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Please how can I add and edit my wordpress plugin? I would like to change color, size of windows, position, words “Your name” to something else and margin of SUBSCRIBE button.

you will need to customize css for color changes and translation can be made in language file.
If you will have problem doing so please use our support forum. We have dedicated team ther that will help you with all issues you have very fast :) Cheers

Hello, first of all thank for reply but it didn’t help. I figured out how to change css but I still need figure out how to change translation. I have WPML but it didn’t offer me translation for this.

Thank you for help

please use our support forum, you will get help very fast, we have dedicated support team there. We provide support only via forum and read this comments rare..

Can your plugin fulfill following functionality , or you can refer some other plugin for that ?
  • 1. Custom Subscription form designing by admin panel.
  • 2. Multiple options to display – pop-up, inside form , fly, button,
  • 3. Giving user option to opt-for multiple categories .
  • 4. Setting email frequency at the time of subscribing or at later time.
  • 5. Confirmation of email.
  • 6. Opting out the categories or editing subscription options.
  • 7. Manual Email trigger – sending email to category subscribers on different actions such as new content on a category posts, sending fresh email of certain or all posts of the category(s) they subscribed.
  • 8. Design Newsletter
  • 9. Manual Subscription.

thank you for your interest but almost none of the above is possible. This plugin only collects email addresses for export in CSV file. Cheers

Hi – Is there a maximum number of email addresses this can hold? And is there pagination for the subscriber list in the Wordpress Dashboard? Thanks in advance.

there is no limit in our plugin and list is paginated in administration. Cheers :)

Hey, awesome plugin, love it and works great! Client wants a redirect now after they subscribe. How can I achieve this?

Hi, you will have to add redirect line in JavaScript on successful AJAX call. This is nice idea, we will add it in an update, we have plans to make an update with a lot new features next week.
Cheers :)

hi there is a problem with CSV its not exporting valid CSV for i.e. i noticed subscribers can enter anything on form twice email etc it like namde surname, Sara Wa, Empress Jah Niyamen , Sylvia, Duncan,

and valid CSV look something like namde,surname,email Sara,Wa, Empress,”Jah Niyamen”, Sylvia,, Duncan,,

Hi, we will inspect this and update as neccesary..

hi please let us know when you updating as this is vital for plugin to work properly

Thanks for the great support. The Plugin does exactly what I want and need :) No hassle!

Am I allowed to use this plugin on different websites or do I need to purchase a new license for every of my websites (not projects of customers, just some of my websites

Hi, licence covers single site, so for another site you need to purchase another licence. Thank you! Cheers :)

Hello, Your demo on MOBILE looks good: But on my website it doesn’t have no CSS design (on Mobile): (Please look at the the end of the article). I use this shortcode: [ABss_subscribe_form inline_form=”1”] Maybe you know why? Is it because I use WP-Touch plugin?

Hi, please post on our support forum, our dedicated team will check it. Cheers :)

I can’t post it there because my “support license” is done. Since I purchased the plugin I thought that this is how it should look, so I didn’t contacted you before. Only now I see that your demo looks different. Do I must pay 12$ just for this bug?

Hi, you can still post on support forum. But this is how it is intended to behave. Plugin adapts to theme, on our demo site there is installed twnentythirteen default wp theme. So it looks like this because button and input field are styled like that in your theme. Cheers :-)

hi there, seems interesting, does it export in .xls?

it exports to .csv file which can be opened with Excel and then saved as .xls
csv is more appropriate file format for this purpose as it can be opened with more applications, as well imported in all mailing list programs. Cheers :)


Hi there,

Is it possible to set an admin notification to an email whenever someone subscribes?

Thank you

Hi, that is not possible without customizing the plugin. Cheers