AAC Radio App - Android

AAC Radio App - Android

AAC radio App is a native android app, a simple solution to create your own radio app, easy to costumize, Just add your station name, stream url and station image; then build with Eclipse & submit to Google Play store. Features:

  • Animated SplashScreen
  • Play/Stop Live Radio Stream
  • Background Service/Playback
  • Notification Message
  • Display Artist & Song name
  • Supported streams: MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+
  • Facebook & Twitter pages via WebView
  • Full native app (supports Android 2.2 and Up)
  • Step by step instructions includes
  • Admob Interstitial
  • rate & share options


V 1.1.1 (03/28/14)
  • fixed: Few minor bugs on notification
  • Display album Art cover

V 1.2 (05/04/14)

  • fixed: Few minor bugs
  • full integration lastfm API (you can obtain an API key on
  • now you can customize error message from strings.xml
V 2.0 (08/20/14)

  • fixed: Few minor bugs
  • Enable and disable autoplay option
  • Enable and disable lastfm cover function option
  • easy customization of text, font size and color from strings.xml
  • show track cover in notification
  • show track cover as background
  • chat function has been removed
  • play/stop in one button
  • correct errors on volume seekbar
  • fix bug during call, now audio start again after a phone call
  • google play libs integration
  • enable and disable ads function

  • V 2.0.1 (08/27/14)

    • fixed: splashscreen bug
    • player functions added in notification: PLAY, STOP and EXIT buttons

    thank you very much to everyone for your support and patience, I’m trying to do my best to correct errors in the app and reply every email, also add new features and improve the interface of this project