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Good luck with selling! :)

very nice work, good job! all the best for your sales ;)

thnxx bro…

:) i usemy own core php script to build dynamic websites ex, ecommerce, blog, accounting software etc, Now my coming work iBlog is under review.

we have 25+ with core php. this is new rule bro :)

i did not understand 25+ with core ?

we have 25+ Product in CodeCanyon developed in core PHP.

For more, come over skype: Rifat636


super script. simple to use simple to install but i got a error in the admin panel for subs

ErrorException in e4b24cbe551b9ad63bd5a3a12575e2986c0fbc87.php line 36: Trying to get property of non-object (View: /var/www/vhosts/**/httpdocs/core/resources/views/admin/listsub.blade.php)

they will answer, pls wait

okay the script is working now. and i have give it to the client. i test all the thinks in that system and it is working as it has to. but i do missing that the slide show can be smaller and more in control when you put a text in there. in my version i just remove it. the text you put in running out of the screen and you cant put in html code to control it. other thinks to say about it is it is much simple so all new users can use it and not make problems in that script. it has what it need and not more. thats super. so good work Author i hop there is comming more update´s of that script. then i will love to give it to other firms there looking for that type of scripts.

about the support. the answer is in 24 hours time. so thats good but i am not a “bro” i am a client and the fix of the problem whats simple and the support give the info simple and to most ppl to understand. so i hop it can help other to look more on the script here.

thnxx boss thnxx…

1. Do you still offer support for this script. I finally find one I like but important that the support works.

2. If you one day decide to stop woking with this script, is the script locked to any license key? so it stop working suddenly?

3. I will need to edit in the code to make it suit my needs, is that ok?

we offer support, system is open source so u can edit update anythings u need