode to the page for each one, but would love to know if there’s anything else I can do. Thank you!

Hi, it is only possible to customise it. You should make a new shortcode without Javascript to rotate it. Basically it is only needed to change class and JS will not hook to it. Cheers :)

Emailed as your support don’t work.

what problems do you have. I have checked and everything works fine. Here is URL of support
Cheers :)

Error: Please select an department.

We have fixed support ticket system. Thank you for let us know about it. Cheers

I need help, if not I would like a refund please as this plugin does not work correctly.

We have fixed support ticket system. Thank you for let us know about it. Cheers

Recently purchased your Plugin but the alignment of the testimonial submit form is off. Can you take a look at this?

(See your company link)

Site page – http://proglass4.co.uk/customer-reviews


(tried to use support website, but can’t submit ticket)

I’m not sure why this happens, I’m not able to replicate it on our site. Probably it is because of some rule in theme. But you can fix by adding

in css.
What was the problem with ticketing system? We have just implement it a week ago so maybe you found something we need to fix.
Cheers :)

Hi, thanks for that I have now managed to submit a ticket on support. Could you help me further by implementing the code?


Sure, our team is here for you. I haven’t already your ticket will be replied soon. Cheers

Just an FYI….Your demo site seems to be down.

“Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.”

Thank you very much!! We have fix it :)

Hello. Is it possible to add more than one rating criteria, like service, quality and deliverytime, and then calculate an overall rating automatically?

Hi, that is not possible without customization of code..

Hello, I am quite disappointed with this plugin and would like to request a refund if possible?

Hi, does this plugin allow the admin to reply to review? Such as to respond to and resolve issues with unsatisfied customers or to thank users for their reviews?

Hi, was Captcha Security every added to this ?

Hi, there is no captcha check. Cheers

Does it show the newest testimonials at the top of the page? Does it show testimonials automatically on the chosen page once they’re approved?

Hi, yes testimonials are ordered by the date of publishing. Also testimonial is automatically shown once it is approved :) cheers

How and where do I go to approve testimonial/comments ?

Pre-Purchase Question: Can I display this custom post type inline without the slider function natively?... As I would like to just display a page of testimonials… Its not a deal breaker at all… More so just understanding all features. Thanks

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible without making code customization. It is only a slider, but as it is a custom post type, it should not be difficult to create archive template in a theme that will display all the comments :)