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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you! And have a great day :)

HI! Google has same tool, whats the diff?

The tool made by Google has a similar purpose, but it doesn’t create variations on the same URL for you. Instead, it either redirects to an A or a B variant, for which you still have to create different pages by yourself manually, or it uses pieces of Javascript to change the variations in the client’s browser. Furthermore, it relies on an external platform and gets messed up when users use ad blockers. Our tool runs inside Wordpress on your own webserver, variations are included seamlessly without Javascript, and it also does the statistics by itself. I hope that clarifies the difference.

fantastic work :) !

Thanks, we’re glad you like it! :)

“dotcompass does not currently provide support for this item. ” Really, no support?

Our support setting was set incorrectly, we’re sorry for the confusion. So we do offer support. :)

Thanks for clarifying.

I am thinking of purchasing. What exactly do you use to test conversions? Links clicked, orders made, forms filled? Do we choose one variant as an indicator of a successful test or can I choose multiple? Can I test only one variant of a page, e.g. button text … or can I do multi-variant testing, e.g. button text and page headline. Some examples of the types of setup options would be helpful. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for your interest in our product. :) We tried to make measuring conversions as generic as possible, so we implemented a Wordpress shortcode to register a conversion whenever it’s on a page or on a widget that your visitor encounters. So when your form, after your visitor fills it out, redirects to a “Thank you” page that includes the shortcode for a certain test, it will be registered as a conversion. For now you can do univariate testing, so you can test a button text or headline, but not both at the same time. We’re planning to do multivariate testing to allow for example testing button text and headlines at the same time, but for now it isn’t there yet. Our plugin does, however, allow setting up multiple tests and will start the next test automatically when the target number of conversions for the first test has been reached (a test will have always lead to a significant result eventually, so we define the end of a test as the moment the target number of conversions is reached, to avoid what’s called a “grand fishing expedition” in statistics). At the moment, we are working on several walkthroughs to explain detailed examples of what can be done with our plugin, they’ll be available at, so far we have only one. If anything else is unclear, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to explain.

Awesome design. Great job! Good luck

Hi, 1) Is this plugin still updated ? 2) I want to track clicks on social buttons (facebook, twitter) on each version of my landing pages, is it possible with your plugin ? I’ve seen that your system works with a shortcode to be added on the target page, but of course if I want to track Facebook / Twitter shares there is no target page (after the share is done the sharing popup just closes). I don’t mind adding some code to the PHP / HTML / JS buttons code if that’s needed. I just want this to work ahah. Thank you for your time !

Hello ? I didn’t receive any answer on my previous question, so I assume this plugin is dead ?