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Hi, looks like a very interesting script. Can you tell me about the conversion tracking—does this script allow you to say – record opt-ins between two different pages in order to pick a winner? Or perhaps assign revenue to each particular variation?


Yes. What is your “opt-in” method?

a form being submitted.

Hi – can you create test between more than 2 options? how do you track conversions (may it be: lead, buy or click)? do you have statistical validity test for the results?


Studies show decisions are made best when there are only two options. Allowing more creates “paralysis analysis” reducing the effect of the test therefore it’s only two.

The conversion rate or ctr is calculated using page bounces vs links clicked. Therefore anything you put inside a link, whether to buy, sign-up, or re-direct it will be recorded. If you watch the video on the product page, you can watch the script in action.


Can you track conversions? For example, I have two salespages and I want to see which one converts better.

Maybe put a conversion pixel on the thankyou page? Is that possible?

Yes, that’s what this script is for. If a visitor leaves the page without clicking a link, it’s considered a bounce. If a visitor clicks any link (which can be to buy) on your page it is considered a conversion.

OK Thanks. And can I use it for multiple tests?

Or do I have to install the script each time for every one of the tests?

Not sure what you mean. The script allows you to select 2 files (ex. html or php) which will be randomly rotated as the index page. You can change any element you want in each page.

I’m interested, but you may, please, translate to portuguese brazil? Since now i appreciate.

Sim, com certeza! Você quer as instruções ou as análises em Português?

Pode pagar um pouco mais?

Hi Bryka I’m looking to change my old html site over to WordPress. Can I use this script to direct 100% to old site while the WordPress site is being built? After completion use the AB split testing to develop pages based on responses to the different WordPress page designs. Does this Plugin include installation details? Would I experience downtime during Plugin install and setup?

Your questions seem unclear, let me know if this answers them. Yes, the script includes instructions. No, it is not a Wordpress plugin. What you can do with it is have 2 designs (represented in html code such as clickable images) and whichever one gets the most clicks (which is measured by this script) you could make as your wordpress design.

Hi Bryka!

I have installed the A/B Test, but the option to show the same page for the visitor it’s not working.

May you help me?


Did you received my email? vinibr0 a hot mail . com

... so I supose that script aren’t working…

I sent you an email with the file on 21/11/13. Did you check your SPAM folder? I’ll send it again now.

Just wondered if this is working, I was about to install it and noticed these comments …. I bought it ages back and never installed it, now I wish to… thanks…

Yes, download the latest version.

Can you convert it to a mysql table rather than flat file for data saving?


Can you pay extra for this?

What would this cost? Thanks

script have many issue like undefined index…

That is also not a PHP error. It is the correct output I coded when a file cannot be read, so if you have this problem check the file permissions. (It is written in the instructions of this script). I don’t know why you feel the need disparage my script which already received 5-star ratings from other buyers.

I have removed the PHP notices for your convenience so your low rating is uncalled for. Please consider changing it.

where is the demo ? i can’t change now.

Hi Where is the demo ?


Have you some idea why this page are without css working?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Bryka;

I think your script very valuable and I think you could charge more for it.

But in this moment this new version it’s not working here. Can you to check please?

I can pay other script if necessary.


It appears you didn’t place the files in the right directory, it should be in the parent directory of the page you want to test. Also the errors in the /inc/ directory are due to file permissions.

Hi, is this still supported ?

I try to help if it’s within reason, but according to the license, customization is not included.

Hey! – I just purchased and have a small challenge. I can install on a php cabable server, BUT I want to split test pages on the Big Commerce platform which does not allow php. Is there any kind of javascript related workaround that I might be able to implement or hire you to implement? Thanks very much! chris

Hi thanks for the purchase. The JavaScript code does all the event capturing from the user and the PHP code does all the metric calculations. What language is your application coded in?

Big commerce is a popular ecommerce platform coded in English. So are you suggesting that as long as I have the main php script installed on a php capable server, I can still place the JavaScript for tracking on a different server that does not allow php and it will work?

Based on the Big Commerce website, the cms uses PHP or Java, however due to the nature of all cms software, you have to follow the structure of it for adding any new features/plugins. Looks like Big Commerce calls them apps


Lot of bugs in your script… please fix it, or give me my money back! Notice: Undefined index: index in /www/abtest-script/index.php on line 7 Notice: Undefined index: all in www/abtest-script/abtest/results.php on line 4

Notice: Undefined index: filename in www/abtest-script/abtest/results.php on line 13

Notice: Undefined index: pass in www/abtest-script/abtest/results.php on line 22

Fatal error: Call to undefined function showheader() in www/abtest-script/abtest/results.php on line 23

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues but the first 4 are notices, not bugs. You can disable notices in your PHP.ini config file. If you message me your url where you are using the script, I can help you troubleshoot it.

Hi, the script does not work. I tried on two different servers. Error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function showHeader () in /www/htdocs/w0140619/ on line 36

Test Server: On what is this it?

I have an error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function showHeader() in /srv/www/abtest/results.php on line 23

Hi, I recognize if you interest to build landing page with this feature and dynamic text replacement like unbounce…you will have a lot of followers and buyers.

I am doing homework and pretty sure will buy this script for my html landing page

have question

1) will there any more further update for this script?

I have an error 500 while trying to display my results on abtest/results.php Can you help me?

Hi, sorry to hear that. Can you check your server log for the error message and send it to me? Which PHP version are you using?

Does this still work?