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Good luck with selling! :)


very nice work, good job! all the best for your sales ;)

thnxx bro…

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Realy? than show me your own framework thats you developed. as you say its seems you are too professional and you have own framework

Your understanding of English is very poor.. Please re-read my above comment and look up the word “opinion”..

For instance.. You used your own professional core structure when you coded your php supercom WITHOUT the bulky laravel.. Or do you still not understand what I am saying..?

Before commenting in a un-professional manner to a possible future customer, I highly suggest you, re-read and understand what is being said..

And in regards to showing you a professional framework.. there are thousands on CodeCanyon.. Like: BoomChat, MatchMe Dating, PHP Dolphin…

Did you have any idea of codecanyon new rulzz, they dont accept any product without framework, they suggest us and we developed with laravel. thnxx for ur comments..

:) i usemy own core php script to build dynamic websites ex, ecommerce, blog, accounting software etc, Now my coming work iBlog is under review.

we have 25+ with core php. this is new rule bro :)

i did not understand 25+ with core ?

we have 25+ Product in CodeCanyon developed in core PHP.

For more, come over skype: Rifat636

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What version of laravel?